Negative Declaration

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CEQR Number: [Insert] Date Issued: [Insert]
NAME: [Insert name of project]

LOCATION: [Street address]


[Community District]

[Blocks and Lots]
SEQR CLASSIFICATION: [Insert Type of Action as determined by 6NYCRR 617]
[Insert a detailed description of the project, including all necessary discretionary actions]

Statement of No Significant Effect
Pursuant to Executive Order 91 of 1977, as amended, and the Rules of Procedure for City Environmental Quality Review, found at Title 62, Chapter 5 of the Rules of the City of New York and 6NYCRR, Part 617, State Environmental Quality Review, the [insert lead agency name] assumed the role of lead agency for the environmental review of the proposed project. Based on a review of information about the project contained in an environmental assessment statement dated [insert date of EAS], [Insert names/descriptions/dates of any other documentation that the lead agency relied upon to support the determination of significance], the [Insert name of lead agency] has determined that the proposed action would not have a significant adverse impact on the environment.
Reasons Supporting this Determination
The above determination is based on an EAS dated [Insert date of EAS + any other documentation relied upon], and incorporated by reference herein. The EAS finds, because the proposed project [insert brief description of project], that:

  1. [Insert reason]

  1. [Insert reason]

  1. [Insert reason]

  1. [Insert reason]

  1. No other significant effects upon the environment that would require the preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Statement are foreseeable.

This Negative Declaration has been prepared in accordance with Article 8 of the New York State Environmental Conservation Law (SEQRA).

_______________________________ __________________

[Insert name and title of person executing] Date

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