New York University Libraries

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New York University Libraries

ALCTS Technical Services Directors of Large Research Libraries

Round Robin Report ALA Annual / June 2017

NYU’s technical services department, Knowledge Access & Resource Management Services (KARMS), is currently undergoing a review of its current departmental structure. The first phase is the formation of a new department, Data Analysis and Integration. This department will be responsible for the access, integrity, interoperability, and delivery of data across library systems. The Department staff has been formed by combining technology staff from both Resource Management and Knowledge Design & Development Departments, as well as staff from Library ITS.
The next phase will involve re-alignment of staff in Resource Management, Metadata Production & Management, and Knowledge Access Design & Development.

Current Recruitment
Head, Resource Management – Interviews completed
Head, Archival Collections Management - Applications accepted
Manager, Data Analysis & Integration – Position to be posted early July

Special Collections Renovation – NYU has begun work on a two renovation of our Special Collections. The renovation will provide a unified reading room and on-site storage for Fales Library &Special Collections, Tamiment Library & Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, and University Archives. KARMS is involved in two projects to prepare collections materials to be relocated.
1. Archival Collections Control - The project will establish baseline physical,

administrative, legal, and descriptive control of all on­site archival holdings. It will also survey these holdings to identify legacy born­ digital and audio­visual media, and establish cross ­collections evaluative data about collection size, condition, level of control, and research value.

2. Rare Book Cataloging - Scope of the project is to catalog 11,000 volumes (9,000 titles) that are housed onsite at Fales which currently lack physical and intellectual control that would allow us to safely and efficiently move the collections.
New Primo User Interface – NYU Libraries’ initial deployment of the Primo discovery application in 2008, we have significantly enhanced its user interface (UI) by applying highly customized overrides to its basic functions. While these local customizations allowed us to provide our users with many enhancements well before other Primo sites, it has come at the cost of requiring staff development time to perform regression testing and fixes with all application updates, as well as introducing dependencies on potentially unsupported application functions. The new UI, natively includes many of the features which were provided by the local customizations to the system
OCLC Reclamation – In the past year we have made substantial progress on our reclamation project, to date, we have matched 65% of our overall catalog with OCLC master records (3.1 out of 4.77 million), and have 1.67 million left to go. Work on this project is anticipated to be complete by end of calendar year.
E- Book Audit – KARMS has undertaken an audit of its electronic resources to insure full bibliographic control of its collections. In phase two we have been concentrating on our e-books collection (approximately 1.5 titles). As a result of our audit, we have identified 220,000 un-cataloged titles and were able to add bibliographic records to our catalog, in an effort to consolidate e-book cataloging we moved 150,000 records from our discovery system Primo to our main catalog, Aleph, and we have enhanced cataloging for an additional 300,000 records by overlaying OCLC WorldShare or updated vendor records.
Database A-Z – NYU migrated its database A-Z list from Metalib to LibGuides. This transition allows subject specialist to update resource descriptions and assign local subject heading within a familiar user interface. This metadata is exported nightly and used to enhance bibliographic data in our catalog.
Tableau Server – KARMS will be working with University ITS to deploy a Tableau Server that will have a dedicated partition administered by the Division of Libraries. This server will allow more library staff to regularly interact with the data contained in both the Libraries’ Data Warehouse and the Universities Data Warehouse.

Archives Space – Our migration from Archivist toolkit to Archives Space was completed this year
Aeon Implementation -- We are currently implementing Aeon to improve the management of special collections, and improve services in the special collections reading room. There will be a soft launch this summer of the new patron services.
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