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You can help create




by joining HEDC!









301 S Burlington Ave

Hastings, NE 68901

(402) 461-8403


HEDC creates 



for the growth 

of our 


Whether helping existing businesses find 

ways to grow or promoting the Hastings  

area to new employers, Hastings Economic 

Development Corporation creates  

wide-open opportunities to build  

our community.

Good paying jobs are the lifeblood of a 

growing community.  With that in mind, 

HEDC is driven by its mission to make  

Hastings a community of choice for  

talented people and quality businesses. 

Your membership in HEDC will help  

us strengthen our efforts!

As a member of HEDC, you can help us carry out our  

primary goals:

Encourage the growth of existing business by:

•  Surveying businesses to identify needs.

•  Developing an active and involved membership base.

•  Building resources for industry sites and business 


Develop and attract a talented workforce by: 

•  Engaging in projects that attract and retain talented 


•  Coordinating local internship programs.

•  Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.

•  Working to ensure the availability of adequate housing 

in Hastings.

Build Hastings’ economic base by:

•  Promoting a climate that attracts new business.

•  Developing sites and buildings.

•  Helping recruit new business and industry.

•  Assisting with funding for incentive and  

financing programs.

By becoming a member of HEDC, you can play an active 

role in advocating for the growth and prosperity of Hastings. 

Your participation will help provide essential private funds 

that enable HEDC to engage in development projects and 

activities beyond those that are publicly funded.

Members of HEDC receive opportunities to:

•  Weigh in on economic development issues with fellow 

community and business leaders.

•  Attend workshops, seminars, and opportunities that 

can impact your profitability. 

•  Receive regular EDC updates, that inform you of  

legislative actions and other developments that  

could impact your business.

•  Attend the HEDC Annual Meeting and other  

HEDC hosted functions throughout the year.

•  Increase your business’s visibility by being listed on  

the HEDC website. Your business may also have the 

opportunity of being featured on our website or in  

other promotional material.

Strengthen YOUR voice for business growth in our  

community by becoming a member of HEDC. 

If you have any questions, please contact us today!

Become a member of  

HEDC today!


Yes, I want to become a member of Hastings  

Economic Development Corporation. I believe  

economic development is essential to the growth  

of the Hastings community and agree to pay the  

following amount as an annual investment in HEDC.







$3000 $5000



Member Firm:

Primary Contact:


P.O. Box:




Type of business:

No. of employees:

Membership in the Hastings Economic Development  

Corporation is deductible as a business expense, and  

not as a charitable contribution. Consult your accountant 

for more information.

How your investment in HEDC will be used, and how you can benefit.

How HEDC  

has impacted 

business growth 

in Hastings

Since it was formed in 1973, HEDC has advanced Hastings by developing industrial parks, attracting major employers,  

assisting with business expansion projects, supporting small business and entrepreneurship, and bettering the  

community in a variety of ways. The most recent accomplishments of HEDC include:

•  Assisting with expansion and retention projects  

at Dutton-Lainson Company, Thermo King,  

Eaton, Drake Tool and Design, Platte River Valve,  

GO Electronics, Ag Processing Inc., and more.

•  Enhancing the infrastructure needed to ensure 

future competitiveness, as with the installation of 

new fiber optic cable and the extension of critical 

transportation routes.

•  Helping to implement a community incentive  

program through Hastings Utilities to boost  

business growth in Hastings.

•  Serving as the catalyst between Hastings Public 

Schools and Central Community College that  

resulted in the Advanced Manufacturing Career 

Pathways partnership. 

•  Actively engaging in downtown redevelopment 

and revitalization efforts.

•  Promoting our 97,500 square foot industrial  

building as well as available commercial and  

industrial sites to prospective new businesses.

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