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Partner Search Form

Identification of the applicant

Name of the organisation


Registered address (street, city, country)

Branisková 5, Košice, 04001

Telephone / Fax

+421 905 848 750

Website of the organisation

Name of the contact person

Miroslava Rybarova

Email/Telephone of the contact person, +421 905 848 750

Short presentation of your organisation (key activities, experience)

We are professionals from culture from Košice (Slovakia) ,who established in 2014 an non profit organization called AZIMUT. Our aim is to implement and support activities in the field of education and cultural and education activities inspiring critical dialoque related to the totalitarian systems in Slovakia and neaboring regions. Association will support private and public activities which are helping to revive the consciousness of democratic values in our society and prevent restoration of the totalitarian regime in any shape or form. Our flagship project is the annual "Matrioshka" festival we have been organizing since 2014 in Košice.

Description of the project

Action, Measure in the framework of „Europe for Citizens” Programme

Strand 2.3

Timetable of the project

November 2017 – the end of the project is still unspecified (depends on the agreeement among partners)

Short description of the project, including its aims

Matrioshka is a multi-genre festival that, through arts and culture, promotes the need for the active protection of the democratic values and shows the key role of a free civil society in shaping democracy. The festival is primarily targeting the younger generation (age 15 to 30), helping them to understand the importance of critical thinking and bringing the awareness of the absurdity of totalitarian regimes Matrioshka is meant also to foster a debate on dominant moral and political issues in the contemporary world – and on Slovakia´s position in it – in a clear, communicative, and modern way. Within this seven-day festival, we plan to organize events in the following cultural types: exhibition , theatre performance, discussion, lecture, educational quiz, literature (public reading).

Role of the partner organisation in the project

We are open to any kind of collaboration- as a organizer and inventor of a project, but also as a partner of existing project.

Comments from the applicant

We are looking for new, inspiring partners for further collaboration. We have considerable experience in organizing cultural events and very good connections with the local and national organizations.

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