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Presented by: Perdebaeva Indira
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The different processes of words coming into existence to mean something specific are called word formation processes. The phrace from the first sentence contains an example of a special type of word formation process known as conversion.
The word shape involves this conversion process ;where shape was once only a noun –the form of something ,such as a circle –now it can also be a verb – to or construct something.
Conversion Definition

  • A type of word formation process in which a word is assigned to a new word class or part of speech without any change in form. The pivotal element in the conversion process is meaning . A word that undergoes no structural change but changes grammatical categories (therefore meaning ,ta a degree)has undergone conversion.

  • A grammatical category is a until of grammar such as noun,verb, or adjective that share common features and function the same way in speech and writing.

  • In the example of the word(s) shape, the word changed from a noun , to express the form of something ,to a verb that expresses how something takes form.There is a slight change in meaning as the words function differently in speech ,but not so drastic a change that the words are no longer related.


  1. Tempt-temptation

Examples of conversion words

  1. Here are some examples of true conversion words.Some begin as verbs and convert to nouns,while others work in the reverse order .

  1. Host (noun) – a person who receives or entertains another

To host(verb )- the act of receiving or entertaining another

  1. To hope (verb) – the act of trusting or expecting something to happen

Hope (noun)- the feeling of trust or expectation that smth will happen

  1. Eye (noun)- an organ needed for sight

To eye (verb)- to view someone or smth closely or with suspicion .

  1. Microwave (noun)- a home appliance that uses electromagnetic waves to infuse heat into objects

To microwave(verb)- to cook or warm food .
A less common form of conversion than verbification is the transition from verb to noun is still widely used.
** you can be sure of succeeding in your attacks if you only attack places which are undefended.(chapter 6)
In this example, the word attack is used first as a noun and then as a verb.The word attack began in the English language as a verb but,as seen here, can also be a noun.
Orher conversions
Adverbs can become nouns :
Up (adv)- direction or position
Up (noun)- an upward trend in outlook or luck
Conversion refers to the process of changing or converting the class of a word without changing its form. The word email, for instance, can be used as a verb in Modern English though it was only a noun in the past.

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