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Professional Advisory Group

Terms of Reference

Briefing Paper for Co-Chairs


The Professional Advisory Group (PAG) is a multi-professional working group within the joint Northern Trust/ Northern Local Commissioning Group (LCG) planning arrangements for responding to the Regional Review, ‘Transforming Your Care’ (TYC), which includes the planning for service delivery models as well as the adoption of new/innovative ways of working and achievement of improved productivity across services. The PAG will work within the overall planning infrastructure as a part of the joint Trust/LCG planning arrangements, with the overarching Group being co-chaired by the Trust Medical Director and the Consultant in Public Health Medicine and its work will look at the whole system across traditional primary and secondary care boundaries. Members of the overarching Group will also include the Trust Directors of Mental Health & Disability Services, Children’s Services, Acute Hospital Services and Primary & Community Care for Older People’s Services.

The PAG is made up of a number of clinical work streams reflecting the broad profile of services provided across the Northern Trust area. Each work stream will be co-chaired by a Trust senior Clinician and a Primary Care or Commissioning colleague identified through the LCG. The LCG representatives for each work stream will be identified in the coming days, while many of the Trust leads have been identified and agreed to take on the role.

Co-Chairs and Workstreams (as at 16 Feb 2012)

Workstream - Group Name




(LCG/Prim Care)

Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care & Minor Injuries

Dr Fergal Dunn

Consultant in Emergency Medicine

Dr Brian Patterson

Acute & General Medicine

Dr Charles Jack

Consultant Physician

Dr Bernard McCoy

Diabetes and Endocrinology

Dr Adele Kennedy

Consultant in Community Diabetes & Endocrinology

Dr Bernard McCoy


Dr John Riddell

Consultant Cardiologist

Dr Brian Dunn

Gastroenterology & Nutrition

Dr Gerard Rafferty

Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr Brian Patterson

Respiratory Medicine

Dr Julian Leggett

Consultant Respiratory Physician

Dr Jenny Gingles as co-chair (and Dr Brian Patterson as a group member

General Surgery

Mr Stephen Dace

Consultant Surgeon

Dr Terry Magowan

ENT Surgery

To be confirmed

Dr Windsor Murdock


Dr Paul Downey

Consultant Urologist

Dr Reggie McAuley

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

To be confirmed

Dr Ian Buchanan

Anaesthetics, Transport & Critical Care

Dr Gregory Furness

Clinical Director ATICS

Dr Brian Dunn

Care of the Elderly & Stroke Medicine

Dr James Gilmore

Clinical Lead Care of Elderly and Stroke

Dr Windsor Murdock

Medical Specialties

(Renal, Neurology, Dermatology, Rheum, Haem)

Dr Camille Harron

Clinical Lead Medical Specialties

Dr Turlough Tracey

Palliative Care

Dr Yvonne Duff

MacMillan Consultant in Palliative Medicine

Dr Richard Orr

Medical Diagnostics

Dr Myles Nelson

Clinical Director Medical Diagnostic Specialities

Dr Brian Dunn

Mental Health

To be confirmed

Dr Reggie McAuley


Dr Ledwith

Clinical Director Paediatrics

Dr Barbara Savage

Professional Workforce Planning

To be confirmed

Co-Chairs will play an important role in engaging and deriving the views and opinions of multi disciplinary colleagues that will collectively influence the Trust/LCG response to the regional Review (TYC) in terms of a plan for service configuration and delivery to meet the needs of the whole of the population of the Northern Trust area. Having developed proposals, the overarching Group will continue to have a role to advise the TYC Programme Board on professional issues and ensuring ongoing clinical engagement through the work stream structures.


The task for each Group will be to advise how their patients should be treated in the future, given the need for our local health service -

  • to be more efficient with money while treating patients as well or better than we do now

  • to provide safe, good quality hospital services despite, and taking account of, the forthcoming very significant reduction in the medical workforce for secondary care, especially for out of hours hospital cover

The core product of each Group will be:

  • Through multidisciplinary engagement (facilitated by an information pack and a standardised questionnaire), to set out proposals for a service configuration that will meet the needs of the whole population of the Northern area, taking account of workforce and training issues, professional groups/royal college guidelines, interdependencies with other work streams and the overall need to secure a safe, efficient and sustainable service model

  • Set out an optimum model for service delivery, or options if required, identifying any outstanding issues that the Group identified that need to be resolved

  • Prepare a presentation for a Trust/LCG planning workshop (April) to consider the outputs from the work streams

  • Consider the opportunity to put forward an innovative idea to test or trial that the Group considers would have short term positive impact on service delivery


Co-Chairs and groups will be supported in this process through:

- Information: on the ‘Transforming Your Care’ and the regional toolkit on opportunities for productivity

- Group Planning Workshops: facilitated, to which the Co-Chair will invite the members of the workstream Group, starting the process of discussion through the use of a questionnaire that allows all views and issues to be explored

- Project Support from the Trust Planning Department: to arrange any additional meetings, source any additional information needed by the Group, capture information at meetings and write up notes, contact other Group members etc.

It is planned that through this approach to make best use of the time of very busy professionals, minimising the number of face to face meetings of the Group and maximising other communication and networking opportunities such as use of email for sharing of materials and views.

Time Frame and Outputs

Planning Workshops and Final Presentation Event

There will be a choice of two dates for each of the two Group Planning Workshops. Group Co-Chair will identify the date most suitable to the work stream and all work stream members will then be invited to attend on that date. If neither dates suits the Group, alternative arrangements will be made with the Co-Chair for another date/venue.


Date / Day



Planning Workshop 1

Wednesday 29th February 2012

6 pm – 8 pm

Des Allen Suite at Ballymena Showgrounds

Planning Workshop 2

Wednesday 21st March 2012

6 pm – 8 pm

Des Allen Suite at Ballymena Showgrounds

Presentation Event

Wednesday 18th April 2012

Full Day ~

9.30 am –

4.30 pm

Des Allen Suite at Ballymena Showgrounds

Hospitality will be available at all workshops/events

Actions and Timeline


Due Date

Planning Workshop 1

Discussion/Complete Questionnaire 1

29th Feb 2012

Submit completed Questionnaire 1 to Trust Planning Dept

by Friday 9th March

Planning Dept issue collated work stream Questionnaires to Co-Chairs

by Thurs 15th March

Planning Workshop 2

Discuss collated responses from all Work streams, complete Questionnaire 2

21 March 2012

Submit completed Questionnaire 2 to Trust Planning Dept

Friday 30th March 2012

Prepare presentation

(template will be provided) and submit to Trust Planning Dept

Friday 6th April 2012

Presentation Event

Wed 18th April 2012

Long Term Role
While the immediate focus of the Professional Advisory Group, and associated work stream Groups, is on supporting the Trust and LCG to set out proposals in responding to ‘Transforming Your Care’ for the Northern Trust area, the work will also have given consideration to opportunities for working innovatively and to test or trial new ways of working. The groups will therefore have a life time beyond the immediate production of proposals, to considering and testing new ways of working to bring immediate and long lasting benefits as well as a role in the implementation of the final planned model of service delivery. As such, the Professional Advisory Group will continue to be a part of the joint Trust/LCG planning infrastructure.

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