Proposal of items to be included in template for status quo report

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Template for status quo report

Please provide as much detailed information as possible and send to Rosario Martín Ruano ( by February 20, 2012.
Define type of MA program:

* Highly specialized in one specific area [specify]:

* Allowing (introduction to) multispecialisation [specify]:
Area/s covered (check all that apply, specify):



  • audiovisual translation

  • text-to-sign language

  • audiodescription

  • technical writing

  • Other:

*Specialisation(s) offered linked to local markets or local needs? [explain]

* Adaptability of program: freedom to update programme to emerging specialism or restrictions by law? [explain]
Profile of students:

…. % translation degree; … % degree in languages; …… % degree related to the program specialization; …. % other prior training (specify):

Profile of trainers:

* Faculty staff [specify areas/departments involved]:

* Participation of translation professionals? [specify]

* Participation of experts in other fields? [specify]

* Hiring restrictions (legal or otherwise) [specify]?
Approach(es) of program to domain specialization:

* Existence of introductory courses to given domains? [specify]

* Focus on basic thematic contents / on information mining strategies /on gradual acquisition of translation methodology based on practice? [specify]

* Practice based on texts / translation briefs / simulation of real professional situations / internships? [specify]

* Innovative training experiences fostering domain specialisation? [specify]

* Work experience agreements with industry in one or several specialised fields? [specify]

* Relationships with professional associations? Cooperation in joint training experiences? [specify]:

Daniel Toudic, Project Coordinator, Université Rennes 2, Place du Recteur Henri Le Moal, 35000 Rennes.

00 33 2 99 14 16 87 /

Kelly Falaise, Project Manager, Université Rennes 2, Place du Recteur Henri Le Moal, 35000 Rennes

00 33 2 99 14 19 97 /

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