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publishing agreement

Publishing Agreement 
As on 24.02.2022
1. Parties to the Publishing Agreement: 
This Publishing Agreement (hereinafter - Agreement) is concluded between the 
and the Publisher
OmniScriptum S.R.L.
(hereinafter – Publisher). 
2. Subject of the Publishing Agreement
The subject of this Agreement is the Work submitted by the Author to the Publisher's portal. 
3. Entry into force 
The Agreement becomes binding when the Author confirms the Agreement on the Publisher's portal. 
4. The Publisher will:
4.1. provide free of charge standard publishing service for the Author,
4.2. offer the Author premium publishing services like color printing and custom cover picture on conditions decided by the Publisher,
4.3. remunerate the Author with royalties in the amount of 12% of the Work's net sales and in the amount of 30% of the licensing
income generated from the use of Work by third parties when – during the accounting period of 12 months – they generate claims of
more than 50,- EUR on average per month. If the average per month is lower than 50,- EUR, the author will receive a book voucher of
the respective value, which can be redeemed in the following 12 months in the online shop associated with the Publisher,
4.4. make the remuneration payment solely to the Author with whom this Agreement is concluded,
4.5. calculate the royalty payment every 12 months from the publication date, and make the payment within 3 months from the
calculation date,
4.6. process and safeguard the Author's data according to Publisher’s privacy policy to ensure the publication process and marketing
of Author’s Work.
5. The Publisher can:
5.1. reproduce, print, distribute and market the Work,
5.2. sell and license rights (including but not limited to translation rights) to the Work, in whole or in part, in print and electronic
5.3. determine the Work's publication specifics,
5.4. suggest to the Author changes to the Work,
5.5. make extracts of the Work accessible to the public and provide the media with review copies for advertising purposes and upon
5.6. transfer the publishing rights of the Work to another publishing house within the OmniScriptum group.
If the Author wishes to make any changes to his / her Work AFTER THE PUBLICATION, then the Publisher has the right to demand
a fee of 150 EUR for post-publication services.

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