Recommendations for U45 plf fail operation Normal operation and maintenance

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Recomendations for U45 PLF fail operation

Recommendations for U45 PLF fail operation

Normal operation and maintenance.

  1. Perform heel drain immediately after heel drain request by Sequence. (Avoid Cake drops) (Production)

  2. Try to keep U83 wax tank levels as following. (Production)

183-TK-003 Max 20%
183-TK-004 Min 40%
183-TK-005 Min 60%

  1. Do not increase Heel Drain Vessel Level higher than 60% as much as you can. (Production)

  2. Measure and Record Cake Volume after Cake discharge. (Make surface a Flat and use height measuring then use truncated pyramid volume formula to find the volume) (Production)

Note: Default Cake volume to be identified together with PE once production notify. PE will support with suitable formula for easy conversion Haight to Volume.

  1. Once you find less Cake drop by Volume measurement, redo Cake discharge until Normal Cake volume. (Normal Cake volume to be identified after some period record) (Production)

  2. Take to Maintenance if Cake volume is less again (or Precoating dP is higher than 1.4bar – applicable after dP transmitter replacement) . (Production/Maintenance)

  3. Continuously monitor that Vibrator oil supply is normal. Recommended to include operator daily checklist (ORD) (Production/Maintenance)

  4. Every time follow Licensor guide and fill the Maintenance checklist during and after the Maintenance. (Maintenance)

  5. Make sure Vibrators are working perfect after the maintenance. (2.5-3 mm). (Maintenance)


        1. IF there is a dP excursion occurs even just few minutes after filter has been applied to the system. Cut the dosing’s, End filter sequences one by one. (Production)

        2. Restart dosing (if you find black layer during cake volume measuring - recommendation to add 20 ppm to previous dosing rate) by 2 new filter. Do not reuse filter after dP excursion. (Production)

        3. Avoid Cake drops as mentioned by first recommendation. (Production)

        4. Immediately after dP excursion, request feed sample to LAB team. (Production)

        5. Check Cake Color while you measure Cake volume, if You find black layer on it, increase dosing rate, recommendation to add 20 ppm to previous dosing rate. Once Lab analysis are ready, dose based on Lab result. (Production)

        6. If dP excursion occur again, Request to Shift supervisor to decrease plant load to Min. Feed from 183-TK-004 to U45, direct feed wax from U30 to 183-TK-004, restart the filters one by one.

        7. If TK-003 wax analysis is ready and PLF system is stable and there is enough level in 183-TK-005, intermittently feed to U45 from 183-TK-003. (Production).

        8. Direct U30 wax to 183-TK-003 once tank level is less than 10%. And feed to U45 from TK-003. Dose based on U30 latest metal analysis 20 minutes before directing to TK-003. (Production)

  1. If it is stable, Inform Shift supervisor to Increase the Plant Load. (Production)

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