Roderick McLennan Blacksmith bn 1891- profile

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Roderick McLennan - Blacksmith - bn 1891- profile

I would like to submit the findings of clan researcher Donald MacLennan concerning the branch of the MacLennan family tree from my paternal grandfather in hope that someone else will be able to make a connection and may fill in some blanks for them and for myself if they care to share. My father was Farquhar Roderick Reid MacLennan

Birth Ref; No; 1920 Forres, Morayshire. 137/86.

Farquhar Roderick Reid MacLennan

b. 7th September, 1920, at 28 Tolbooth Street, Forres.
Father - Roderick MacLennan, Blacksmith
Mother - Jemina MacLennan maiden surname Reid
Married 29th April, 1920 at Croy.
Registered by Roderick MacLennan, Father, on 21st September, 1920.

Death Ref; No; 1925; 137/21

Jemina McLennan, age 25,
Married to Roderick McLennan, Blacksmith Journeyman,
died - 21st February, 1925, at 5.30 Sim's Square, Tolbooth Street, Forres, Moray-shire.
Father - Donald Reid, Farmer, deceased.
Mother - Jane Reid maiden surname Ferguson, Deceased.
Cause of death - Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Cardiac Failure.
registered by Roderick McLennan, Widower, on 21st February, 1925

Roderick MacLennan was born on 30th October, 1891, at Maryburgh, Parish of Fodderty, to Farquhar MacLennan, Blacksmith, and Catherine MacRae. Probably at The Smithy, Maryburgh.

His siblings are
8th March, 1896 - Robert.
3rd March, 1894 - Helen
3rd May, 1889 - Jane
14th August, 1899 - Elizabeth.
there was also a David who moved to England and an Ellis who moved Scotland.
there may have been more that’s what I have for now.
Date of marriage - 29th April,1920.
Place of marriage - Parish Church of Croy - Church of Scotland.
Surname - McLennan
Christian Name - Roderick
Age 28
Occupation - Blacksmith
Address - Maryburgh, Conon Bridge.
His Father - McLennan, Farquhar.
His Occupation - Blacksmith.
His Mother - McRae, Kathleen.

Surname - Reid.

Christian Name - Jemina
Age 21
Occupation - Nurse
Address - Huggan of Cantray, Croy, Gollanfield, (Inverness-shire.)
Her Father - Reid, Donald.
His Occupation - Farmer
Her Mother - Ferguson, Jane, deceased.

Witnesses - Hugh McDonald; Elizabeth Finlayson.

Farquhar was born ca 1851 in the Parish of Edderton. His father was working in Edderton Mains in 1861 census so possibly born there. His father was Roderick MacLennan and his mother Elizabeth Ross. His census entries are
1861 Edderton ED 2/1 Mains of Edderton Son 9 Scholar. b. Edderton
1871 Cromarty Landward ED 1/13 Newton Road Servant Unmarried 19 Blacksmith b. Edderton.
1881 Fodderty ED 6/17 35 Proby Street Servant Unmarried 27 Blacksmith b Edderton.
1891 Fodderty ED 6/15 38 Proby Street Head Married Blacksmith b. Edderton.

He married Catherine MacRae at Resolis on 4th November, 1887. I have brief details of the marriage as follows - at St. Martins Mills, Resolis, on 4th November, 1887, Farquhar Maclennan, Blacksmith, Maryburgh, married Catherine MacRae, St. Martins, Resolis, daughter of Mr. MacRae, Miller and Farmer.

I hope to have the full details next week.

There is a tombstone in Fodderty Cemetery for them, the monumental inscriptions booklet gives the following :-

Farquhar MacLennan who fell asleep 19th October, 1926. Also his beloved wife Catherine MacRae 4th August, 1936. And their daughter Jessie Isabella. And their eldest daughter Jan died 31st May 1967.
I have never seen this stone but it will be correct in basic details at least.

Farquhar's siblings are:

Kenneth b. ca 1847 at Parish of Alness; last heard off in 1871 at Cromarty.
Williamina b. ca 1849 at parish of Alness ; last heard off in 1881 at Cromarty.
Roderick b. ca 1853 at Edderton, who married a Catherine ??? b. Inverness Glenurquhart.

My last trace of him is in 1891 Glasgow Auchenraith Estate, Blantyre, ED 644 7/1 Head Married 56 Coachman; his family being born in Cromarty and Knockbain.

Flora b. 6th July, 1856 at Kincardine. She married James Paterson, Blacksmith, at Cromarty on 16th July, 1875. She died on 3rd December, 1890, at Kilcoy, Killearnan.

Rebecca b. 1st July, 1859 at Edderton, last trace of her being Glasgow ED 646/3 45/30 Ferntower Servant Unmarried 27 tablemaid.

Elizabeth b. 7th October, 1862 at Edderton. I have her as being in Rosemarkie in 1881 ED 1/14 High St. Servant Unmarried 17, Nurse.

The full census entries which have Farquhar in them are as follows: -

1861 Edderton ED 2/1 Mains of Edderton.
Rodrick McLennan Head Mar 36 Ag lab b. Contin
Betsy McLennan Wife Mar 32 b. Alness
Kenneth Mclennan Son Unmar 13 Shepherd b. Alness
Williamina Mclennan Daur 11 Scholar b. Alness
Farquhar Mclennan Son 9 Scholar b. Edderton
Rodrick Mclennan 7 Scholar b. Edderton
Flora Mclennan daur 5b. Kincardine
ED 2/2/2
Rebecka McLennan Daur 2 b. Edderton

1871 Cromarty Landward E D 1/13 Newton Road
Farquhar McLennan Servant Unmar 19 Blacksmith b.

1881 Fodderty ED 6/17 35 Proby St.
Duncan MacKenzie Head Mar 28 Blacksmith Master employing 3 men b, Contin.
Mary Ann MacKenzie Wife Mar 32 b. Fodderty.
Farquhar MacLennan Servant Unmar 27 Blacksmith b. Edderton
Donald MacKenzie Servant Unmar Apprentice Blacksmith b. Urquhart.
Donald Fraser Servant Unmar 18 Apprentice Blacksmith b. Fodderty.

1891 Fodderty ED 6/15 38 Proby St.
Farquhar MacLennan Head Mar 38 Blacksmith b. Edderton
Catherine MacLennan Wife Mar 23 b. Resolis
Jane MacLennan Daur 1 b. Foddertyof 15th September, 1916 Ross-shire
Soldiers and Ross-shire men. Whereabouts of Men.
Four Dingwall boys are sharing together a 'cosy' hut somewhere on the road to the Balkans. They are Sergeant Reid, formerly of Messrs. Dewar and Hay, Dingwall, Sergeant-Farrier Maclennan, Maryburgh, Bom. T. MacKay, formerly with Messrs Fraser Bros and Bom. Douglas M. Watt, Rosemount. These young soldiers have had campaigning experiences given only to veterans, having done a lot of moving since being mobilised. They were quite settled with themselves in their present 'home'. On 3rd August all Here is the entry for the Ross Mountain Battery and Ammunition Column in a book on Scottish regiments in the first war:
" This, like the 4th Seaforths, is a purely Ross-shire unit. With its headquarters at Lochcarron, it is mainly recruited there and at Stornoway; Stornoway contributing very specially to the total. The Ammunition Column has been virtually wholly raised in Dingwall district. The Battery and Column form part of the 4th Highland Mountain Brigade, Royal Garrison Artillery, and the General Headquarters of the Brigade is at Rothesay, the other Batteries being those of Argyll and Bute. Armed with serviceable weapons, the constitution of the force is generally identical to that of the famous Indian Mountain Artillery Brigades.

On the outbreak of war the whole of the Ross Battery and Ammunition Column mobilised at Dingwall. Here equipment was relatively completed; horses were commandeered all over the country, and within a fortnight all was ready for the second phase of the mobilisation order, and on Sunday, 16th August, the entire force moved off to the war station at Bedford.

Very strict and particular training proceeded at Bedford. By the end of the year all ranks were impatient to be at the front. Their time was to come. Refitted and complete to the last strap, the Ross and Argyll Batteries left Bedford on 20th March, for an unknown destination, which was not revealed for many weeks later, when it was told officially that the Brigade was operating at Gallipoli with the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force. Letters home revealed a pleasant voyage, a short and agreeable stay somewhere close to the sea in the Near East, and subsequently the landing of the troops on the Dardanelles, where since land operations commenced the Brigade has been doing its bit in one of the bloodiest theatres of the great war.

Reports show that the Brigade is a credit to the Territorial Force, and that the men are as well equipped for their work as the regular gunners and drivers of artillery. It is not permissible to say more, the time will come when the story of the Brigade can be told, with particulars as to its officers, men and equipment, but meantime Ross-shire people can take it that this important and serviceable unit-with few exceptions all Ross-shire men-are adding to the splendid martial traditions of the county. "It is a wicked bad campaign," as Kipling said of soldiers work in Egypt.

Climate conditions are treacherous; hot through the day, bitterly cold at night. Water is scarce, and thirst is terrible. Food is plentiful, but the variety is restricted, and bread the soldier never knows. Mails take long to come and go, and comforts from home are limited on account of the want of "Keepability" of luxuries which otherwise might be sent.

Still men write home in happy mood. "Life is grand here" one of them wrote after having eight weeks "shell dodging".

Casualties, happily, have not been high, than which fact no testimony could be better to the fitness of the officers, who have been vigilant in their care of the men so far as securing concealment is concerned.

The full list of casualties up to May 25th, 1915, is as was going well, but things have been getting livelier since then.

Death Certificate - Parish of Cromarty. Parish Number 61; Entry Number 13.
Date of Death - 31st March, 1889.
Surname - McLennan.
Forename - Roderick.
Age 68
Place of Death - Neilstown, Cromarty.
Occupation - Cattleman.
Married to Ross, Elizabeth.
Father - Mclennan, Kenneth, Deceased.
Occupation - Crofter.
Mother - Cameron, Rebecca, deceased.
Informant - K? McLennan. Informant's relationship - son.
Cause of Death - Heart Disease; Congestion of Lungs
Registered - 2nd April, 1889.
Marriage Certificate - Parish of Resolis.
Parish Number - 79; Entry Number - 7.
Date of Marriage - 4th November, 1887.
Place of Marriage - St.Martins, Resolis.
Surname - McLennan,
Christian Name - Farquhar
Age 35
Occupation -Blacksmith, Master.
Address - Maryburgh, Fodderty.
father - McLennan, Roderick.
His occupation - Cattleman.
His Mother - Ross, Elizabeth.
Surname - Mcrae.
Christian Name - Catherine.
Age - 20.
Occupation - Miller - Farmer's daughter.
Address - St.Martins Mill, Resolis.
Her Father - McRae, Robert,
His Occupation - Farmer & Miller.
Her Mother - McKenzie, Janet.
Witnesses - Colyon McKenzie; A. MacDonald.

1881 Resolis ED 2/4 1 St. Martins, East to West.

Robert McRae, Head, Married, 54, Miller & Farmer (43 acs employ 1 man, 1 boy; 1 girl) born Resolis.

Jane McRae, Wife, Married, 50, Farmers Wife, b Fodderty.
Helen McRae, Daur, Unmar,. 16, Scholar, b. Resolis.
David Mcrae, Son, 13, Scholar, b. Resolis.
Catherine McRae, Daur, 13, Scholar, b. Resolis.
Thomas Avision, Servant, Unmarried, 18, farm servant, b. Mayo, Ireland.
James McLeman, Servant, 14, Farm servant, b. Avoch.
Margaret Urquhart, Servant, Unmarried, 18, Servant (Domestic), b. Gairloch

Marriage. Egremont Presbyterian Church, Wallasay, Cheshire, on 10th January, 1934, Robert, second son of late Farquhar Maclennan, Maryburgh, & Mrs. MacLennan, London, to Florence Matheson Fraser, daughter of late Mrs Hossack Fraser, Culloden, Inverness

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