Self-study 15 Task Fill in the blanks with an appropriate answer

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Task 1. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate answer

1. Look! There ___ nothing here. Everything ___ away.

A) are / have been taken B) is / has been taken

C) is / is taken D) is / is being taken E) is / will be taken

2. Everybody ___ at what ___ .

A) was surprised/has happened B) was surprised/had happened

C) is surprised/happen D) surprise/happen E) will be surprised/ happened

3. The famous writer Tolstoy ___ forever in our memories, in the books he ___ to us.

A) will live / has left B) is living / will be leaving

C) lived / leaves D) would be living / had left E) have been living / left

4. Ernest Hemingway ___ one of those people who ___ in their beds.

A) had not been / died B) are / died

C) was not / die D) was not / dies E) is being / have not died

5. If you ___ so rude to her she ___ to us earlier.

A) were not / had come B) hadn’t been / would have come

C) are / would have come D) are / will come

E) are not being / would come

6. “Hello, Mr. Roberts” ___ the clerk. “What ___ you ___ home your the wife today?”

A) greet / do / take B) greeting / were / taking

C) greeted / are / taking D) will greet / did / taken E) will greet / did / take

7. Two years ago she ___ and now she ___ her time visiting friends.

A) retires / spends B) retired / spends

C) had retired / spends D) would retire / is spending E) will retire / spent

8. He might ___ the accident if he ___ more careful.

A) avoid / was B) have avoided / had been

C) avoid / had been D) had avoided / were E) avoids / is

9. -Hello, Ann! I ___ you for ages. Where have you been all this time?

-I ___ to Italy. I ___ back yesterday.

A) didn’t see/was/came B) haven’t seen/have been/came

C) don’t see/have been/have come D) saw/was/came back

E) haven’t seen/had been/had come

10. -What ___ you ___ at 6 p.m. yesterday?

-I ___ my homework. After I ___ it I played chess with my friend.

A) did/do/did/have done B) was/doing/was doing/had done

C) were/doing/was doing/had done D) were/doing/did/have done

E) had/done/had done/did

11. This book ___ quite different from the one I ___

A) is/have read B) was/am reading

C) has been/read D) have been/reads E) is/read

12. -___ I ___ after the luggage or ___ you?

-If you ___ to the luggage and pay the driver I’ll go in and see about rooms.

A) shall/look/will/see B) shall/look/will/will see

C) will/look/shall/saw D) should/look/would/would see

E) would/looked/will/saw

13. Nobody knows what ___ at this meeting but she ___ to him since.

A) was said / hasn’t spoken B) is said / hasn’t spoken

C) has said / hasn’t spoken D) was said / didn’t speak

E) is being said / doesn’t speak

14. We had an appointment yesterday afternoon but he ___ see me.

A) might not B) cannot C) have to D) mustn’t E) wasn’t able to

15. I didn’t ___ ring her up for she did it herself.

A) had to B) could C) be to D) have to E) must

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