Sexuality rnsg 538 Health Care Concepts Concept

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RNSG 1538

Health Care Concepts 3
Concept Definition

Factors that facilitate an individual’s gender identity as well as their ability to experience and express themselves as sexual beings.



Erectile dysfunction

Sexually transmitted

Altered libido

Gender dysphoria/body image


1. Explain what the concept of sexuality means (including definition, antecedents, and attributes).

2. Analyze conditions which place a patient at risk for sexuality imbalance.

3. Identify when sexuality imbalance (negative consequence) is developing or has developed.

4. Discuss exemplars (Sexually Transmitted Infections, Erectile dysfunction, Gender dysphoria, Dyspareunia, Altered libido) of common sexuality disorders.

5. Apply the nursing process (including collaborative interventions) for individuals experiencing sexuality imbalance and to promote normal reproduction


  1. Review the Sexuality Concept Analysis diagram

  2. Readings/Viewings

  • Giddens, J.F. (2013). Concepts for nursing practice. St. Louis. MO: Mosby Elsevier.

    • Chapter 19: Sexuality

  • Internet

  • North American Menopause Society

  • Women’s Health Initiative

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

  • Dyspareunia

  • STIs (CDC)
Content Outline

Concept: Sexuality

  1. Sexuality Review

  2. Normal sexual health

  3. Problems with sexuality

  4. Antecedents

  • Sexual attitudes & behaviors

  • Normal hormones

  • Normal sexual physiology

  • Acceptance of self (Authenticity)

  1. Attributes

    • Sexual response cycle

    • Health – Physical, sexual, psychological

    • Healthy sexual relationships

    • Sexual desire/connection

    • Consent/choice

    • Positive sexual self-concept

  1. Consequences

  2. Sub-Concepts - physiological

Gender dysphoria, sexual orientation, risk behaviors, developmental stage/age.

  1. Interrelated Concepts

Reproduction, gas exchange, coping, immunity, and comfort.

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