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Spray Gun Useage Essay, Research Paper

EM 380 Professional Spray Gun

Spray guns may not seem to play an important part in the building construction industry but their speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness all combine to make this power tool integral for builders everywhere.

The spray gun can be used for a wide variety of tasks ranging from painting a small cabinet, to a mid-sized shed, to a large room. Its? basic ?point, trigger, spray? pattern allows virtually anyone to use it, and provides them with faster, more efficient results than if they?d used a brush. This spray gun provides even coats by spraying as good a pattern as allowed by the user. Of course if you have shaky hands, or don?t clean your tips and parts regularly, then you will not get the desired results. By lapping your strokes about 50% over the previous stroke, you can attain uniform paint thickness. When attempting a professional finish it?s best to go right-to-left and then left-to-right (or vise-versa depending on which hand you are using).

Technical data below shows the type of motor, capacity of motor and pump, and the main wetted components

Electric Motor: 0.5 hp, 1725 rpm, 115v, 60 HzAC,

single use phase with automatic reset thermal

overload switch.

Paint Pump: 2500 psi (172 bar) maximum working

pressure; 0.33gpm output.

Components: Delrin, Teflon, Leather, Stainless Steel,

Polyethylene, Tungsten Carbide, Polyurethane, Nylon,

Aluminum, Nitralloy.

To make sure your spray gun is in prime operating condition, you need to make sure to flush your system before and after every use and to follow a few basic guidelines outlined below.

-When first connecting hose and gun, make sure the sprayer is not plugged in and that the tip is not yet installed.

-Make sure the packing nut on the pump is supplied with throat seal liquid.

-Make sure the systems? ON/OFF switch is OFF before plugging it in.

-Keep pressure control knob on the lowest setting.

-Make sure your pump has been flushed, and that there is no left over residue from the cleanser.

-When the paint suction tube is inside the pail of paint, and your drain valve is closed, let off the trigger safety and squeeze into a metal waste container to force out the air.

-Now remove the retaining nut from the gun and install the tip. Re-tighten retaining nut by hand, and then give a one-quarter turn with a wrench.

After you adjust the spray pattern you are ready to begin painting. By following the steps outlined on the previous page and by keeping the gun 12 to 14 inches away at a perpendicular angle to your surface, you should end up with a great finished product. Although the spray gun may not be as convenient as a brush on small projects, it gives an advantage when used on large ones such as rooms. By aiming the gun to the center of a corner to spray you get an evenly sprayed corner. The speed and range make this tool popular for home use around the world.

Remember to practice safety with eye protection and to keep as much skin covered as possible. Have fun suckers
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