Summer reading assignment 8th Grade Accelerated Biology Onteora High School

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8th Grade Accelerated Biology

Onteora High School

DUE: First Day of School September 2012

To begin meeting the requirements of New York State Common Core Standards, all students who are enrolling in Accelerated Biology must read Chromosome 6 before the next school year begins. You must write down brief, but detailed summaries of each chapter, and answer the study questions. All work must be typed.
You will be required to turn in your chapter summaries and study guide questions the first day of school to Mrs. Thompson. All submitted work should be original (NO PLAGIARISM). If duplication of assignment is found, no credit will be awarded. All assignments submitted after the first day of school will receive zero credit.
Bookstores and your local library are good places to start looking. The major online booksellers are sure to have the book in stock.

1. Don’t wait until mid-July to find your book! Sometimes shipping may take weeks.

2. Type your summaries after EACH chapter.

3. Read with a pencil, underline main ideas or passages (you can always erase pencil!).

4. Don’t wait until the last minute to start reading; take your time and really get into this book.

Chromosome 6

by Robin Cook

The murder of a reputed mafia figure and the theft of his body trigger an investigation that leads from the streets of New York to the jungles of Africa. New York City medical examiners Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery use their detective skills to track down the source of a transplanted organ. Questions concerning medical ethics, genetic manipulation, cloning, animal rights, and human evolution are raised as they uncover the secrets of a giant American bio-tech company.

Main Characters:
Dr. Jack Stapleton

Dr. Laurie Montgomery

Dr. Kevin Marshall

Candace Brickman

Melanie Becket

Carlo Franconi

Dr. Raymond Lyons

Taylor Cabot

Lou Soldano

Cameron McIvers

Siegfried Spallack


Vinnie Dominick




Homologous Chromosome



Ribosomal Proteins




Mitochondrial DNA

Recombinant DNA








Study Questions:

1. Why was an autopsy on Franconi a possible problem for Taylor Chabot & GenSys?

2. What was Laurie Montgomery’s interest in performing the Franconi autopsy?

3. Who did Dr. Lyons hire to get rid of Franconi’s body?

4. How did Jack Stapleton determine that Franconi had an organ transplant?

5. Why was Kevin Marshall concerned about the smoke coming from the Isla


6. How were the bonobos kept contained on the Isla Francesca?

7. How did Kevin, Candace and Melanie get on the island?

8. Describe how a person could get an organ for transplant through GenSys.

9. How were the bonobo organs made suitable for human transplant?

10. What ethical concerns are raised by the use of primates for human transplants?

11. How had the island bonobo population become different from wild bonobos?

12. How did the bonobos interact with Kevin on the Island?

13. How did they keep track of the bonobo population and how did they capture them?

14. How did Jack, Laurie, and Warren get out of jail?

15. What current events or issues are similar to the story line of this book?

16. What happened to the bonobos at the end of the story?

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