The language of advertising and linguo-stylistic features of its text

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Aziza Tojiddinova Akmal qizi
Student, Masters Department, UzSWLU
Supervisor:Ixtiyor Umirov Ergashevich

Advertising language - simply a synthesis of extra linguistic and linguistic modes of communication governed by the principles of mass communication and general literary rules, as well as a specific language structure that allows for specific information to the addressee considering cultural, sociological factors and psycholinguistic characteristics of the language. This article, examines the peculiarities of the style of advertising texts, classifies advertising texts based on criteria such as the advertising object, target audience, media-advertising medium.
Keywords: sociolinguistics, advertising language, social, information, consumer, target audience, media-advertising.

It is undeniable fact that currently, linguists pay great attention to advertising texts, advertising messages as one of the varieties of the "media text". Advertising is one of the most important factors of mass culture reflecting the life of modern society, it is a source of information about the national and cultural specifics of the native-speaking people and serves to exchange information in the process of social activity of people and their speech communication. Without any doubt, the topic is very relevant and reliable. Even if you don't read newspapers or watch TV, advertising appears to you as an obligatory element of the urban environment and fills all the media. In addition, advertising accompanies our life everywhere: on TV, on the radio, on the Internet, in newspapers and magazines, on the streets of the city. So what does it carry with it? What is the language of advertising? What are its features? All these questions predetermined the purpose of the work – to study the advertising language and analyze the features of the advertising text.
To achieve the goal, the following tasks were set:

  • to identify the role of advertising in the life of modern society;

  • determine the main purpose of the advertising text;

  • distinguish between the concepts of "advertising" and "advertisement";

  • identify ways to classify advertising texts;

  • to determine the significance and structure of the verbal component of advertising;

  • to consider the linguistic and stylistic features of advertising texts.

Yüklə 65,58 Kb.

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