The Orange Order in World War I

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The Orange Order in World War I
In 1914, the Grand Lodge of England annual sessions took place in early July. That would have been a few days after the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on 28th June. The United Kingdom did not enter the War until 4th August 1914.
By the time the Grand Lodge met again, on 7th and 8th July 1915, at the Grand Hotel in Bristol, the War had been in progress for almost a year.
The Grand Lodge Report describes how the meeting was opened with a hymn specially written for the Men at the Front, to the tune of “Melita”, “Eternal Father, strong to save”.
In the Grand Secretary’s Report, RW Bro Louis A Ewart wrote, “Our ranks have been depleted owing to the large number of brethren on war service, and we have endeavoured to keep all lodges going, to prevent the warrants being returned as dormant.” He also reported that, I organised the officers and men of the Canadian Contingent into a large lodge on Salisbury Plain and I had the privilege of receiving several Indian Orangemen. These brave men hold their lodge meetings under our Warrants today in Flanders.
I have been asked to meet the 9th Canadian Rifles on their arrival in England and form them into a lodge under the temporary authority of the Grand Lodge of England. Monsieur L Valat, Secretary of the Belgian Bible Society, has joined the Order with a view to opening Orange Lodges in Belgium and Holland.
I have arranged to form a lodge in Togo Land, that part of the world which, until recently, was known as the German Protectorate, West Africa; but now, Germany having been driven out and the British flag planted, it is known as British West Africa. Our lodge will be opened at Lome on the Gold Coast. It is extraordinary that, immediately the British flag is unfurled on the Slave Coast, the natives should ask for a Warrant from the Orange Institution. This Grand Lodge wishes them God speed and every success.

In “Correspondence”, Louis Ewart said, -

Our Military Lodges in India, Arabia, and other parts have been in the fighting line since the commencement of the war, as also our many lodges on British battleships; but, alas, we have to record that many “nobly fighting, nobly fell.” Other foreign lodges are doing splendidly.
In the section “Literature” he said, -
I was anxious that the Institution should do something for the brave fellows who were going out to fight for the Motherland. People were sending cigarettes and various comforts for the soldiers; what could we do ? Nothing could be done without funds. As we are a religious Institution, it was thought best to send that which would exalt our principles, and the Christ who died to cleanse men from sin, so we made an appeal and sent out the Word of God. Over eleven hundredweight of scriptures have been sent to the troops. We are very grateful to the Trinitarian Bible Society and the Calvinistic Protestant Union for free grants.
In the section “The War”, Ewart said, -
Many of our members have distinguished themselves on the field of battle. Bro Private Abraham Acton of Whitehaven has won the Victoria Cross, and Bro Sergeant J H Raynor of Oldham has won the Distinguished Conduct Medal. All honour to them and those heroes who are fighting so valiantly at the front !

(It was announced at the meeting that Bro Acton, VC, has been killed in action.)

Woolwich District No 64 had traditionally been the home of overseas and military lodges. In the Grand Lodge Report for 1915 the following lodges are shown under Woolwich District, -
Rising Star of the East True Blues LOL 108A, “On War Service”.

WM: George Thompson, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

Sec: William Nelson, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.
This lodge was attached to the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, and had previously met in Cairo and Dublin.
Ulster Purple Star LOL 833, “On War Service”.

WM: Rev Jas Shaw, The Manse, Presbyterian Church, Quetta, Baluchistan, India.

Sec: Private Norman McGowan, B Company, 2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers.
There were Naval Lodges also. In District 72, Plymouth, there is listed, -
Ulster Purple Heroes LOL 842, “With the Fleet”.

WM: F. J. Willmer.

Sec: A. H. Cosway.

In District 94, Devonport, the following lodges are shown, -

Ulster Scot LOL 287, “On War Service with the Fleet”.

WM: Charles Alexander.

Sec: John C Matthews.
Carnarvon LOL 827, “On War Service with the Fleet”.

WM: J A Britten.

Sec: Brother Moorhouse.
This lodge had already existed before the War on HMS Carnarvon.
The Lodge Directory finishes with a list of “Isolated Lodges”, many of which were military, -
Rising Sons of India LOL 703, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: William Windrum, D Company, 1st Royal Irish Rifles.

Sec: Samuel Mullen, Signallers, 1st Royal Irish Rifles.
(This lodge was in existence before the War, and had been stationed in India and Burma.)
Pride of Armagh LOL 839, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: Sergeant David Wilson.

Sec: Sergeant G A Williams.
This lodge was in the Royal Irish Rifles.
4th Canadian, East Belfast Volunteers LOL 859, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: Lieutenant Bennett, Canadian Contingent.

Sec: Private W J Mountain, Canadian Contingent.
This lodge has a surprising name, seeming to be composed of Canadian soldiers, yet also incorporating “East Belfast Volunteers.” There may be a story here that would merit research, or it may be merely a mis-print. The following year the lodge was shown to be in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.
By arrangement” LOL 860, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: Lieutenant J T O’Neill, Ulster Division.

Sec: Rifleman I Browne, A Company, 8th Battalion, Irish Rs
South Antrim Volunteers, By Arrangement, LOL 863, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: D H Gourley, Ulster Division.

Sec: Captain A P Jenkins, 11th (S) Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles.

North Belfast Volunteers, By Arrangement, LOL 864, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: W J O’Neill, 15th Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.

Sec: Wm Finlay, 15th Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.

Down Volunteers, By Arrangement, LOL 865, “Moveable, British Expeditionary Force”.

WM: Sergeant J W Gordon, 16th Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.

Sec: Sergeant M Cunningham, 16th Royal Irish Rifles, Ulster Division.
At the back of the book is the “Roll of Honour”, described as “Being a list of the members of the Loyal Orange Institution of England, on War Service in the World’s Greatest War.”

There is a note that “Our list is by no means exhausted. Many lodges have failed to send in the names of their members on War Service, and many names have been received too late for publication. A large number of Brethren have joined the Ulster Division, which are not reported here.”

Hearts of Oak LOL 1 (Liverpool)

William Tart, Liverpool “Pals”

Joseph Murphy, Liverpool “Pals”

T Watts, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment

G Clague, ASC

W Cooke, Ulster Division

E Birkett, Ulster Division

B McDonald, Ulster Division

W Hemphill, Ulster Division
The Rising Sons of William LOL 2 (Liverpool)

David McCoy

James Musker

Joshua Robinson

Belfast Patriotic LOL 3 (Liverpool)

William McCleary, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment

William McKenzie, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment

George Dixon, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment

Robert Jackson, Ulster Volunteers

Stewart Donaghy

Thomas Scott

Edward Howe

Joseph Carroll
Sons of the Boyne LOL 28 (Liverpool)

William Bredin, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Thomas Johnson, Scots Guards

James Blython, 5th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Frank Adams, Royal Field Artillery

Frederick Edwards, Royal Field Artillery

George Haver, Naval Reserve

William Crosse, Naval Reserve

Thomas Tobias, Naval reserve

Charles Hardman

William Adams

Herbert Adams

Excelsior LOL 57 (Liverpool)

Thomas Wray, King’s Liverpool Regiment

William H Kelly, 9th Battalion, King’s

Harry Morse, 9th Battalion, King’s

Joseph Ismay, 9th Battalion, King’s

Peter Morris, 9th Battalion, King’s

Arthur Britz, 9th Battalion, King’s

John Swinnerton, 9th Battalion, King’s

William Ledson, 9th Battalion, King’s

Thomas McClelland, Loyal North Lancs

Robert McKenzie, Loyal North Lancs

Thomas Moore, 2nd Life Guards

Harry Roberts, South Wales Borderers

John Roberts, South Wales Borderers

Henry Fearon, Inniskilling Fusiliers

William Oliver, Royal Field Artillery

Henry Russell, 1st West Lancs, Royal Field Artillery

F Johnston, Lord Derby’s Artillery

John McClelland, National Reserve

John Russell, Engineers

James Sill, RAMC

John W Taylor, Army Service Corps

John Williams
Sons of Derry LOL 695 (Liverpool)

George Winrow, King’s Liverpool

L G Brennan, Black Watch

James Scott, National Guard

Charles Whiteway, National Guard

Robert Erskine, National Guard

L G Brennan, Black Watch

Heroes of the Boyne LOL 61 (Liverpool)

Seth Ormondy, 5th King’s Liverpool Regiment

James Bethell, 2nd South Lancashire

Thomas Windermere, 2nd South Lancashire

William Bell, 3rd South Lancashire

Thomas Hannah, 16th Battalion, Cheshires

Robert Hannah, 16th Battalion, Cheshires

John Stringfellow, Palatine Artillery

Edward Jones, Army Service Corps

J G Owens, Royal Navy

Sam Irvine, Royal Navy

Thomas Ramsey, Royal Navy
Kirkdale’s Glory LOL 113 (Liverpool)

H Millington, 8th King’s Liverpool Regiment

J Livingstone, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

W H Clarke

W Major

T Nuttall

G Ralinson

T Eden

J Hayhurst

H Davidson

Royal Standard LOL 787 (Liverpool)

T R Price, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

James McIntosh, Royal Navy

T Stanaway, Royal Navy

Johnson’s True Blues LOL 244 (Liverpool)

Samuel Mitchell, Royal Engineers

William Aldridge, Royal Naval Volunteers

James Stephenson, Liverpool Merchants’ Mobile Hospital, France

Royal Arch Purple Heroes LOL 581 (Liverpool)

J G Paris, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment

F Allan, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment

G Maylor, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment

J Allan, 9th King’s Liverpool Regiment

R Lyness, Loyal North Lancs

W Brayton, South Lancs

J Mevells, South Lancs

E Adgey, 16th Battalion, Cheshires

J Wallace, Black Watch

J Johnstone, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

I Slater, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

R Bond, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

I Houghton, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

R Bellis, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

I Bellis, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

S Cregeen, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

B Hughes, Royal Field Artillery

J Joynson, Royal Field Artillery

F Lambert, Royal Field Artillery

W Hathaway

W Hampson

G Purnell

W Gordon

W Jordan

J Taylor

J Bushell

E Bushell

J Welsby

T Swale
Kelsey’s Pride LOL 311 (Liverpool)

A Kelly, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

William Lindsay, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

John T Chapman Jnr, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

W H Kelly, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

James Sill, National Reserve

Charles Alexander

John Lloyd

Richard J Pierce

William Baker
Sons of Enniskillen LOL 265 (Liverpool)

Henry Littlemore, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Alfred Owens, King’s Liverpool Regiment

John Mason, King’s Liverpool Regiment Reserve

George Evans, Lancashire Fusiliers

John Williams, 3rd Company, the Comrades

Edward Williams, 3rd Company, the Comrades

Charles Frodsham, 3rd Company, the Comrades

Ben Bradley, Inniskilling Fusiliers

William Senior, Ulster Volunteers

Edward Charnock, Royal Horse Artillery

Daniel Woods, Royal Garrison Artillery

Thomas Woods, Royal Garrison Artillery

James Dowson, Lord Derby’s Artillery

Jos. Hodgson, National Reserves

Robert Nuir, Dardanelles Fleet

George Chapman, HM Troopship

Lily of the North LOL 255 (Liverpool)

Thomas N Brown Jnr, 7th King’s Territorial

John Reynolds, Grenadier Guards

Joseph Wilson, Inniskilling Fusiliers

Joseph Hughes, Royal Field Artillery

George Moss, Kitchener’s Army

William Molyneaux, RAMC

George Worthington, Royal Naval Reserve

James Parr

Colonel Saunderson’s Memorial LOL 836 (Liverpool)

Richard Carruthers, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

John Hodge, 7th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

W Vaughan, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

W Dalrymple, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Mark Prytherick, South Lancashires

Tom Howarth, Royal Field Artillery

Ed Dunn, Royal Field Artillery

D Davies, Royal Field Artillery

John Sinwoodie

Star of the East LOL 12 (Liverpool)

E Johnstone

T Evans

J H Kerr

J O’Bryan

D Beck

S S Garrett

T M Castney

J H Bryan

W J M McCormack

E Robinson
Star of the North LOL 36 (Liverpool)

William Travers, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Robert Tollen, King’s Liverpool Regiment
Primrose LOL 248 (Liverpool)

John Vincent Cuthbert, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

I Wilcox, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Robert Marr, 2nd Life Guards

George Cuthbert, Scottish Rifles

Richard Witter, National Reserve

Protestant Boys of Liverpool LOL 769 (Liverpool)

Joseph Stock, 2nd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Robert Giles, 8th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Charles Parry, 8th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Archibald Poole, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Samuel Austin, 13th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

William Barrow, 20th Battalion, LKCR

John Swanson, 2nd Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

William Conchie, Royal Engineers

Frank Stock, WLDAC

William Parry, ASC

James Hartless, HMS Blake

Pride of Derry Total Abstinence LOL 760 (Liverpool)

Edward Llewellyn, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Benjamin Llewellyn, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

R Jackson, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

John Testrow, King’s Royal Rifles

Thomas Candleland, Royal Navy

Robert Cooke, Royal Navy
Defenders of Derry LOL 763 (Liverpool)

W Kelro, King’s

J Aspinall, King’s

N Simpson, King’s

H Prichard, South Lancs

J Bird, Welsh Fusiliers

J Paterson, Seaforth Highlanders

J Harrison

England’s Glory LOL 293 (Liverpool)

James Lewis Humphries, 3rd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

John Boardsman, 3rd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

William Disley, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

William Jones, 8th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

William White, South Lancs

William Delve, 11th Manchester Regiment

John Moore, Inniskilling Fusiliers

Robert W Humphries, 14th Field Ambulance

Charles Barlow, 148th Brigade

George Morselle

Derry Walls LOL 21 (Liverpool)

B Parrott

C Cork

J Meadows

H Cliff

David Jones

Thomas Clarke

R Ingham

James Robinson

Old Brunswick LOL 88 (Liverpool)

F Trafford Jnr, 6th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

C Penny Jnr, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

S B Bentley, Loyal North Lancs

J B Dunwoody, Royal Fusiliers

E Weekes, 2nd Dragoon Guards

W Gates, Inniskilling Fusiliers

A Johnson, Lancs, Royal Field Artillery, Lord Derby’s

W G Highton, Liverpool Civic, RAMC

J Ashcroft, Kitchener’s Army

G Allen, Kitchener’s Army

W Webbe, Kitchener’s Army

W Capper, Kitchener’s Army

H Webb, Kitchener’s Army

T Miller, National Reserve

Peter Catterall, HMS Lion

John McDonald, Royal Navy
Stanley Blues LOL 116 (Liverpool)

R Hilton, 11th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

James Hilton, 11th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

John Partington

John Johnson

Peter Cave

The Trevor LOL 368 (Liverpool)

Charles Swash, King’s Liverpool Regiment

James McGlynn, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Thomas Burrows, 11th Hussars

James Carr, RAMC

John Rhodes, National Reserve

William Cowden, National Reserve

Walter Bray, National Reserve

Protestant Star LOL 782 (Liverpool)

John Whittle, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Fred Holt, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

J Jones, King’s Liverpool Regiment, “Liverpool Pals”

A Unsworth, 9th Territorials

G H Chappell, Rifle Brigade

Rose of England LOL 235 (Liverpool)

J T Coffey, Royal Field Artillery

Robert Howarth, National Reserve
Pride of Walton LOL 258 (Liverpool)

T Jones, Royal Navy

T Leeson, Royal Navy

G F Deacon

E George

J H Owens

J Davies

J Anthony

W Spencer

Allan McDougall

A Cole

E Steen

H Lewis

T Walker

J Owens

J Campbell

R Proctor

J Sharples

W Rogers

J Hughes

W Gore
Pride of Aintree LOL 757 (Liverpool)

William Jones, 9th Battalion, Inniskilling Fusiliers

The Ivy LOL 783 (Liverpool)

W Woodward, King’s Liverpool Regiment

W Physhian, King’s Liverpool Regiment

J Johnson, Inniskilling Fusiliers

C Lacey, Royal Field Artillery

S Brown, Royal Field Artillery

A Pattie, Royal Garrison Artillery

H Clayton, Royal Garrison Artillery

S Mooney, Royal Naval Reserve

W Rhodes, Royal Naval Reserve

J Gregson, RFR
Pride of the North LOL 841 (Liverpool)

Thomas Taft, Durham Light Infantry

Earl of Derby LOL 846 (Liverpool)

Ernest Smith, 43rd Field Ambulance, RAMC

The Everett LOL 108 (Liverpool)

Thomas H Jones, 3rd Battalion, Liverpool Pals

Albert Coslett, 4th Battalion, Liverpool Pals

William Woods, 9th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

John Alfred Humphries, Wiltshire Regiment

George Gilbert, 6th Rifles Ter.

Thomas H Forshaw, Army Service Corps

Albert Caryl, Queen’s Boys

Edward W Bessant, National Reserve
The Liverpool Heroes LOL 374 (Liverpool)

J Middleton, 11th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

S Trenshaw, 12th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

R Prophet, South Lancashire Regiment

R Harrison, 9th Inniskilling Fusiliers

W Miney, 9th Battalion, Inniskilling Fusiliers

T Day, 9th Battalion, Inniskilling Fusiliers

W Burgess, Royal Field Artillery

J Hughes, Royal Field Artillery

J Goldstone, Royal Field Artillery

J Beggs, WLG Artillery

T Frost, 3rd WL Field Artillery

J Kerr, 1st West Lancs Ar.

W Wittle

C Poole

Old Swan Royal Arch Purple Heroes LOL 810 (Liverpool)

W Reid, 3rd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

W Dennett, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

J Leatherbarrow, 4th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

T Fletcher, 5th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

W Harkwell, 8th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

A Shelbourne, 11th Service Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

E Stock, 15th Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

J Donaldson, East Lancashire Regiment

W Houghton, South Lancashire Regiment

L Herbert, South Lancashire Regiment

R Keir, South Lancashire Regiment

J Rooney, South Lancashire Regiment

George Clarke, North Lancashire Regiment

W Ackers, Cheshire Regiment (Bantam)

J Lunn, 2nd Highland Light Infantry

A Mason, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

George Clarke, Palatine Artillery

R Solivan, HMS Euarbyas

J Elliott, Royal Naval Reserve

W Johnston, National Reserve

T Naylor, National Reserve

J Maguire, National Reserve

A Johnston, National Reserve
The Star of Toxteth LOL 105 (Liverpool)

Ernest Taylor, 5th Dragoon Guards

H C McLean, Inniskillings

W Hall, HMS Jupiter

W G O’Hara, Hospital Ship Placy

H Williams, Hospital Ship Placy

W Rounds
Holden’s Pride of Wavertree LOL 786 (Liverpool)

A Stanley, C Company, 3rd Battalion, King’s Liverpool Regiment

Alfred E Kaye, A Company, 11th Pioneer

George Bewley, B Company, 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers

W Hulme, 4 Company, KW Guard

W Cockburn, B Company

St Nathaniel’s LOL 466 (Liverpool)

Charles Nisbett, King’s Liverpool Regiment

W Hersee, Cheshire Regiment (Bantams)

William Niblock, RAMC

Charles Warm, Territorials

Ulster Scot True Blues LOL 825 (Birkenhead)

S McPherson, 5th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment

R McElney, Royal Field Artillery

J Williams, Royal Naval Reserve
Pride of Kirkdale LOL 251 (Liverpool)

William Whitehead

Ulster Royal Blues LOL 543 (Liverpool)

W Ryland, Seaforth Highlanders

J Dunn, Royal Marines

J Corkish, Royal Navy

Rose of Kirkdale LOL 709 (Liverpool)

J Palmer

W Huntington
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