The tombstone

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The tombstone.

It was a wonderful day, I was going to take a little walk with the purpose of writing down his soul mate.But as soon as I took two steps, I saw myself in the cemetery. Yellow grass around-grass-dead presses, non-cuttings.I stepped on one of them and felt like I was falling into a strong stream. Slightly longer than not yet dried up soil, a new, beating grave caught my attention and I decided to go to that side. A steep pile of soil pulled me into a melody. In the vault, the grave was lost from sight, and in the wind, some kind of harir cloth would climb into the sky and again rub and hit the ground, fixing it. Holding the fabric is invisible, but on the same side a cheerful sound is heard with a drum.

I look farther and farther soldim.Ne by eye, I saw that behind me, on the road, on my side appeared Sickles.I was in a hurry to throw myself aside, on the lawn, the earth under my feet was shaking, and I fell on my knees to the foot of a steep grave. Behind the grave, two people were carrying a large smoothly combed grave set. As soon as they saw me, they injected the stone into the ground. I'm stuck in my place. Breaking the silence, soon a third man came out of the bushes. I knew this one well as my grandmother's douche. My grandmother's friend wore loose trousers, zari spilled on her shoulders, a shirt in which the buttons were not well pinned, a barkut cap on her head, a simple pencil on her hand, and as she walked, some incomprehensible shapes in the air would show me. He wanted to take the stone next to the grave and write it on a flat marble on top of the grave with the same stone, but could not get out of it. The stone was very high, pulling to himself, trying to lower, but the movements went besamar. The EP did not see the exit on the stone in shape, slightly stretched upwards, standing at the tip of the foot, leaning on the stone with his left hand. He wrote: "It's like taking a rest...». Each letter was clearly visible in the dormitory, and it sounded like gold. Having written the first three words, he looked at me, but I could not win over the words that were being written; he had forgotten the drawing completely, he did not take his eyes off the marble.
As expected, my grandmother's friend tag'in began to write, but no matter how much she tried, she could not write, something would hurt her; some kind of headless cuticle appeared. My grandmother's friend did not cover the stone and looked at me again. They were stuck together, my grandmother's friend was already racking up with noayon confusion for some reason.Others from me did not notice it, alone he was just annoyed, he lit around without salvation. At the beginning of the grave, which fortunately was dug, the deceased remembered and reigned in silence, similar to a three-minute silence. One creature could not dare to break the silence. At that moment the miracle Bell of the cemetery Idol began to wail nonsense; my grandmother's Friend waved her hand and the Bell turned it off. But after a bit of silence, it began to crack again, now it's slower, it's like adjusting the fur sound, and it rattles like a stop. His faces grew out of horror. From his incomprehensible state, my feelings came to the junbush, I began to cry, my hands trembled asabius. My grandmother's friend patiently waited for me to come to her and began to write again, as there was no other possibility. Drew a line to the marble, the letter khunuk, bekhshov was written. In the Stone stood one letter "N". He fell into ecstasy and with his feet went into the gorge. The soil around was crumbling. Finally, I realized it all. There is no time to ask him to return, to forgive this homsut-sucking Bandit! The grave was again covered with a cloth. I dug a grave stuffed with my fingers, but there were no results from this work. Suddenly, from the ground up, a cloth rose like a cloud. The wall collapsed, a hole appeared. I gently bathe in the stream of light. I bent my head down and made a flight to the depths of the Earth. Above, on the grave stood my name, skillfully inscribed in gilded letters.From this incomprehensible situation, I was increasingly hysterical.Increasingly, the wall was narrowing, and all voices were heard at the bottom. I used to scream at a friend of my rich grandmother asking for help, but she looked at me and laughed as if she said everything would be fine. Already in a room where four walls were painted in white, I fell, my heart was beating my chest, as if the pill would come out of the vagina. Where did my grandmother come from ala in the same room and began to comfort me, looking fearlessly bolaginam do not be afraid. I asked my grandmother why she appeared here and what the above three people were doing here........
Today he told me that he deliberately asked me this dream for a warning about the answers to the question in the grave. I never understood what was going on when my aunt sat down and froze. Then I asked the question, looking at my grandmother, what kind of question-answer Are you talking about. My grandmother used to tell me all the things and the advice was qilar. But I did not understand anything, my grandmother's speech seemed to me somehow incomprehensible. Above the carpet my grandmother's friend shouted at me that you should get out of it by throwing a flying white cloth. And I, not knowing what my hands are, was able to see my grandmother for the last time, or was sneezing my heart, saturated with their faces. I somehow pressed the fabric on the stain and the fabric began to wrap me I tried to shout but there was no sound. And my grandmother's friend yelled at me that your time was over. I still could not figure out what was going on. A white cloth wrapped me in a blanket. I could not see anything that the fabric had closed my eyes. I noticed that the Boyagi three people were carrying me and taking me somewhere. We were going up and down I felt like I was going up the hill.The voices that Alka said Throw Away began to be heard in my ear. My grandmother's friend was still laughing at me, taking off the cloth in my eyes and saying that you came. I still could not understand what was happening. Then they threw me into the pit I tried to shout as much as possible but unfortunately what kind of sound did not come out of me.
I woke up from the excitement of this landscape...

Yüklə 16,23 Kb.

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