This is the project for the final so, be seriouse with the task! Choose any reading authentic material and prepare task to use in the lesson

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Independent work 18 chtoik

Independent work 18
Student’s name: Madinaxon Karimova Group: 2122

1. Choose any reading authentic material and prepare task to use in the lesson.
2. Pay attention to the meaning and benefits of the material.
3. State the benefits of the material and why you chose it.
4. Do not forget about instructions for the task.(have e-version)
5. Do the given tasks fully and send the file to the teacher on time!
6. Name the file: group number. Full name

Link to the text:

For my lesson, I will use the "Letter from Birmingham Jail" by Martin Luther King Jr. as the authentic reading material. The text is a compelling exploration of civil disobedience, justice, and the fight against racial inequality. It provides numerous benefits for your students:

1. Historical and Social Context: The letter gives insight into the Civil Rights Movement and King's role as a leader, providing a broader understanding of the struggles for racial equality.

2. Rhetorical Analysis: Students can analyze King's persuasive and eloquent writing style, understanding the rhetorical devices he uses to convey his message.
3. Critical Thinking: The letter encourages students to think critically about civil rights, ethics, and the power of nonviolent protest in effecting social change.
4. Language and Expression: It offers an opportunity to study and discuss the power and impact of language, metaphor, and imagery in conveying a powerful message.

1. Pre-Reading Task: Ask students to research the Civil Rights Movement and its key figures, setting the historical context for the letter.

2. While Reading Task: In groups, students can identify and analyze rhetorical devices used by King, highlighting examples and discussing their impact on the reader.
3. Post-Reading Task: Assign a reflective essay where each student provides a personal response to King's letter, evaluating its relevance to contemporary social justice movements.

I chose this material for its historical significance, timeless themes, and the opportunity it provides for students to engage with critical issues of ethics, justice, and social change. The tasks are designed to facilitate a deep understanding of the text and encourage students to think critically about the issues it raises.
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