8 World Rule of Illuminati

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> Chapter Eight

The World Rule of the Illuminati

The Structure of Masonic Hierarchy

They will always elect us

Freemasons founders of USA

The Council on Foreign Relations

The Bilderbergers

Plan of the new world order only the Illuminati know the goals

Influence of the press, total censorship

Illuminati refer to their "god"

The demons are mistaken

The light is stronger than the darkness

Chapter EIGHT

The World Rule of the Illuminati

The Structure of the Masonic Hierarchy144

Whichever Party The People Elect, They Will Always Elect Us

Preserve The Purity of the Luciferian Doctrine

The Illuriiinati and the Russian Revolution

Government in the Hands of the Capitalists

The Council on Foreign Relations

The Bilderbergers

The Vatican and the Freemasons

Plan of the New World Order

New Age- The Lucifer Publishing Company

Satan's New Testament Master Plan for World Dictatorship

Founding the Masonic Lodges Worldwide

Only the Illuminati Know the Goals

Anyone Not Obeying Will Die a Natural Death

Freemasons Are Only Useful idiots for the Illuminati

The Influence of the Press

Non-Illuminati are Looked Upon As Cattle

Trouble Makers Unscrupulously Sacrificed

The Antichrist The King of the Illuminati

The Wolves Have the Sheep Under Control

The Illuminati Look Upon Themselves as Descendants of David

The Overthrow of the Existing Legal System dominated by Insiders of CFR and TLC. These people are not our friends!!

The Definition of the New World Order

Until recently, there had not been a definition of The New World Order. During a meeting of the Brant Commission that met in Germany, the decision was made to define the New World Order. Present at the meeting from the U.S. was Robert MacNamara former president of the World Bank, Peter Peterson former Secretary of Commerce, and Kathryn Graham owner and editor of News Week magazine. all friends of former President George Bush.

The Definition

A Super National authority to regulate world commerce and industry, International organization that would control the production and consumption of oil, an International currency that would replace the dollar, a world development fund that would make funds available to free and communist countries alike, and an International police force that would enforce the edicts of the New World Order.


They’re Stealing


Photo Uncle Sam pointing at you

Take it Back !

This an Example of How They are Stealing Our Country

The entrance sign to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park on the east coast of America. it no longer belongs to America. They changed the sign at every entrance point of the park. At the bottom of the sign, it says now, "International Biosphere Reserve." It is no longer a United States Park.


P.O. Box 5643 W-8700 Wuezburg, Germany

This information about the ILLUMINATI is a special edition

No. 9 published in Germany

The World Rule of the Illuminati

The unmasking of the antichrist and his Satanic plans--
the structure of the Masonic Hierarchy--
the Dictatorship of money and power

Dear Reader,

Special Edition no. 9 deals with a subject which is regarded as obscure, shrouded in mystery and to which many false

concepts are connected. At the same time, it is highly explosive, current, and directly relates to the present world situation - and every single one of us. It concerns Free-masonry and the so-called Illuminati. In the final analysis, it is the uncovering of the background forces which pull the strings in this world and on which, above all, governments and politicians hang. It discloses the secret plans which are aimed at ruling all people under the so-called "One-world Government" or "One-world Dictatorship." This network of the Antichrist has already infiltrated human society to such an extent that hardly anyone is able to escape the demonic influences. You may be astonished or even shocked at many things or shake your head in disbelief. If one still imagines oneself to be in a relatively ideal world, then much of the information and the reports may appear fantastic. And yet they are true. They give concrete evidence of that which Christ disclosed in His revelation a few months ago, "The Demons' State, Its Accomplices and Its Victims." In this revelation, Christ gives a deep insight into the correlations of the events on this earth; He reveals how the opposing forces work through those who are powerful and their fellow travelers; He points out the methods with which the demonic forces make use of the weaknesses of their earthly accomplices and victims. The effects can be seen in the reality of our lives. It becomes increasingly clear how in reality - under the influence of the negative forces - all religious, cultural, economic and social structures are being systematically reorganized according to a precise plan. The principles and methods of the demonic operations in this world can be proved by analyzing the powerful practices of the Illuminati. In so doing, the reality of what has already been created and what is still planned comes to light more and more. Publications on Freemasonry, Illuminati and a One-world Government are increasing. In this way, the picture can slowly be put together like a mosaic. The result is a clear overall view with relevant documents, where it is possible, and where this is not possible due to secrecy, by thinking and drawing conclusions. The picture, however, is not complete. This is not possible in view of the way in which the "Illuminati," the "Secret Superiors," the "Brothers of the Shadow," the "Insiders," the "Internationalists" (all names for one and the same group of powerful people) have built up their system. However, we have tried to draw an unbroken thread through this documentation so that the reader is able to recognize and see through the plan of the Illuminati and its direct effects on his life.

Many questions still remain unanswered. None of the authors of the literature on Freemasonry - which we quote and from whose books we have this knowledge - claim to have uncovered all the secrets. What we have collected in this ninth Special Edition is a summary of the publications which can be obtained by anyone. Meanwhile, there are many publications available in various forms.

Apparent contradictions and obviously illogical arguments are often the tactics of the Illuminati in order to cover up their methods and goals. Anyone who has seen through this will no longer let himself be deceived. He is aware of their constant working towards one goal: to gain control over the earth and the whole of mankind in a kingdom of "peace" without God.

This undertaking, however, is doomed to failure, as the light cannot be defeated by the darkness.

Freemasonry (FM)'s goal for mankind is the world state, the one-world government, ". . . for as long as there are at least two nations on earth, wars are unavoidable. When, however, there is only one single world state 'one world' left, then who should it wage war against only the uniting of all people can save the earth from coming to an end." This is the basic idea of Freemasonry. Since one can remember the Freemasons have been building a "temple" which they call "Mankind's Temple of Humanity" - which however, on close examination, proves to be a world dictatorship without God. Thereby, they abuse man's longing for peace and unity and so turn God's plan for this earth into the opposite. Yet the true kingdom of God on earth, the Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ, will come.

"We will have a world government, whether we like it or not. The only question is whether the world government will be achieved by force or by consent. This was how James Warburg, a prominent Jewish banker and Rothschild agent (Rothschild financial dynasty seated in France), summarized the attitude of international bankers on February 17, 1950, before the United States Senate. With this, he expressed what has been aimed for since about two centuries - actually, however, even much longer. The decisive phases of this plan have already been put into practice.

The mighty behind the scenes have many names. They are best described, however, as the "Illuminati" and "have already built up a powerful apparatus in the Western world which enables them to eliminate anyone opposing their plans and goals, making it no longer necessary to conceal from the world's public their original secret intentions." Who a e the ones to whom the establishment of an universal socialist world republic, as Allen calls the disguised communism in his book "The Insider," appears to be only a question of time? Who built up the gigantic network of international conspiracy.

F.D. Roosevelt, former United States President, once said, "In politics nothing happens by coincidence. When something happens, one can be sure that it was also planned this way." Who are the "invisible planners?" Manfred Adler wrote, "The man to thank for the first sensational information about them is Prof. Carroll Quigley." In 1966 Quigley disclosed in his book "Tragedy and Hope," "the conspiratorial network whose strings are pulled by international bankers and cartel capitalists, representatives of international high finance. They have gathered around them an army of politicians and scientists, agents and puppets, with whom they carry out their high politics and, of course, also their big business."

In order to be able to understand the development up to the present day it is necessary to go back a long way into the past. In this way the demonic origin can also be uncovered.

Magic Symbols, Rites and Ceremonies
as Instruments of the Demons

The fight of the darkness against the light has been going on since the fall (see "The Radiation Fields," a revelation

listed in the bibliography, in which these events are described in detail). Ever since the existence of the earth with its human beings, the demons have known how to win the conscious and unconscious cooperation of a part of mankind In the course of many millenniums, they have built up a system on this earth, in which satanic forces influence our material world with the help of magic ceremonies, rituals and invocations from the invisible world. Whoever sells himself to the forces opposing selfless love - that is to God's opponents - in all their various forms (which are often not recognized as satanic), gains influence, wealth and power.

Is it any wonder that all of FM is characterized by symbols and rituals? For example, the pentagram and the hexagram are both symbols, which are used, amongst others, in occultism for the purpose of ceremonial magic in rituals of invocation and exorcism. The pentagram which was already known in Babylonian times stands mythologically for the person who frees himself from every wardship (of God), the highest being which ft stylistically portrays (straddle-legged with outstretched arms). The majority of mankind has been placed under Lucifer's emblem, the pentagram - the five pointed star - it is for example a characteristic sign on the flags of the USA, the former Soviet Union, Red China and nearly all nations which have been founded since the French revolution - even though the arrangement, number and size varies.

"In a typically satanic way this plan has been made to look like Christ's plan of salvation, whereby the illuminati, as the bringers of peace, want to 'redeem" mankind from misery, way and chaos. the enticing prospect of eternal peace in a one-world state is, there as a bait for a mankind which has been "ripened" beforehand by systematically generated revolts and wars. the final result is total dependence and enslavement under the absolute dictatorship of the illuminati. god should be dethroned by Satan.-

The Structure of the Masonic Hierarchy

The world kingdom under one government has been systematically planned over many thousands of years. Today, this goal is hardly concealed anymore. Legend traces the origin of FM back to Hiram, Solomon's master temple builder. Actually, the development of FM began - historically this appears fairly certain - in the early Middle Ages with the uniting of monks into societies of builders (masons) of monasteries; its purpose today is the "One-world Dictatorship) through the Illuminati.

In 1376, the term "Freemason" appeared in a London document.

In the 16th century, these societies were secularized and took on the character of guilds; for the first time they were managed by lay masters, the "Adopted Masons," people who had never worked as masons. These were mostly intellectuals and their number continually increased. Today FM no longer has anything to do with the former societies or guilds of the stonemasons.

Some maintain that FM is an instrument for establishing Jewish world rule over all nations on the earth, as it was promised by the Jewish prophets. This assumption is nurtured by the fact that in all Masonic lodges customs and rituals are used which are taken from the Jewish religion. The fact that a systematic infiltration of individual Masonic lodges by Jews took place quite early is indisputable. The rabbi Dr. Isaac Wise is of the opinion that "Masonry is a Jewish inventor, whose history, degrees, offices, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."

FM today has forced its way into all economic, ecclesiastical, cultural and social areas and is active all over the earth in countless organizations, associations and societies which it has founded. These include, for example, the UN, UNESCO, the World Bank, the World Council of Churches, the Club of Rome - up to the world standard language Esperanto. Only the highest of the initiated have an overall view of the network.

All non-initiated are left in the dark about the true goals and methods. They are taken advantage of as "useful idiots." This is so cleverly arranged that, as a rule, they do not believe it, even if they are directly confronted with the truth.

The system according to which FM is built is as follows:

The official FM has 33 degrees. The degrees 1 thru 3 (apprentice, mate, master) are combined to form the so-called St. John's Lodge. As the "Blue Masonry" it forms a humanistic aesthetic facade, which high-degree Freemasonry uses as a show piece and camouflage for its infiltration work. Rothkranz commented, "The main task of Blue Masonry is the disguised systematic infiltration and disintegration of the state, society, culture and church (this includes all denominations and religions), the national consciousness, the public and private moral." It is from here that high-degree FM continuously recruits its members.

High-degree FM comprises degrees 4 thru 33, not every member has to pass through every degree, one can also skip degrees. In the last three degrees (31 thru 33), the ritualistic ceremonies are reduced to a minimum: in most countries the admission procedure is limited to grave oaths which conform to the highest obligation of the order. The "Supreme Council" consists of the members of the 33rd degree. This is the highest Masonic committee of a state. The seat of each Supreme Council is always the city in which the government has its seat. The Supreme Councils of all countries meet in irregular intervals. They make up the "Council of the 33) of the world pyramid.

The members of the lowest three degrees of FM are usually unaware of the fact that they are figures in a great political game. They are mostly small and middle class businessmen, academically trained people, civil servants and local politicians who are sounded out by high-degree Freemasons (who are also present in the lodges, but never disclose their identity as such) about their economic, moral and political views and intentions are who are influenced and controlled through talks and lectures, usually without realizing it. Those acting in the interests of FM are assured of professional success and a career.

Party and Politics -
Puppet Theatre of FM

The above-mentioned fact that the Supreme Council of the Freemasons always has its seat in the town in which the government of the country is located is certainly no coincidence. The connection between politics and FM is so intensive that every uninformed person shakes his head at first sight. Rothkranz quotes J. Vaquie, "All political parties are the products of Freemasonry, whether it presided itself at the time of their foundation or whether it seeped in at a later stage. The political parties are able to appear more powerful, because they operate in public, whereas Masonry usually remains in the shadows without being recognized. In reality, however, the work of the political parties is dependent on the underlying huge, secret society; they are merely its spokesman for a certain clientele."

The "Illuminati" come into the play at the latest when the official FM has reached its "limits" - in the 33rd degree of high-degree Freemasonry. They are the ones who use the entire FM (in which they themselves often hold leading positions) for furthering their aims towards a "One-world Government." "The fact is," writes 'Diagnoses', "that FM is a whole body of secret associations in which every single one plays its own role, which takes on a different form according to country, time and special circumstances. It is also certain that it is solely the secret power behind Freemasonry, which makes use of the latter, runs it, gathers all its forces and knows where the road is going, whereas the vast majority of the Freemasons have no idea.

"Whichever party the people elect, they will always elect us."

Guiseppe Mazzini, one of the leading Illuminati brains of the 19th century, wrote, on January 22, 1870, to Albert Pike (with whom he worked together as top Illuminati), "We must allow all associations to continue their work as they did up to now, with their systems, their central organizations and the different kinds of correspondence between high degrees of the same rites, in their present forms of organization. We must, however, create a super-rite which should remain unknown and into which we will appoint high degree masons of our choice. Out of consideration for our fellow brothers, these men have to be sworn to top secrecy. With this superior rite, we will govern the entire Freemasonry; it will become the international headquarters which is all the more powerful, because its leaders will be unknown.

" ... preserve the purity of the luciferian doctrine"

Albert Pike's theological dogma is written down in the "Instructions," which were issued on June 4, 1889 for the twenty three highest councils in the world. We quote Des Griffin, "We must tell the masses the following: 'We worship a god, but our qod is worshipped without superstition.' We are telling you, the sovereign general instructors (the members of the 33rd degree) what you should repeat to the brothers of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degree: The Masonic religion should be preserved in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine by all of us who are initiated into the highest degree."

Who are the Illuminati? How did this secret society come into existence?

The order of the Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776 by Dr. Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Catholic ecclesiastical law at the University of Ingolstadt. Weishaupt - a Jew by birth, later a convert to Catholicism - broke away from the order of the Jesuits in which he was a priest, and founded his own organization. After it was banned in 1784 by the Bavarian Elector, the order of the Illuminati was officially dissolved, and went underground.

Anyone wanting to recognize the operations of the Illuminati which are controlled from the underground only needs to ask which political and church leaders announce and work towards the old goals of the Illuminati again today - that is, towards the "New World Order" (Latin, Novus Ordo Seclorum - inscription on the back of the one dollar bill). Who spoke about this over and over again in the last few months and years?

Weishaupt is dead, but for more than two hundred years his spirit has been ruling the minds of men and women who believe themselves chosen to rule this world with responsibility according to their way of thinking.

All important events over the last two centuries were arranged by the Illuminati. Amongst other things, the staging of the First World War and the Russian Revolution, together with the establishment of communism were just as much their doing as financing Hitler and thus making the Second World War possible. Let us recall the words of

F.D. Roosevelt that nothing which happens in politics is a coincidence. How was it possible to build up power which directs politicians?

"Did you know that in Germany more than 90% of all district presidents, mayors, notaries, heads of county courts, universities, hospitals, the armed forces, and police, as well as insurances and banks, belong to the Rotarians or the Lions Club with its headquarters in Chicago. Likewise numerous doctors, city councilors, priests, chairman of clubs, etc. In short, anyone who has any say is involved."

"No one can match us, even in the layout of our
statesmanlike plans and the unity and power of our secret
societies. Only the jesuits can be compared to us,
if need be."

The Gold and Money Dictatorship

"Give me control of the money, and it does not matter who makes the laws," said Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the Rothschild dynasty. This is the one side. And the other, "The nations and individual personalities have always taken the word as deed; they were satisfied with appearances." This is supplemented by the following, "The highest principle of all successful state politics is the strictest secrecy of all undertakings. What the statesman says does not necessarily need to agree with what he does."

The combination of all these statements forms the basis for ruling the earth and its people.

The way in which two families, namely the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, have gained immense wealth is described in detail in the books listed in the bibliography.

Preparing and financing wars is one method which certainly brings in a lot of money. The American, Garry Allen, writes, since government obligations have been forming the foundation for international bank empires, it is in their interest to force the increase of government debts, "The higher the debt, the bigger the interest. It was not an unusual practice amongst international bankers to finance both sides of the bloodiest military conflicts. For example: During our Civil War, the North was financed by the Rothschilds via the American agent August Belmont and the American South by the Erlangers, relatives of the Rothschilds."

Although revolutions and wars are very useful to international bankers for gaining or enlarging control over government, the real key to such a control has always been finance; for "a creditor is in the position to demand the privileges of a monopoly from the ruler. Money-seeking governments grant monopolies in the national banking system, resources, oil concessions and in the area of transportation. The most highly desired monopoly of the international financiers is the complete control over the capital of a nation."

The key to the power of the Illuminati is in the control of capital. This way of proceeding can he explained b;' historical events: The establishment of communism in Russia and the promotion of Hitler.

The Illuminati and the Russian Revolution

An intellectual, by the name of Mordechai Marx Levy, alias Karl Marx, was hired in 1847 (this can be read in Allan's

book) by the group "League of the People" to write the "Communist Manifesto" as a demagogic lure for the masses. Marx played a subordinate part in the whole affair, he was a pawn in the games of chess which the real powers played behind the scenes. Marx only modernized the revolutionary plans and principles of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati.

Signs for the Bolshevik October 1917 Revolution, which was financed by the Illuminati, were set with the publication of the "Communist Manifesto." Russia became a field for socialist experiments which they could not and did not want to carry out in the Western world. The Illuminati knew that "the phenomena of polarities is in accordance with the cosmic law. 'If we manage' to use this for our benefit, this is roughly what the 'highest of the superiors' said to themselves, then we will achieve the desired success. Two political power blocs must therefore be set up: the East and the West'." The experiment was a success - at the cost of many millions of dollars and the blood and death of countless people.

Its financing traces back to a syndicate of international bankers to which both the Schiff-Warburg clique as well as Morgan and Rockefeller belonged. The communist system, however, would never have been able to exist for so long, had it not been for the continuous financial support of the Illuminati over the past decades.

The Illuminati and Hitler

The rise of Hitler and consequently the Second World War were promoted by the Illuminati in the same way. In the meantime, very carefully documented proofs of the substantial

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