Economics Department Working Papers

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Economics Department Working Papers
The papers are in PDF format, and may be downloaded for free.
Note: The views expressed in these papers are those of the author[s] and do not necessarily reflect those of the OECD or of the governments of its Member countries.
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1393. Regulation, institutions and productivity: new macroeconomic evidence from OECD countries

Balázs Égert
1392. Regulation, institutions and aggregate investment: new evidence from OECD countries

Balázs Égert

1391. Boosting R&D outcomes in Australia

Vassiliki Koutsogeorgopoulou and Taejin Park

1390. Creating good conditions for innovation-driven productivity gains in Australia

Philip Hemmings and Taejin Park

1389. Making income and property taxes more growth-friendly and redistributive in India

Isabelle Joumard, Alastair Thomas and Hermes Morgavi

1388. Promoting a private investment renaissance in Italy

Mauro Pisu

1387. Fostering innovative business investment in Spain

David Haugh, Muge Adalet McGowan, Dan Andrews, Aida Caldera Sanchez, Gabor Fulop and Pilar Garcia Perea

1386. Reforms for more and better quality jobs in Spain

Yosuke Jin, Aida Caldera Sanchez and Pilar García Perea

1385. A revised approach to productivity convergence in long-term scenarios

Yvan Guillemette, Alexandre Kopoin, David Turner and Andrea De Mauro

1384. A revised approach to trend employment projections in long-term scenarios

Maria Chiara Cavalleri and Yvan Guillemette

1383. Doing well by doing good: the role of Mexico's firms in achieving sustainable and inclusive growth

Mabel Gabriel, Patrick Lenain, Mirna Mehrez, Julien Reynaud and Payal Soneja

1382. Structural inequality – the case of Sweden

Per Olof Robling and Jon Kristian Pareliussen

1381. Improving the allocation and efficiency of public spending in Indonesia

Patrice Ollivaud

1380. Decentralisation to promote regional development in Indonesia

Petar Vujanovic

1379. Foreign Direct Investment and The Pollution Haven Hypothesis

Grégoire Garsous, Tomasz Kozluk

1378. Energy prices, environmental policies and investment

Dennis Dlugosch, Tomasz Kozluk

1377. Deconstructing income inequality in Costa Rica: an income source decomposition approach

Alberto González Pandiella and Mabel Gabriel

1376. Boosting productivity in Mexico through integration into Global Value Chains

Sean Dougherty and Julien Reynaud

1375. Local taxation, land use regulation, and land use: A survey of the evidence

Hansjörg Blöchliger, Christian Hilber, Olivier Schöni and Maximilian von Ehrlich
1374. Finance and productivity: A literature review

Mark Heil

1373. Decoupling of wages from productivity: Macro-level facts

Cyrille Schwellnus, Andreas Kappeler and Pierre-Alain Pionnier

1372. The Walking Dead? Zombie Firms and Productivity Performance in OECD Countries

Müge Adalet McGowan, Dan Andrews and Valentine Millot

1371. Fostering inclusive growth in Malaysia

Stewart Nixon, Hidekatsu Asada and Vincent Koen

1370. Boosting productivity in Malaysia

Hidekatsu Asada, Stewart Nixon and Vincent Koen

1369. Malaysia’s economic success story and challenges

Vincent Koen, Hidekatsu Asada, Stewart Nixon, Mohamed Rizwan Habeeb Rahuman and Abu Zeid Mohd Arif


1368. Trends in productivity and sources of productivity growth in Slovenia

Urban Sila, Hermes Morgavi and Jeanne Dall'Orso
1367. Rebalancing Turkey’s growth by improving resource allocation and productivity in manufacturing

Aslihan Atabek, Dan Andrews and Rauf Gönenç

1366. Reaping the benefits of global value chains in Turkey

Volker Ziemann and Béatrice Guérard

1365. Incentivising lending to SMEs with the Funding for Lending Scheme: some evidence from bank-level data in the United Kingdom

Olena Havrylchyk

1364. Enhancing skills to boost growth in Hungary

Gabriel Machlica

1363. Enhancing public sector efficiency and effectiveness in the Czech Republic

Christine Lewis and Falilou Fall

1362. Fostering productivity for income convergence in the Czech Republic

Falilou Fall and Christine Lewis

1361. International tax planning and fixed investment

Stéphane Sorbe and Åsa Johansson

1360. Innovation, patent location and tax planning by multinationals

Øystein Bieltvedt Skeie, Åsa Johansson, Carlo Menon and Stéphane Sorbe

1359. International differences in corporate taxation, foreign direct investment and tax revenue

Øystein Bieltvedt Skeie

1358. International tax planning, competition and market structure

Stéphane Sorbe and Åsa Johansson

1357. Debt and tax planning by multinationals

Stéphane Sorbe, Åsa Johansson and Øystein Bieltvedt Skeie

1356. Anti-avoidance rules against international tax planning: A classification

Åsa Johansson, Øystein Bieltvedt Skeie and Stéphane Sorbe

1355. Tax planning by multinational firms: Firm-level evidence from a cross-country database

Åsa Johansson, Øystein Bieltvedt Skeie, Stéphane Sorbe and Carlo Menon

1354. The quantification of structural reforms in OECD countries: a new framework

Balázs Égert and Peter Gal

1353. Coping with creative destruction: reducing the costs of firm exit

Dan Andrews and Alessandro Saia

1352. A re-assessment of fiscal space in OECD countries

Jarmila Botev, Jean-Marc Fournier and Annabelle Mourougane

1351. Can an increase in public investment sustainably lift economic growth?

Annabelle Mourougane, Jarmila Botev, Jean-Marc Fournier, Nigel Pain and Elena Rusticelli

1350. The ins and outs of employment in 25 OECD countries

Paula Garda

1349. How do product market regulations affect workers? Evidence from the network industries

By Oliver Denk

1348. Effects of Flexibility-Enhancing Reforms on Employment Transitions

By Boris Cournède, Oliver Denk and Paula Garda

1347. The positive effect of public investment on potential growth

By Jean-Marc Fournier

1346. Public finance, economic growth and Inequality: A survey of the evidence

By Åsa Johansson

1345. Trends in public finance: Insights from a new detailed dataset

Debbie Bloch, Jean Marc Fournier, Duarte Gonçalves and Álvaro Pina

1344. The effect of the size and the mix of public spending on growth and inequality

Jean-Marc Fournier and Åsa Johansson

1343. The distribution of the growth dividends

Mikkel Hermansen, Nicolas Ruiz and Orsetta Causa

1342. The distributional impact of structural reforms

Orsetta Causa, Mikkel Hermansen and Nicolas Ruiz

1341. Inequality in Denmark through the looking glass

Orsetta Causa, Mikkel Hermansen, Nicolas Ruiz, Caroline Klein and Zuzana Smidova

1340. Can reforms promoting growth increase financial fragility? An empirical assessment

Aida Caldera Sánchez and Filippo Gori

1339. How do policies influence GDP tail risks?

Aida Caldera Sánchez and Oliver Röhn

1338. Balancing inclusiveness, work incentives and sustainability in Denmark

Caroline Klein and Louise Aggerstrøm Hansen

1337. Betting the house in Denmark

Zuzana Smidova

1336. The use of models in producing OECD macroeconomic forecasts

David Turner

1335. The estimation of financial conditions indices for the major OECD countries

E. Philip Davis, Simon Kirby and James Warren

1334. Advance warning indicators of past severe GDP per capita recessions in Turkey

Oliver Röhn

1333. Realising and expanding opportunities in the United States

Damien Azzopardi, Jonathan Millar and Douglas Sutherland

1332. The skills of Polish emigrants – evidence from PIAAC

Nicola Brandt and Patrizio Sicari

1331. Fiscal decentralisation and income inequality: empirical evidence from OECD countries

Sibylle Stossberg, David Bartolini and Hansjörg Blöchliger

1330. Fiscal decentralisation and regional disparities

David Bartolini, Sibylle Stossberg and Hansjörg Blöchliger

1329. Regional GDP in OECD countries: how has inequality developed over time?

Felix Arnold and Hansjörg Blöchliger

1328. Unleashing private sector productivity in the United States

Jonathan Millar and Douglas Sutherland

1327. Raising well-being in Germany’s ageing society

Andreas Kappeler, Andrés Fuentes Hutfilter, Dorothee Schneider, Naomitsu Yashiro, Eun Jung Kim and Giovanni Maria Semeraro

1326. Boosting investment performance in Germany

Andrés Fuentes Hutfilter, Andreas Kappeler, Dorothee Schneider and Giovanni Maria Semeraro

1325. Labour market reforms in Korea to promote inclusive growth

Randall S. Jones and Kohei Fukawa

1324. Raising Korea’s productivity through innovation and structural reform

Randall S. Jones and Jae Wan Lee

1323. A bird-eye view of Costa Rica's transport infrastructure

Mauro Pisu and Federico Villalobos

1322. Strengthening competition in network sectors and the internal market in Canada

Corinne Luu

Concurrence dans les industries de réseau et renforcement du marché intérieur au Canada

Corinne Luu

1321. Age, skills and labour market outcomes in Finland

Jon Kristian Pareliussen

1320. Employment and skills in Finland

Jon Kristian Pareliussen, Christophe André, Thomas Chalaux and Vincent Koen

1319. Boosting productivity in Finland

Christophe André and Thomas Chalaux

1318. Costa Rica: boosting productivity to sustain income convergence

Mauro Pisu

1317. Five years in a balloon: Estimating the effects of euro adoption in Slovakia using the synthetic control method

Branislav Žúdel and Libor Melioris

1316. Making public finances more growth and equity-friendly in the euro area

Álvaro Pina

1315. Priorities for completing the European Union's Single Market

Jan Stráský

1314. Boosting productivity through greater small business dynamism in Canada

David Carey, John Lester and Isabelle Luong

Augmenter la productivité en favorisant le dynamisme des petites entreprises au Canada

David Carey, John Lester et Isabelle Luong

1313. Forecasting GDP during and after the Great Recession: a contest between small-scale bridge and large-scale dynamic factor models

Patrice Ollivaud, Pierre-Alain Pionnier, Elena Rusticelli, Cyrille Schwellnus and Seung-Hee Koh

1312. Estimating the distributional impact of the Greek crisis (2009-2014)

Chrysa Leventi and Manos Matsaganis

1311. The short-term impact of product market reforms: a cross-country firm-level analysis

Peter Gal and Alexander Hijzen

1310. The effects of reform scenarios for unemployment benefits and social assistance on financial incentives to work and poverty in Lithuania

Jekaterina Navickė, Silvia Avram and Lilas Demmou

1309. Insolvency regimes and productivity growth: a framework for analysis

Müge Adalet McGowan and Dan Andrews

1308. Growing together: making Lithuania’s convergence process more inclusive

Lilas Demmou

1307. Scaling new heights: achievements and future challenges for productivity convergence in Lithuania

Ben Westmore

1306. Boosting skills for all in the Netherlands

Rafal Kierzenkowski, Aleksandra Paciorek and Gabor Fulop

1305. Enhancing private investment in the Netherlands

Sanne Zwart

1304. Links between weak investment and the slowdown in productivity and potential output growth across the OECD

Patrice Ollivaud, Yvan Guillemette and David Turner

1303. Regulations in services sectors and their impact on downstream industries: the OECD 2013 REGIMPACT indicator

Balázs Égert and Isabelle Wanner

1302. Improving transport and energy infrastructure investment in Poland

Antoine Goujard

1301. Making better use of skills and migration in Poland

Nicola Brandt

1300. Making growth more inclusive in Costa Rica

Alberto González Pandiella

1299. How to boost export performance in Greece

Christine de la Maisonneuve

1298. Structural reforms to boost inclusive growth in Greece

Christian Daude

1297. Reforming in a difficult macroeconomic context: a review of the issues and recent literature

Aida Caldera Sánchez, Alain de Serres and Naomitsu Yashiro

1296. Regulatory management practices in OECD countries

Isabell Koske, Faisal Naru, Philipp Beiter and Isabelle Wanner

1295. Quantifying the effects of trade liberalisation in Brazil: a CGE model simulation

Sónia Araújo and Dorothee Flaig

1294. An investigation into improving real-time reliability of OECD Output Gap estimates

David Turner, Maria Chiara Cavalleri, Yvan Guillemette, Alexandre Kopoin, Patrice Ollivaud and Elena Rusticelli

1293. Growing together: towards a more inclusive Ireland

David Haugh, Yosuke Jin and Alberto Gonzalez Pandiella

1292. Migration in Ireland: challenges, opportunities and policies

Alberto Gonzalez Pandiella

1291. Labour market transitions in Italy: job separation, re-employment and policy implications

Yosuke Jin, Ryotaro Fukahori and Hermes Morgavi

1290. Chile: better skills for inclusive growth

Eduardo Olaberria

1289. Bringing all Chileans on board

Eduardo Olaberria

1288. Improving the pension system and the welfare of retirees in Israel

Jacques Adda and Claude Giorno

1287. Boosting competition on Israeli markets

Claude Giorno

1286. Policy challenges for agriculture and rural areas in Norway

Philip Hemmings

1285. Addressing the challenges in higher education in Norway

Vassiliki Koutsogeorgopoulou

1284. How did immigrants fare in the Irish labour market over the great recession?

Elish Kelly, Seamus McGuinness, Philip J. O’Connell, Alberto González Pandiella, David Haugh

1283. The drivers of public health spending: integrating policies and institutions

Christine de la Maisonneuve, Rodrigo Moreno-Serra, Fabrice Murtin, Joaquim Oliveira Martins

1282. Do environmental policies affect global value chains? A new perspective on the pollution haven hypothesis

Tomasz Koźluk and Christina Timiliotis

1281. Monetary policy and inequality

Rory O’Farrell, Łukasz Rawdanowicz, Kei-Ichiro Inaba

1280. Raising public spending efficiency in Switzerland

Richard Dutu

1279. Policies to tame the housing cycle in Switzerland

Petar Vujanovic

1278. Public spending efficiency in the OECD: benchmarking health care, education and general administration

Richard Dutu and Patrizio Sicari

1277. Household debt in OECD countries: stylised facts and policy issues

Christophe André


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