Importers: Oppy, Giumarra, Capespan, Naturipe

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Importers: Oppy, Giumarra, Capespan, Naturipe

Talked to the following retailers:

Grocery Outlet, 260 Stores: Daniel Bell, Doug Montgomery, Kip Martin, ran grape contest in So. Cal stores, 2 week ad

Safeway Nor Cal, 270 Stores: Brian Porter, volume ad program this season

Berkely Bowl: Steve is now running one of the stores, his brother who was there handles the produce, I showed them a few of the photos from Chilean Fruit, said the product moved well, good turns

Mollie Stone

Lunarids(Integrated Trade Services) introduced me to another retailer Mi Tierra, 7 stores

Nor Cal Produce: Todd Achondo, Marino Sanchez, Produce Buyer interested in citrus trip

Sell to 350 stores, including Nugget

Raleys, 130 Stores, Greg Corrigan, opening 2 store next few month in Sacramento

SaveMart/Lucky/Food Maxx-250 stores, no represatives, they are not allowed to travel now, must be why they can’t go on the citrus trip, rumor mill: John Frietas: Kroger looking to purchase this company or one of the banners

Sprouts: Albertson could buy in the next 6 months

Chilean Fruit partners: Bing juice was there, plus a new partner Bare Snack: fruit chips, I partnered with them this season on a grape demo in Phoenix Safeway/Albertsons waiting on results

Avocados: CAC rep walked show, Henry Avocado had a booth, Giumarra no avocado representation, West Pak walked show, Calavo had a booth

CDS: cherry stone fruit company, David Moen used to work for them, then became Save Mart Produce Director, he recently left Save Mart, only there 6 months

Guido, Whole Foods was there, he said to say hello

Photo with Giumarra and Pear Bureau

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FPFC hosts annual Northern California Expo
PLEASANTON, Calif. — About a thousand “red badges” flooded the aisles at the Fresh Produce and Floral Council’s Northern California Expo on March 29. 


The event, which features close to 200 exhibitors in 158 10-foot x 10-foot booth spaces, is an opportunity not only to engage buyers and sellers, but also for in-store personnel. 


“What makes this show unique is that you have everyone from VPs to senior category managers down to produce and floral department employees,” said Carissa Mace, FPFC president. 

Greg Corrigan, director of produce for West Sacramento-based Raley’s Family of Fine Stores is a big supporter of the event. 


“It’s always good to get our divisional supervisors and even store level people to take a look at new things that are coming, and give feedback to our buying team on what they think will be successful in our stores,” he said. 


Mace said that’s an opportunity for exhibitors as well.


Marvin Quebec, president and CEO of Oakland-based Quebec Distributing, and immediate past FPFC chairman, said the right people were at the show. 


“A lot of (exhibitors) were telling me when I asked ‘were you able to see the key people that you needed to see?’” he said. “It was a resounding ‘yes.’”


FPFC’s next event is a May 3 Southern California Luncheon, where United Fresh Produce Association president and CEO Tom Stenzel is scheduled to speak. 

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