Naoki Okai

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Naoki Okai_____________________________________________ ___

81-09 135th St. Suite 2, Briarwood, NY 11435 (917) 667-4249 direct /

Objective: To attain a challenging translator/interpreter position, which will utilize my communication skills to remove language barriers and improve the clients’ understanding

Professional Summary:

Successful consultant in various fields of business and the arts - real estate, finances, travel, restaurant management and film industries.

Native fluency in both English and Japanese. Conduct business in both languages, with responsibilities including but not limited to translation, interpretation and creating advertisement copies.

Core Qualifications:

*Commitment to Client Satisfaction *Highly Organized and Disciplined

*Accountable to Leadership *Team-over-me Mentality


Principal Real Estate Broker

June 2011 to present OAE Real Estate - Forest Hills, NY

Execute and oversee every aspect of real estate brokerage in both English and Japanese.

Primary responsibilities: client advisory, investment evaluation, creating/implementing marketing strategies.

Travel Consultant

November 2016 to present Empire Travels – New York, NY

Provide interpretation service to Japanese clients

Subtitle Creator

January 2017 to present Hiventy – Paris, France

Create subtitles for major films and TV series. Clients include Netflix and Hulu.

Financial Consultant

Sept 2010 to May 2015 World Financial Group- Flushing, NY

Advised clients on suitable financial products and created wealth building strategies

Certified Martial Arts Instructor

Feb 1999 to present New York Wu Tang Martial Arts Institute – Flushing, NY

References and recommendations supplied upon request

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