Presentation formats we’ll feature at Convention, as well as the five learning strands

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We are excited to announce details about our adult learning opportunities at the 2015 NAA Convention in Washingont, DC, March 8-11. To view our Convention schedule and other detailsabout Convention, please visit our website. We’ll share more information on the schedule of sessions in the coming weeks. Please also note that everything is tentative at this point and a presentation could be altered or cancelled anytime through March 11, 2015.
Our primary goal with the Convention is to deliver exceptional learning opportunities to help further your work and professional development.
In this document, you can read the titles, descriptions and presters for our more than 170 workshops, 25 learning express session and 20 poster presentations. We’re also including information on the different kinds of presentation formats we’ll feature at Convention, as well as the five learning strands that all of our presentations will cover.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents 1

Presentation Formats 2

Session Strands 2

Workshops 4

Building Partnerships and Sustaining Programs: Workshops 4

Developing Afterschool and Youth Professionals: Workshops 9

Quality and Innovative Programming: Workshops 16

Supporting the Whole Child: Workshops 30

Telling Your Story: Workshops 36

Learning Express Presentations 39

Building Partnerships and Sustaining Programs: Learning Express 39

Developing Afterschool and Youth Professionals: Learning Express 40

Quality and Innovative Programming: Learning Express 41

Supporting the Whole Child: Learning Express 42

Telling Your Story: Learning Express 44

Poster Presentations 45

Building Partnerships and Sustaining Programs: Poster 45

Developing Afterschool and Youth Professionals: Poster 45

Supporting the Whole Child: Poster 49

Presentation Formats

There are three different kinds of presentaitons offered at the NAA Convention:

  1. Workshops: These 75-minute sessions are the heart of the conference, and the bulk of learning opportunities with more than 170 offered. A handful of workshops will be “intensive,” running for two hours (more details coming soon). These presentations span from hands-on training, panels, lectures, and activities that will keep you moving. We work to make our workshops as engaging and interesting as possible, so please bring your problems, questions or ideas to any session you attend.

  1. Learning Express Presentations: These quick takeaway sessions are workshops that are only 30-minutes. They are scheduled at the end of the day, everyday of the Convention. These presentaitons are designed to give participants something they can use right away in their program, with quick tips and resources.

  1. Poster PresentationsPoster presentations are designed for visual learners and will be on display in the Exhibit Hall Monday-Tuesday at the Convention. On Tuesday, March 10, you’ll get the opportunity to meet with our poster presenters during the lunch break to discuss their work, find out about resources and key findings, and ask any questions you may have.

Session Strands

All workshops, learning express and poster prestnations fall within our five key learning strands for this year's Convention:

  1. Developing Afterschool and Youth Professionals: NAA is committed to professionalizing the field of afterschool. Presentations in this strand focus on professional development, leadership, career pathways, management, organizational culture, using data, giving feedback, and other content focused on your professional development techinques.

  2. Building Partnerships and Sustaining Programs: Partnerships and funding are key elements for a successful afterschool program. These presentaitons focus on developing partnerships in your community, finding new ways to secure funding, tips on how to wqrite grants, strategies for working with school district, etc. Overall, these sessions focus on how to engage specific communities and/or how to fundraise and sustain programs.

  3. Quality and Innovative Programming: Programming is at the heart of the NAA Convention (not to mention the heart of afterschool programs). In this strand, we’ll highlight excellent programming that you can replicate, share the best new techniques and tools, share how to integrate technology in your programming, with a special focus on STEM programming.

  4. Supporting the Whole Child: You asked for it, and we listed! This new strand focuses specifically on social-emotional development, engaging particular kinds of children (i.e. girl in STEM, mentoring young boys), help share how to address the needs of certain kinds of children, managaing classroom behavior, bullying prevention and a special focus on health and wellness.

  5. Telling Your Story: Our Convention themese is Passionate Professionals, Powerful Stories because torytelling is a powerful tool you can use in the boardroom, classroom, and Capitol Hill. In these presentations, we’ll share how to craft your story, how to speak in public, how to use data to inform your presentation, how to use social media, and other ways to help improve your storytelling and communication.

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