Table questions for preparation of Midterm Exam

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Table 4 – Questions for preparation of Midterm Exam

1 Midterm Exam

1. High technologies - a basis of development of an entrepreneurship and intensive economic growth.

2. Concept and modern determination of technology and innovation.

3. Innovative process and innovative activities.

4. Types of technologies and innovation.

5. Types of effects of innovative activities and innovation.

6. Content and forms of an innovative entrepreneurship.

7. Long waves of N.D.Kondratyev.

8. Long cycles of J. Schumpeter.

9. Unevenness of innovative activity as factor of macroeconomic fluctuations.

10. Influence of social and economic institutes on technological changes.

11. Scientific and technical progress as factor of economic growth.

12. Solow, E.Domar, R. Harrod's models.

13. Essence and content of an epistemologiya as theories of knowledge of forecasting of innovations.

14. Lifecycle of an innovation.

15. Forecasting methods of innovations.

16. Call elements (a kernel and a key factor) of the fifth technological way and its main benefits.

17. List specific characteristics of modern technologies.

18. Knowledge management as element of management of innovative technologies.

19. Features of the decision in innovation managements.

20. Valuable aspect of innovative technologies and development of the competition.

21. Efficiency of innovative technologies

22. Assessment of level of innovation of the entity.

23. Classification of the entities by innovation level.

24. The factors of the external environment influencing a provision of accounting entities in the market.

25. The analysis of behavior of the entities in the market depending on the level of their innovation in changing to the external environment.

26. Model of assessment of innovative projects.

27. Technological level assessment. Efficiency of technology.

28. Method of calculation of cost efficiency innovative technologies.

29. Technology transfer.

30. Leasing.

31. Franchizing.

32. Forfaiting.

33. Know-how, patent, license.

34. Concept of innovations, classification of an innovation.

35. Concept of innovative process, organization types of innovative processes.

36. Development theory of innovatics and its modern concepts

37. Instruments of innovative management: management, organization, control, motivation

38. Formation of innovative strategy and policy of the entity

39. Types of innovative and technological strategy

40. Management of innovative projects and assessment of cost efficiency of an innovation

41. Unevenness of innovative activity as factor of macroeconomic fluctuations

42. Efficiency of innovations and investments

43. The credit and tax benefits provided for the innovative entities

2 Midterm Exam

  1. Investment importance of innovative projects and new projects. Ways of financing of innovative projects

  2. Formation and development of innovative activities of RK.

  3. Concept of innovative strategy, their types.

  4. Features of medium innovative business

  5. Management and assessment of risks of innovative processes

  6. Plurality of organizational forms and types of innovative business in an innovative industry.

  7. Strategy of firms of violent, its features.

  8. Strategy of firms of patient.

  9. Strategy of firms of eksplerent.

  10. Strategy of firms of commutants.

  11. Innovative policy of the state.

  12. Main performance indicators of innovative activities.

  13. Characteristic of types of effect of implementation of innovations.

  14. Calculation of the main performance indicators of innovative activities

  15. Purpose and tasks of efficiency analysis of innovative activities

  16. Basic principles and analysis stages of efficiency of innovative activities

  17. The main functions of state bodies in the innovative sphere.

  18. Main forms and directions of the state support of scientific and innovative activities.

  19. Off-budget forms of support of innovative activities.

  20. Types of the tax benefits stimulating innovative activities.

  21. Models of scientific and innovative development of industrialized countries.

  22. New firms within the old companies.

  23. Venture firms

  24. Incubator programs and networks of small firms.

  25. International experience of support of innovative activities of small firms.

  26. The strategy of RK in the industrial and innovative sphere.

  27. Main directions of innovative development of RK.

  28. Current state of the scientific and technical and innovative sphere of RK.

  29. The main problems of upgrade, implementation of innovative technologies and updating of material and technical resources of production in RK.

  30. The prospects of development of new technological way in RK economy.

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