Th January 2017 Welcome and Introduction Present

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Patient Participation Group

Three Villages Medical Practice

Annual General Meeting

25th January 2017

Welcome and Introduction

Present: - Steve Sharples. Colin Burch. Marion Griffiths. Irene Arrowsmith. Corinne Wood. Robert Edwards. Linda Sabin. Rev. Thomas Chapman. Carol Longmore. Sue Helm.

Apologies: - Ray Govier. Bob Homer. Tracey Williams. Inge Hill.

CQC Inspection

The Chairman asked Mrs C. Wood the Practice Manager if she had any comments regarding the recent CQC Inspection

In response Mrs Wood Stated

The PPG have recently been involved in the CQC inspection. The initial feedback report from CQC has been given to the practice. This stated that the practice was well organised, has good processes and did well on inspection. There is proactive staff progression and staff are positive. Long term care is well catered for. There is an active PPG, although communication is poor. There is good Friends and Family feedback. Appointment access is an issue but care provided is good. There is a good business plan in place and it appears hard working practices who engage with staff. Wollaston surgery was not visited.

Minutes of Last AGM.

The minutes were read and accepted as accurate.

Matters Arising.

The New Model of Care is ongoing.

The letters that the practice send out to patients have been updated and more have been identified that need to be looked at with a view to rewriting them.


  1. Chairman. Two PPG members have passed away this year. Paul Horton, who was Treasurer for many years and Miss Bernadette Elwell who supported us both financially and with gifts for the Tea Party, which she greatly enjoyed. Meetings with the Practice have increased and is going to ask for a travel budget to be given to the PPG for conferences. The Kingswinford, Amblecote and Brierley Hill group meetings, known as the KAB Pod will now be called the KAB PPG Locality Network. This group will no longer have a dedicated Chairperson but will be led by individual facilitators. The aims will become more focused on disseminating information to patients and with combining efforts with local area surgeries. Roy Lilley Paul Maubach came to the Christmas Tea Party which went very well. Dr. Foulds came and talked with all patients and gifts were handed out by Helen Codd and Keren Hodgson. The choir from St. James Primary School did a very good job of entertaining. The school had been gifted over300 books by the Estate of Miss Elwell and the Miss Elwell Award [£20.00 plus a trophy and certificate] was won by two girls this year. Earlier this year we visited the 111 centre, which is now called the Integrated Urgent Care Service. 111 was run by an American firm Malin Health and Urgent Care is now run by ‘Ten Doctors’. Steve Sharples has been to 10 conferences this year.

  2. Secretary. We have not had enough active new members this year and I feel that we must make the effort to recruit actively again. The Tea Party has only 4 dedicated helpers from the group and this will need to increase if we are to progress. It had been hoped to visit Nick Houghtons training nursery in Redditch last year, but the property would not admit a full sized coach, so it is hoped that a smaller minibus could be used later this year if funds permit. As we could not get to Nicks, we organised a day out at Webbs of Wychbold and this went well. A Pantomime has also been arranged for January and 60 tickets obtained, which have mostly sold. Speakers for the next few months have been organised with just July to November to be arranged. We have been approached by Kingswinford Medical Practice to help in organising Tea Parties along the lines

of our own and have agreed to do this. Online membership is now over 100, but active members are few and far between, possibly because most are working and cannot participate in daytime. Efforts will be made to try and correct this.

c) Treasurer. Colin Burch has been Treasurer of the Tea Party Fund and during the year, due to Paul Hortons illness, the role of PPG Treasurer was temporarily taken over by Bob Homer. He felt he could not continue in this role, so Colin took it on as well. The current PPG balance is £309.99. At the start of the year it was £368. The income from books sold at Wollaston surgery was £50 and £100 was spent on a memorial plaque to Dr. Pope. Dr. Foulds has suggested that we put some funds towards an item for the children’s play area, maybe a tent.

Election of Officers.

  1. Chairman. Steve Sharples. Nominated by Marion Griffiths. Seconded by Bob Edwards.

  2. Secretary. Linda Sabin. Nominated by Steve Sharples. Seconded by Irene Arrowsmith.

  3. Treasurer for PPG. Inge Hill. Nominated by Linda Sabin. Seconded by Marion Griffiths.

  4. Treasurer for Tea Party. Colin Burch. Nominated by Steve Sharples seconded by Marion Griffiths.

  5. Vice Chair. Colin Burch. Nominated by Steve Sharples seconded by Irene Arrowsmith

Election of Executive Committee Members. All elected officers to serve, plus volunteers Marion Griffiths, Irene Arrowsmith, Bob Edwards. Carol Longmore and Sue Helm.

Tea Party Report. The capacity of the Methodist Church Hall needs to be checked, also that those attending are patients of the practice, as we have been told that there are non-invited persons who are not patients of 3 Villages. The Insurance will not cover these persons should there be a problem. There should be a notice put on the door to this effect.

There have been some good speakers throughout last year and coming up are speakers on Pharmacy, Arthritis, gardening and skin cancer. Others are pending.

An animation about our Tea Party was done after the awards ceremony that Steve Sharples attended and has gone on YouTube and been very well received all over the country.

In addition to the visit to Webb’s, there was one to Cheddar Gorge. Although this was a wet and long day, it seemed to be enjoyed by all. Apart from the nursery visit, nothing has been agreed yet for this year.

Fund raising has gone well, with £310 from Waitrose, £200 from the Anthony and Gwen Dyche Trust, £50 from Spar and 60 tins of ham from Tesco. Holland and Barratt gave 60 strong brown paper bags to hold the Christmas gifts. The gifts were very well received by most, although one person harangued Steve over them and said that we should not do it.

Roy Lilley came, refusing to be reimbursed for his train fare. He talked to everyone in the room, including the children from St. James and also Dr. Foulds. He was very impressed with the concept and thought it should be rolled out throughout the country.

A note must be made to ensure that the sweets for the children’s choir do not contain any nuts next year, Sally Sixsmith, the head teacher has already booked a place for the choir at our next Christmas Tea Party.

Tea Party Treasurers Report. The HSBC Bank has been going since August 2015 and now holds £1180.00 and there is £48 cash with no outstanding debts. Dudley Building Society have promised a donation of £200 by the end of the month and a request has been made for the remaining £340 of CCG monies.

Thanks to John Garratt for coming to answer questions at the January Tea Party. There were questions about the opening of Wollaston surgery on Saturdays for appointments. he said that they had already been told at a tea party and that there were notices in both surgeries.

It was suggested that we have a 1 day seminar on Arthritis in PPG Awareness week. Colin will liaise with the practice about setting this up.

We are told that we are concentrating too much on the older group if patients, which comprise only 20% of practice patients. We should interact with more age ranges and have patient groups e.g. asthma and COPD with expert patients to help run them.

There is a defibrillator in both practices and the local council or 111 or 999 should be able to say where the nearest one is when the practice is closed.

Anew GP leads list will be drawn up by Corinne Wood.

Any other business. The patient letters will be looked at again. It was asked if the AGM minutes could be read at the next PPG meeting, rather than waiting till next AGM. This was not voted on, although the minutes will be available before the next PPG meeting.

Messages from Doctors to patients, can now come direct via EPS.

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