Variant №1 test. Grammar and lexical competence. (10 minutes). Fill in the gaps. Tom cruise

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Variant № 1

1. TEST. GRAMMAR AND LEXICAL COMPETENCE. (10 minutes). Fill in the gaps.

Tom Cruise is one of the most successful actors in cinema history. However, life hasn't always been that easy for him. As a young boy, Tom was shy and had Q1_______ in finding friends, although he really enjoyed Q2_______ part in school plays. Q3_______ he had finished High School, Tom went to New York to look for work. He found employment as a porter, and at the same time he Q4_______ drama classes. In 1980, the film director Franco Zeffirelli Q5_______ Tom his first part in a film. Ten years later, he had become Q6_______ successful that he was one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, Q7_______ millions of dollars for Q8_______ film. Today, Tom Q9_______ appears in films and is as Q10______ as ever with his thousands of fans from all around the world.

Q1. A) worry B) problem C) fear D) difficulty
Q2. A) making B) holding C) taking D) finding
Q3. A) While B) During C) After D) Until
Q4. A) prepared B) waited C) attended D) happened
Q5. A) suggested B) offered C) tried D) advised
Q6. A) so B) such C) too D) very
Q7. A) paying B) earning C) winning D) reaching
Q8. A) another B) all C) each D) some
Q9. A) yet B) ever C) already D) still
Q10. A) popular B) favourite C) preferred D) approved

2. WRITING. (15minutes). Write a short report on the topic “UZBEKISTAN.” (between 75-100 words) Keywords: proclamation, celebrate, ancient cities, independence, capital, flag, emblem, anthem.

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