2013 aatseel conference Program

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2013 AATSEEL Conference Program

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Many special events are being planned 2013 AATSEEL Conference, including the Keynote Address by Russell Scott Valentino, Indiana University, Bloomington, New Frontiers for Translation in the 21st Century (The Globe, The Market, The Field), In honor of the life and work of Michael Henry Heim; Advanced Seminars by Stephanie Sandler (Harvard University), on contemporary Russian poetry, and Yuri Tsivian (University of Chicago), on Russian cinema; and a Featured Workshop, by Thomas Garza (University of Texas-Austin), on intensive language instruction.

On Thursday, January 3, we offer a two-hour Job Interviewing Workshop, as well as a reception for graduate students to meet senior faculty. AATSEEL’s 2013 workshops include sessions on Dynamic Assessment (Rimma Ableeva), Digital Humanities (Quinn Dombrowski), Translation (Sibelan Forrester), Cognitive Science and its Implications for Teaching (Serafima Gettys and Iwona Lech), and The Russian National Corpus (Ekaterina Rakhilina). Our featured poets are Katia Kapovich and Irina Mashinski. A panel on poet-scholars/scholar-poets will combine a reading and a conversation on the links between creative writing and scholarship (Polina Barskova, Anna Glazova, and Eugene Ostashevsky).

2013 Program at a Glance

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Exhibitor Set-Up (Adrienne Salon)


Conference Registration (Ballroom Foyer)


AATSEEL Program Committee Meeting (Ipswich Room)


Job Interviewing Workshop: Chair, Jonathan Stone, Franklin & Marshall College

David Powelstock, Brandeis University (Concord Room)

Ingrid Kleespies, University of Florida, Anna Berman, McGill University


AATSEEL Executive Council Meeting (Lexington Room)


Reception for Graduate Students (Elevator Foyer, 4th floor)

Friday, January 4, 2013


Conference Registration (Ballroom Foyer)


SLAVA/Olympiada Breakfast (Chatham Rooom)


Exhibit Hall (Adrienne Salon)


Conference Panels: FRI-A


Complimentary Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall sponsored by American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS (Adrienne Salon)


SEEJ Editorial Board Meeting (Ipswich Room)


Conference Panels: FRI-B


Language Coordinators' Luncheon (Location TBD)


Coffee with Leading Scholars: Jason Merrill, Michigan State University (Lexington Room)


Conference Panels: FRI-C


American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) Board Meeting (Chatham Room)


International Association of Teachers of Czech (IATC) Meeting (Lexington Room)

Graduate Students' Committee Meeting (Ipswich Room)

Conference Panels: FRI-D

Advanced Seminar led by Stephanie Sandler, Harvard University (Marlborough Room)


Reception Hosted by Princeton University in Honor of Leonard Babby (Cape Cod Room)


Conference Panels: FRI-E

Featured Workshop with Thomas Garza, University of Texas, Austin (Plymouth Room)

Russian Poetry Reading. Featured Poets: Katia Kapovich, Irina Mashinski (Concord Room)


AATSEEL President’s Reception and Awards Ceremony (Grand Ballroom)

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Conference Registration (Ballroom Foyer)


Conference Panels: SAT-A


Coffee with Leading Scholars: Christina Bethin, SUNY Stony Brook (Ballroom A)


Exhibit Hall (Adrienne Salon)


AATSEEL Members' Meeting (Grand Ballroom)


Keynote Address by Russell Scott Valentino, Indiana University (Grand Ballroom)


Coffee with Leading Scholars: Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College (Lexington)


Conference Panels: SAT-B

3:15pm-3:45 pm

Complimentary Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall sponsored by Arizona State University/NovaMova International Language School joint summer programs in Advanced Russian (Adrienne Salon)


Conference Panels: SAT-C


Conference Panels: SAT-D


ACTR Members' Meeting (Chatham Room)


Poet Scholars/Scholar Poets (Concord Room)

Conference Panels: SAT-E


Reception Hosted by Indiana University (Cape Cod Room)

Sunday, January 6, 2013


AATSEEL Executive Council Meeting (Lexington Room)


Conference Panels: SUN-A


AATSEEL Program Committee Meeting (Ipswich Room)


Advanced Seminar led by Yuri Tsivian, University of Chicago (Marlborough Room)

Conference Panels: SUN-B

Conference Panels

Friday, January 4, 8:00-10:00am (FRI A)

FRI A-1 Panel: Pushkin's Poetics of History (Martha's Vineyar Room - Front)

Organizer: Stephanie Richards, University of Texas-Austin
Chair: Molly Thomasy Blasing, Wellesley College

Panelist: Stephanie Richards, University of Texas-Austin
Title: Sud’ba Lichnosti – Sud’ba Kultury: the Crisis of the Middle Ages as Seen Through Pushkin’s "Skupoi rytsar’" http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Alyssa Gillespie, University of Notre Dame
Title: Historical Distance as Poetic Laboratory: Pushkin’s Experiments in Charting the Poetic Self http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Discussant: Caryl Emerson, Princeton University

FRI A-2 Panel: Rereading the Early Dostoevsky (Cape Cod Room)

Organizer: Katherine Bowers, University of Cambridge
Chair: Jenne Powers, Wheelock College

Panelist: John Lyles, College of William and Mary
Title: The Architectonics of Insanity: Tracing Golyadkin’s Descent into Madness http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Katherine Bowers, University of Cambridge
Title: Dostoevsky’s Gothic Cityscape: Sublime Anxiety in the Early Petersburg Prose http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Yuri Corrigan, The College of Wooster
Title: Dismantling the Intersubjective Self in Dostoevsky’s “A Weak Heart” http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Discussant: Carol Apollonio, Duke University

FRI A-3 Panel: 1920s Russian Literature (Nantucket Room)

Organizer: Program Committee
Chair: Alexander Burry, The Ohio State University

Panelist: Janneke van de Stadt, Williams College
Title: Fathers, Sons, and Midwives: Maxim Gorky in Isaac Babel's My First Fee http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Edward Tyerman, Columbia University
Title: Productive Rhythms”: The Sounds of China through Soviet Ears http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Geoffrey Cebula, Princeton University
Title: “Так сочинилась мной элегия”: Elegiac Intonations in Oberiu poetry http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

FRI A-4 Panel: The Past in Soviet Literature (Marlborough Room)

Organizer: Program Committee
Chair: Maria Ivanova, Harvard University

Panelist: Andrew Chapman, University of Pittsburgh
Title: Erecting the Khrushchevka of Acmeism: Sergei Gandlevskii and Aleksandr Blok's “Gorod” Cycle http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: James (Frank) Goodwin, University of Florida
Title: The Literary Resurrection of "Narodnaia Volia" Martyrs in Late Soviet Russia http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Kevin McKenna, University of Vermont
Title: The Tolstoy Connection: The Role of the Russian Proverb in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's V kruge pervom http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Mihaela-Andreea Pacurar, Harvard University
Title: A Purged Monument: Yuri Trifonov's House on the Embankment http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

AV Equipment:

  • LCD/computer projector (computer not provided)

FRI A-5 Panel: Aesthetics and Ethics in Nabokov (Plymouth Room)

Organizer: Program Committee
Chair: Constantine Muravnik, Yale University

Panelist: Gavriel Shapiro, Cornell University
Title: Nabokov and Tennis http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Kira Rose, Princeton University
Title: Nabokov's ShadowLine: “Shadow” in Nabokov's Aesthetics and in The Gift http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Alisa Ballard, Princeton University
Title: Ethics in an Authored World: Considerations for the Ethics Question in Nabokov's Works http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Discussant: Constantine Muravnik, Yale University

AV Equipment:

  • LCD/computer projector (computer not provided)

FRI A-6 Panel: Contemporary Russian Film (Sturbridge Room)

Organizer: Program Committee
Chair: Natalia Chernysheva, UNC-Chapel Hill

Panelist: Elena Clark, UNC Chapel Hill
Title: Peculiarities of the National Character: Finns and Finland in the Films of Aleksandr Rogozhkin http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Anastasia Kostetskaya, The Ohio State University
Title: Stalingrad: Visual Memory of the Battle in Russian and German Documentary Film http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Mark S. Swift, University of Auckland
Title: Subtexts of Imagery in Aleksandr Sokurov’s Russian Ark (2002) http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Justin Wilmes, Ohio State University
Title: National Identity (De)Construction in the Russian New Wave: Kirill Serebrennikov’s Iur’ev Day (2008) and Sergei Loznitsa’s My Joy (2010) http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.pngAV Equipment:

FRI A-7 Panel: Writing Yugoslavia: the Cultural Stylistics of Yugoslav Belonging (Martha's Vineyard Room - Back)

Organizer: Antje Postema, University of Chicago
Chair: Angelina Ilieva, University of Chicago

Panelist: Zdenko Mandusic, University of Chicago
Title: Regarding Socialist Realism: Miroslav Krleza's Version of a Yugoslav Literature http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Antje Postema, University of Chicago
Title: A Man with No Country?: Danilo Kis at the Center and Periphery of Yugoslav Authorship http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Marina Antic, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Title: Yugoslav Identity in the Post-Yugoslav Space: National Imaginaries, Diasporic Narratives, and Space in Ministry of Pain and No Man's Land http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

FRI A-8 Panel: Slavic Cognitive Linguistics: Exploring Form-Meaning Relationships (Dedham Room)

Organizer: Laura A. Janda, University of Tromsø
Chair: Laura A. Janda, University of Tromsø

Panelist: Steven Clancy, University of Chicago
Title: A Computational Construction Grammar Approach to Structure and Meaning in Case Marking Systems http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Anna Endresen, University of Tromsø
Title:The Choice of Morpheme in Russian Factitive Verbs http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Václav Cvrček, Charles University, Prague and Masako Fidler, Brown University
Title: Keyword Analysis with a Usage-Based Perspective: A Preliminary Study in Czech http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Anastasia Makarova, University of Tromsø
Title: Attenuation by Means of the Russian Prefixes под- and при- http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

  • Set-up for LCD/computer projector: screen, power supply, cart (for those individuals who will bring their own projector and computer)

FRI A-9 Panel: Syntax Papers in Honor of Leonard H. Babby: Argument Structure (Lexington Room)

Organizer: James Lavine, Bucknell University
Chair: Robert A. Rothstein, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Panelist: James E. Lavine, Bucknell University and Robert Freidin, Princeton University
Title: Accusative Survival in Icelandic: A View from Slavic http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Cori Anderson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Title: Passivization and Argument Structure in Russian and Lithuanian http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Loren Billings, National Chi Nan University; Anna Kibort, University of Cambridge, and Joan Maling, Brandeis University
Title: The Symmetry of (Anti)passives http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: George Fowler, Slavica Publishers and Indiana University
Title: Reconciling Two Leading Recent Accounts of Russian Syntax http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

FRI A-10 Panel: New Digital Tools in the Classroom (Duxbury Room)

Organizer: Program Committee
Chair: Jason Merrill, Michigan State University

Panelist: Katya Nemtchinova, Seattle Pacific University
Title: Digital storytelling for lower-level students http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Olga Basharina, University of New Mexico
Title:Integrating Computer Technologies into the Language Curriculum http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Joan Chevalier, United States Naval Academy
Title: Finding the Murder Weapon – Innovative Approaches to Using Digital Media as Learning Tools http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Discussants: Jason Merrill, Michigan State University and Ekaterina Fleishman, Defense Language Institute

AV Equipment:

  • DVD player and monitor

  • Standard overhead projector (for transparencies), cart, screen

  • LCD/computer projector (computer not provided)

Friday, January 4, 10:30am-12:15pm (FRI B)

FRI B-1 Panel: Golden Age Prose (Martha's Vineyard Room - Back)

Organizer: Program Committee
Chair: Elena Murenina, East Carolina University

Panelist: Cassio de Oliveira, Yale University
Title: Among Honest Contrabandists: Pechorin as a Rogue Hero in Lermontov’s “Taman’” http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

Panelist: Jonathan Perkins, University of Kansas
Title: Narrative Framing and the Russian Fantastic Tale http://www.aatseel.org/shared/images/filetype_pdf.png

FRI B-2 Panel: Late Tolstoy (Marlborough Room)

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