6-day war (Middle East War – 1967)

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6-DAY WAR (Middle East War – 1967)
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220526 22:24:35 - 22:25:30 3Feb67 SD b/w

News in Brief - Syria

Border of Israel and Syria. UN jeeps on way to peace talks. Interior Israeli border guard bunker - soldier with gun. Soldier walking along border on patrol.
22:25:11 Road sign Mahanayim. Cars going to second conference on Israeli side of border. Car with UN flag leaving after meeting adjourned. Sign by tent Syrian delegation. Guards outside tents.
221088 15:00:04 - 15:01:51 26May67 SD b/w

War Threat: Middle East In Grave Danger

Top shot almost deserted streets of Eilat, Israel after blockade of Gulf of Aqaba by United Arab Republic [ Egypt ]. Men guarding port w/ machine gun. Men guarding oil pipeline / refinery]. Israeli Army reservists called up - young men in uniform waiting outside building. Tank units go through battle manoeuvres in Negev Desert.

15:00:59 Knesset building in Jerusalem. US & British nationals at airport [?] after being advised to leave - passports checked w/ CUs French, American & British passports.

15:01:33 INT UN Security Council emergency session - Chinese chairman - Soviet delegate Federenko [VO re refusal to join US, France & Britain in attempts to keep peace].
221088 15:06:54 - 15:08:11 06Jun67 SD b/w

Mid-East: Israeli-Egyptian Battle Erupts

Israeli port under armed guard - VO re reports of fighting between Israeli & Egyptian troops along Gaza Strip & Sinai border due to ongoing Gulf of Aqaba blockade. US aircraft carrier Intrepid moving through Suez Canal - CU aircraft on deck. Mass rally in Cairo by Arab Socialists in support of UAR President Nasser; Nasser & King Hussein signing 5-year mutual defence pact. Jordanian trucks & tanks through desert. High shot Jerusalem. Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin inspecting troops in Negev Desert. Troops on lookout post above Jerusalem.

6-Day War

220637 15:00:06 - 15:02:10 9Jun67 SD B/W

Egypt Accepts United Nations Cease-fire
Tank past camera; Israeli soldier with binoculars; in fox holes near Jordan River?; Sign Welcome to Gaza being covered with Army sign in Hebrew. 15:00:37 - Moshe Dayan, Defence Minister briefing journalists? (beside him Moshe Perlman -army spokesman). - damaged buildings; soldiers move forward; searching Egyptian prisoners.
15:01:07 -Exterior of United Nations; Arthur Goldberg & other delegates to Security Council debate; Abba Eban Foreign minister (MOS) speaking; voting; pan of United Nations Building & tilt up.

220526 22:36:16 - 22:41:12 13Jun67 SD b/w

Cease-Fire Uneasy Truce in Mid-East
United Nations Security Council in session re six day Middle East War. Syrian Ambassador - Russian delegate Federenko - Israeli Ambassador Gideon Raphael -
22:37:25 Burning buildings - bodies lying in desert. Israeli troops with prisoners of war - one blindfolded. POWs walking with raised hands. Train and car with bullet holes. Military vehicles. Injured soldier on stretcher. Tracking shot past wrecked UAR military vehicles along Gaza Strip. Body hanging out of jeep. Arab under arrest. Egyptian POWs. Empty office with picture of Nasser.
22:39:05 UAR commander General Abdul Husseini meets with Israeli military leaders and surrenders unconditionally. Signing surrender. Israeli troops by tank. Israeli flag raised. White flags flying
22:39:44 Bethlehem - Israeli troops on the streets with tanks - some locals watching. More locals coming on to streets.
22:40:07 Tank entering Jerusalem - people crying. Jews on streets. Israeli troops entering Old City. Moshe Dayan at Wailing Wall - Israeli flag. Israeli troops march towards camera.
221088 15:13:35 - 15:14:34 16Jun67 Sd B/W

Soviet Rejected: UN Bars Move To Censure Israel

UN Security Council emergency session called by Russia after UN refused to demand withdrawal of Israeli troops from occupied territories, Kosygin. First Israeli oil freighter DOLPHIN passing through Straits of Tiran in Gulf of Aqaba after blockade lifted - heading for port of Eilat - armed Israeli troops wave from hilltop. Speedboat guarding freighter mounted w/ anti-aircraft gun?

post 6-Day War.

221088 15:20:24 - 15:23:03 20Jun67 Sd B/W

United Nations: Kosygin Dims Hope For Early Peace

Alexei Kosygin & Soviet delegation off plane in New York City for special session of UN Security Council. Kosygin & daughter Ludmilla posing for cameras. INT UN chamber - Kosygin & Gromyko - LS & zoom-in Kosygin addressing council w/ demands for Israel to withdraw troops [MOS].

15:21:54 Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt & wife meeting President Johnson at Camp David after LBJ speech same day as Kosygin address - photocall on terrace.

15:22:18 Jerusalem Wall dividing East and West of city demolished after Israeli victory; orthodox Jews pilgrimage to Wailing Wall.

Post 6-Day War

220526 22:42:57 - 22:44:47 23Jun67 SD b/w

United Nations - Goldberg Proposes Durable Peace

UN in session. CU Kosygin. US Ambassador Goldberg making speech. “What the Middle East needs today are new steps towards real peace ... “
22:43:56 Whiz pan - Jericho, Israeli flag flying over occupied territory. Arab refugees with belongings heading for Amman. Refugees climbing over wrecked bridges. Refugee aided by Israeli soldiers - man carries little girl. Refugees struggle to get across Jordan River.
221088 15:27:12 - 15:29:13 27Jun67 Sd B/W

The Summit: LBJ And Kosygin Hold ‘Useful’ Talks

President Johnson w/ Rusk & McNamara waits for arrival of Kosygin outside Hollybush house, Glassboro NJ - first meeting in person for talks on arms & Middle East & Vietnam conflicts. Kosygin arrives w/ Gromyko & Dobrinin - shakes hands w/ Johnson & pose for cameras.
221088 15:29:14 - 15:29:37 27Jun67 Sd B/W

News In Brief: Israel

Richard Nixon meeting Minister of Defence Moshe Dayan in Tel Aviv [Moshe Pearlman, Army spokesman in BG] as part of fact-finding tour of Israel - posing for cameras.
221088 15:34:08 - 15:35:14 30Jun67 Sd B/W

Holy City Open: Pilgrims, Tourists Crowd Jerusalem

Jerusalem filled w/ pilgrims after barriers removed - Thanksgiving service held by victorious Israelis commemorating those killed in war. Israeli Christians on bus tour of areas previously under Jordanian control - Mount of Olives & Damascus Gate. Tourists from Tel Aviv wander through old city - Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Greek Orthodox priests in black robes down Via Dolorosa. VO re “increased global diplomatic strain” caused by Israel annexing Jerusalem.

Post 6-Day War

221088 15:43:30 - 15:44:20 04Jul67 Sd B/W

News In Brief: Jerusalem

Israeli Arabs pray in Jerusalem’s mosques for first time in 20 years. Vars shots mosque exteriors, Arabs arriving & washing feet, entering to pray. Mosque of Omar (Dome of the Rock). Arab families from Israel & Israeli-occupied Jordan reunited for worship.

Religion - Muslims. Post 6-Day War

220637 15:06:51 - 15:08:12 6Jul67 SD B/W

Middle East - Soviet Defeated in U.N. Vote

Interior General Assembly - voting board. Russia defeated after calling for condemnation of Israel as agressor. Egyptian and Israeli forces face each other over Suez Canal, Soldiers in group. Military truck leaving with troops.
Middle East War

220637 15:08:13 - 15:09:01 7Jul67 SD B/W

Middle East - Jordan River
Allenby Bridge - exchange of prisoners between Israel and Jordan (15:08:20-29 - Brief shot Ezer Weizmann - ( then Chief of Israeli Airforce, later President of Israel, nephew of Chaim Weizmann). Over 400 Jordanian troops return home. Wounded carried over crossing point.
6-Day War

220526 22:52:25 - 22:53:03 14Jul67 Sd B/W

News in Brief - Suez
Despite cease-fire fighting flares up in Suez area. Shots burning tank and destroyed Israeli military vehicles. Next day - Israeli flag raised and Jewish soldiers pray.
221088 15:47:40 - 15:49:02 21Jul67 Sd B/W

UN Force At Suez On Cease Fire Mission

Guard on lookout at Suez Canal after violation of Israel-Egypt ceasefire. Norwegian General Od Bull [?], head of UN Truce Supervision Team, arrives having approved new headquarters at Quantara. Convoy of UN vehicles w/ UN flags arrives. Israeli General Garesh [?] talks w/ UN troops. Israeli patrol boats arrive by truck. Soldiers relaxing & manning armoured vehicles.

Middle East. United Nations Peacekeepers. Post 6-Day War

6-Day War related material
221071 01:31:32 – 01:40:59 1967 Sd Col The President: June 1967 [Part 1 of 3]

Arrival of PM Harold Wilson at White House in motorcade 02Jun67 - ‘Rule Britannia’ on soundtrack - Black sailor holding Union Jack. LBJ & Wilson into White House - shots of meeting re Middle East problem w/ LBJ speech heard “peace and justice are again in the balance...council of an old and trusted friend is most welcome” - VO re Maritime declaration to challenge Egyptian blockade of Strait of Tehran. CU newspaper headlines inc. ‘Arabs, Israelis Lunge Into War’ & ‘US Asks Cease Fire’.

01:33:49 CU teletype message coming through re start of Middle East War, 05Jun67. LBJ, MacNamara & others in WH Situation Room after news came in of fighting - 4am - LBJ looking tired & worried, map of Middle East on wall behind - crisis meeting [MOS]. VO re exchange of teletype messages between Kosygin & LBJ. EXT White House, LBJ sends off MacNamara & Rusk to brief Senate & House leaders - LBJ back into WH.

01:35:31 INT Oval Office, LBJ monitoring events in Middle East: CU television showing proceedings of UN Security Council meeting - U Thant, Gideon Rafael & others seen; LBJ watching television & crouching in front of teletype machine as messages come through.

01:36:25 Crisis meeting in WH Cabinet Room - special committee of National Security Council established by LBJ w/ George Bundy as Executive Secretary [MOS].

01:37:10 Good shots of demonstrations held outside White House - Arab men chanting “No more Israel!” & “Palestine is Ours!” - waving banners inc. ‘Palestine is Arab’ & ‘Aquaba is Arab’ - Israeli flags - Syrian [or United Arab Republic ?] flag - banner w/ President Nasser of Egypt. People listening to transistor radio on sidewalk - Egypt joining US & USSR in agreement to ceasefire [MOS]. Israelis dancing & singing in Hebrew - American Jews - peace banner inc. ‘You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy the Gulf of ?’ CU boy wearing badges ‘To Hell With Nasser’ & ‘To Hell Mit The Arabs’. Israeli flag used to collect money - banner in BG ‘End Arab Possession’.

01:38:58 LBJ’s 102nd press conference outside WH, 10Jun67 after Syria agreed to ceasefire. PoV from aircraft - LBJ off Presidential plane at Austin, Texas, greeted by Congressman Jake Pickle. LBJ greeting crowds, shaking hands, picks up toddler. LBJ in white tuxedo attends Southwest Democratic Dinner w/ pregnant daughter Luci & husband. LBJ dinner speech heard in VO “After three weeks of wrestling with the Middle East, it’s a real pleasure to come home tonight to the peace and quiet of Texas politics...I am for peace, territorial integrity, political independence and the unrestricted navigation in the Houston ship channel”.
221071 01:41:00 - 01:51:08 1967 Sd Col The President: June 1967 [Part 2 of 3]


01:43:33 INT Middle East crisis committee meeting, 14Jun67 after Russians called for emergency UN General Assembly session.

01:44:04 LBJ greets Australian PM Holt at Dulles Airport. Holt & LBJ photocall at Camp David - reporters taking notes. Holt & LBJ playing tennis - both shirtless. LBJ & Holt family outside Harriet Episcopal Church after service.

01:45:29 LBJ foreign policy speech, State Dept., 19Jun67 - “the Middle East is rich in history...it has no need to live in permanent civil war...”

01:47:04 Reception at WH 22Jun67 - British Foreign Secretary George Brown, Danish Premier Krag, Italian Premier Moro & Foreign Minister Fanfani - had attended emergency UN summit. CU Rusk.

01:47:58 EXT & INT shots of house at Glassboro, NJ chosen for meeting between LBJ & Kosygin - Hollybush summit. Crowd outside cheer arrival of Kosygin 23Jun67 - LBJ makes introductions - INT LBJ & Kosygin talking w/ LBJ speech in VO “...we reached no new agreements...so we’re going to eat lunch & spend Sunday together at Hollybush”. LBJ onto jet for flight to LA.

1960s. US Domestic & Foreign Policy. Diplomacy.

220438 04:05:19 - 04:07:46 1967 Si Col Wounded Crewmen from USS Liberty on Board Aircraft Carrier USS America

15Jun67 USS Liberty (ATGR-5), wounded crewmen surrounded by the officers of the America, medics and spectators. Wounded members of the USS Liberty secured in stretchers on the hangar bay. CU Some of the wounded, some of the crew spectators in the hangar bay. MCU Three of the wounded on stretchers, hospital corpsmen talking to two of the men, some wounded are standing in the BG with crutches. MCU Officers, some of the wounded walking out on the deck-edge elevator. MS Doctor and medics carrying wounded out on the deck- edge elevator, one man is being given intravenous transfusion by one of the medics. CU The wounded on the stretchers on deck, several personnel surrounding the wounded; elevator rises to the flight deck level, men will be taken aboard C-1A aircraft of VR-24 Squadron. MS Wounded personnel on the flight deck, tremendous crowd of medics and wounded and crew spectators on the flight deck area. CU Two medics carrying one of the stretcher cases to the hatch-way of the C-1A. CU Looking down over one of the wounded men with his medical records secured under strap. HA CU Looking down over the wounded man on a stretcher as he shakes hands with one of the men in dungarees off to the L while waiting to be loaded. The wounded man being moved towards the hatch-way of the C-1A. CU One of the wounded men in a stretcher, personnel standing around to the L and R. Stretcher case being put inside the C-1A. (Badly Over exposed) CU Men standing by the hatch of the C-1A. CU Another stretcher case being taken up to the hatch of the C-1A. Stretcher case being taken onboard the C-1A. CU Interior view of the C-1A, with the stretcher cases being secured inside the plane.

NB Liberty was attacked by Israeli aircraft during 1967 Middle East War
220438 04:26:40 – 04:35:20 1967 Si Col USS AMERICA (CVA-66) Rescue Ops. of USS LIBERTY (AGTR-5) Mediterranean Sea

9Jun67 MLS The USS Little Rock (GLG-4) cruising past the starboard side of the USS Liberty (AGTR-5); (scene has some scratches, out of focus); UH-2A helicopter enters the scene from the R, flies past the Liberty on over the Little Rock. LS Port beam view, USS Little Rock underway at slow speed; swish PAN to the R, the USS Liberty, lying to; UH-2A helicopter enters the scene from the R; swish PAN back to the Little Rock underway at slow speed and in partial silhouette. MCU PAN Slowly to the R along the port side of the Little Rock ; PAN continues to the R showing the wake. PAN off the fantail of the Little Rock. MS Beam view - message is being sent from the bridge area by a signal light. (Unsteady, off colour, somewhat bluish lavender) MS Destroyer underway, number on the port bow appears to be 778, ship is believed to be the USS Massey (DD-778) moving off to the L. (scene is soft, unsteady) alongside the USS Liberty showing casualties / injured in the boat; man climbing down a ladder Injured man climbing down a ladder into the boat; being assisted by the crewmen. Looking down over the bow of the utility boat; man on the bow lets go of a line, the boat backs away from the USS Liberty. Stern view, utility boat underway en route to the USS Little Rock Crewman walking about the deck of the USS Liberty ; other crewmen seen walking and talking. Officers on bridge. CU One of the ventilator stanchions with a large shell hole in it; small peppered holes from bullets. MS General view of the weather deck area of the USS Liberty showing the damage to the ship; PAN upward showing part of the bridge. MS Two shell holes in the side of the gun tub. CU Vice Admiral William I. Martin, Commander Sixth fleet, touring the LIiberty, walks by in the FG looks at one of the machine gun tubs. CU Martin chatting with officers. Martin with two officers touring the LIiberty Adm Martin chatting with Chief Petty Officer and other officers up in the bridge area. Martin coming down the ladder from the bridge area, Junior Officers following behind. HA CU Adm walking down to the main deck from a ladder - shaking hands with crewmen. CU Martin, two Junior Officers standing to his R, one taking notes; Adm making a tour of the Liberty. Adm chatting with a man in khakis. Adm looking over a machine gun tub, large gaping hole in the FG. Adm with his back to the camera, several Squadron patches sewed on the back of his jacket; he talks with a man in khakis . The ADM and group of Junior Officers gathered next to the damaged machine gun tub. CU Junior Officers chatting with a Senior Officer. Chaplain from the USS America (CVA-66) talking with a CPO.

NB Liberty was attacked by Israeli aircraft during 1967 Middle East War

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14Apr67 Sd. 14Apr67 Israel / Syria Border. Land-and-air battle in Tiberius develops into tank, mortar and air dog fight. Syria claims 70 Israeli dead on the ground and five planes owned. Israel claims they shot six Syrian-built MIGS, and presents gun-camera film to prove (05.21.12)

Jun67 UAR forces blockade Gulf of Aqaba; reservists called up; British and US tourists flee the country. UN emergency session.

01Aug67 Sd Latrun Highway opened, Jerusalem to Tel Aviv; 07.14.05




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