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Complain Apology Letters
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A Complain Letter 
Dear Mr. Tompson,
On April 8, I ordered a new smartphone (the model is Samsung 
Galaxy A71 in black color) in your online shop. I was satisfied 
with the well-organized work of the site and the fast delivery of 
my purchase.
Everything seemed to be good. However, unfortunately, on day 
three or four, I realized that the productivity of my telephone is 
very low, and the battery runs down extremely fast. According to 
the declared parameters, this model of the smartphone has to work 
for 12-15 hours even with intensive use. Therefore I am 
disappointed as now I need to charge the phone every 6-7 hours.
To resolve the problem, I would appreciate it if your online shop 
could repair or exchange the phone, as, besides the poor battery, I 
am satisfied with all its features. Moreover, enclosed are copies of 
a guarantee list and checks.
I look forward to your reply and resolution to my problem and will 
wait until May 30 of recent year. Then I will seek help from a 
consumer product agency. Please, contact me at the above address.
Eveline Windle 
An Apology Letter 
Dear Adeline,
In retrospect, I want to thank you for the invitation to your 
birthday. It was not a surprise, but still a pleasure. Till the end, I 
wished that I would be able to manage my time and come to your 
party. But now, unfortunately, it is overt that on the day of your 
birthday I will not be in a city.
Besides anything, I would like to bring my sincere apologies to 
you that I will have to miss your birthday party. I know that this 
news surely will upset you, as I was. Thus I am again asking for 
your excuse. But in fact, I do not have an opportunity to stay and 
skip the whole trip or even exchange the date of departure. 
Without a doubt, you know how much I love you, and I am so 
sorry to make you upset. Thus, to redress a wrong, I decided to 
make a surprise for you on your birthday. I already regret that 
would not be able to see your reaction, but I hope someone will 
record it. I want to give you my gift when we meet, so you will 
receive it a little later.
Again thank you for your invitation!
Evelina Mansurova
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