A day of celebration – tamar valley aonb – 1995-2015 sunday 30th august 2015 introduction

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Annex 1 – Brief



The Tamar Valley will be celebrating 20 years since designation as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) this summer, and the Team is seeking an organised, enthusiastic person, with plenty of ideas and flair, to plan and run a one-day event on Sunday 30th August 2015, in the grounds of the Tamar Valley Centre, Drakewalls, near Gunnislake. We want to make this an enjoyable event for families and communities in the AONB.


The Tamar Valley was designated an AONB on 30th August 1995, because of its special qualities;

  • rare valley and water landscape

  • landscape of high visual quality

  • unique wildlife resource

  • remarkable heritage

  • landscape of artistic and public appeal

We would like to raise awareness of these special qualities during our celebratory day. The AONB Team exists to conserve and enhance the landscape of the Tamar Valley through projects, events and collaborative working.

For information on just some of the achievements and highlights over the past 20 years, please look at pages 6-7 of the newsletter, The Valley - http://www.tamarvalley.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/The-Valley-Summer-UPLOAD.pdf
This spread also provides you with more information on the Tamar valley AONB. We would like to incorporate some of these key themes within the day, too (for example, local produce, market gardening, wildlife, heritage).


To organise and run a one-day event in the grounds of the Tamar Valley Centre (2 marquees (size to be confirmed) have already been sourced), to celebrate the AONB’s 20th anniversary and to have the following goals:

  • To bring the community together in a fun way

  • To raise awareness of local cultures and traditions

  • Involve key organisations in the day (for example Tamar Valley Tourism Association (TAVATA), Tamar Community Trust, Drawn to the Valley, Friends of the Tamar Valley, Woodland Riders, Tamar Grow Local, Devon & Cornwall Rail Partnership, and potentially National Grid).


  • You will spend up to a maximum of 10 days planning and delivering a one-day event, which will include drawing up a programme for the day (suggested 10am- 4pm) and allowing for the possibility of inclement weather.

  • You will make all the arrangements, book and coordinate the events and activities that will be running on the 30th August. There is a very modest event budget that will mainly cover out of pocket expenses for volunteers and materials, but opportunities for sponsored activities and events will be welcomed.

  • You will act as the main contact for the day’s arrangements.

  • Attendance at event, on-site co-ordination and management of logistics

  • Completion of Risk Assessment.

  • Help to co-ordinate and manage volunteer stewards etc, on the day

  • Produce an outline of activities and events to inform the Tamar Trails brochure print deadline end of June.

  • Provide details of day’s events to the Communications Officer to allow for PR to be produced within plenty of time.

  • Complete a short report reviewing the event and its outputs


As the day of celebration will be part of a special Tamar Trail Festival running from 26th – 30th August, timings have been planned to coincide with publicity before the schools break up for the summer holidays.

This will be done centrally by the AONB Team, but your input will be required for the following stage;
29th May – information about the day required for inclusion with Tamar Trails Festival booklet.
You will be expected to liaise with the Information & Communications Officer in the run-up to the event, to plan other publicity to maximise attendance at the event. Regular meetings/email updates with other AONB staff is also expected to ensure timescales are being met.
Please submit your quote for this work by 14th May 2015 (please also state your day rate to enable us to make a direct comparison with other organisations who will be quoting for this).
Within your reply, please outline any experience you may have in this field of work, any potential ideas that you think might be suitable or that you would like to explore, along with contact details (if applicable) of previous contracts. Please outline details of Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurances.
For an informal discussion and further information, please contact either:-
Rebecca Lumbis

Charlotte Dancer or

Corinna Woodall

On 01822 835030

Tamar Valley AONB, Tamar Valley Centre,

Cemetery Road, Drakewalls, Cornwall. PL18 9FE

e: enquiries@tamarvalley.org.uk

t: 01822 835030

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