Activities and seminars

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Activities and seminars

In order to unleash your full human potential

(The school of enlightenment)

Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha!“ (Central mantra of the heart sutra)

Gone, gone, totally gone, totally completely gone, elightened, so be it.“

We offer a broad variety of options (joint activities), which will help you push forward your spiritual transformation (the experience of enlightenment). We provide our help to make you overcome burnout, mental overload, overstimulation, loss of meaning, DEPRESSIONS, anxieties, solitude, lack of self-confidence and dependencies. But you are also welcome to join us if you just want to make progress concerning your personal perspective.

We hold weekly meditation meetings and specific events, which will last several days. We wish to give our participants the opportunity to leave behind their everyday life by experiencing common activites in a pleasant environment. Through development and specific acquisition of new abilities, we aim to bring you closer to your personal fulfillment
The combinations of special activities of our Illuminati seminar are unique and very effective, above all in situations of depression, which all of us may experience from time to time:
A. Weekly or monthly visit of our „Illuminati school of sudden enlightenment“
B. Immersion seminars with persistent impression: Meditation in dark environment, raja yoga, zazen, classical meditation, retreat and absolute silence
C. Common, extraordinary activites, which require your full attention, and which will make you forget (for a long time) about your concerns (=dharana, concentration); This is your transformation into absolute coolness (=samadhi):

  1. Action painting

  2. Hatha yoga (physical exercises: also calisthenics, bouldering, crossfit)

  3. Raja yoga (subtile, meditative exercises) – the king yoga, which will lead to enlightenment

  4. Driving with track vehicles in the terrain (as co-driver)

  5. Driving a ferrari (as co-driver)

  6. Going speed boating (as co-driver)

  7. Driving a big-foot-truck (on your own)

  8. Gunnery training with sporting arms as a meditative exercise in order to increase your focus (gun, rifle). It will take place in an underground center of education, which is also used by special forces

  9. Self-defence with psychology (hypnotic techniques), with arms (pepper spray, flash-bang-pistol, cane and knife) and with you bare hands and feet (of course this is appropriate to age and level)

  10. Meditation in nature, way of enlightenment (top stage of yoga), experience of absolute meditative darkness (dugout, forest), overcoming of personal mental bonds

  11. Survival training in nature and for critical situations (full concept of action!), also in your daily environment)

  12. Social and political education for thinking people with foresight (iZen- way of liberation, lectures with colloquy) – away from being „Good Men and Good Women“ towards a more intelligent and more caring wisdom!

  13. Therapeutical woodworks – create your own piece of art all by yourself

  14. Intuitive and meditative painting of calligraphy and mandalas

  15. Contact and work with animals (dog, horse) in order to get a better understanding and also better communication skills with all beings; observant hike in nature with animals for becoming ONE with the big picture

  16. Joint trips like hiking in the dark, picnic, visits of places of high cultural and political interest

You are free to choose those modules individually. They serve to develop your full, inner potential, all within a comfortable environment together with friends who are following the same path like you do. Moreover, they serve to develop an inner feeling of ever-present silence, serenity, foresight and freedom of all mental bonds (illuminati = enlightenment)
We are a team of experts (non-medical psychotherapists, teachers of wisdom, martial arts masters, we offer experts when dealing with arms, experts in art therapy, carpenters, soldiers and police men, business consultants, a team of personal´s permanently growing). Each member of our Illuminati team is contributing his or her knowledge and experience, and YOU are no exception!
->NOTE: All activites involving self-defence do not encompass any military background. They merely serve to increase your ability in self-defence in required situations and for meditative purposes. All exercises involving weapons will take place in legal areas supervised by verified superintendents of the German armed forces, the police and instructors of athletic competitions.
Even Buddha recommended to protect oneself from aggressive and ignorant people ( also see Tich Nhat Hanh, enO, among others)

Procedure and fees
(All these offers are perfect for people with or without burnout or depressions! BEWARE: Small groups have to subscribe in time! Participation for team strengthening, for managers, medical practices, couples and single persons – You must have reached the age of 18!)

  • Action days or retreats (each 2-3 days): varying between 350.- and 590.- euros per person (depending on the selection of the desired module)

  • Weekly seminars: 10.- euro per double lession, you can choose to pay 30.- as an alternative

All participants will receive a graduation certificate of the Illuminati. Furthermore, you are welcome to join our team (mentally or in reality) if you feel capable of doing so and if you are showing the necessary qualification. For more information on our programm, contact our team under: (
It was never before so purposefully possible to approach your own enlightenment. Experience your full potential – NOW!
Disclaimer: Of course we are not offering a “warranty“ for enlightenment. This is due to the fact that enlightenment is strongly connected with one´s own motivation, matureness, devotion and qualification. But what we do offer is the strong probability of bringing you much closer to your own enlightenment – in a short amount of time. All earnings (after deducting the costs of organisation) will be donated in order to support people with handicaps and the altruistic Illuminati/ iZen project

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