Albert Rosales humanoid sighting reports 1000-2007

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Humcat 1934-1

Source: John A Keel

Type: C?


Location. Garganta La Olla Caceres Spain

Date: October 1 1934

Time: daytime

An old woman was working in a field when she noticed nearby in a crag a short being wearing a very brilliant outfit. She then heard a voice in her head announcing the birth of her grandson. She then walked towards the being, which began to run and quickly disappeared. When she arrived at her home she was able to verify that indeed her grandson had been born.
HC addition # 1331

Source: Vicente Ballester Olmos, A Catalogue of 200 Type I UFO Events in Spain & Portugal

Type: E

Addendums to be included as they become available.
Chronological list:
00001930 Central Desert Western Australia

00001930 Cincinnati Ohio

00001930 Toulx-Ste-Croix, Creuse France

00001930 Tomintoul Scotland

00001930 Barcelona Spain

00001930 Wayne County Tennessee

00001930 Martilandran Spain

00001930 Mandurah Western Australia

00001930 near Guines Cuba

00001930 Carnaubeiras, Maranhao Brazil

00001930 Valence France

Spring1930 near Villazon Bolivia

05001930 Greensboro North Carolina

Summer1930 Haverigg Dunes, Cumbria England

08001930 Montebenichi Italy

Fall1930 Pittsylvania Virginia

12001930 Salisbury England

Winter1930 Camperville, Manitoba Canada

1931 chronological list:

00001931 Near Simferopol Crimea Ukraine

00001931 Arnhem Land, Northern Territories Australia

00001931 Moselle France

01001931 Eslov Sweden

03001931 Cannes, Alpes Maritimes France

08001931 Warwickshire England

1932 chronological list:

00001932 near High Bridge New Jersey

00001932 San Pedro Mountains Wyoming

00001932 near Killdeer North Dakota

00001932 Portel, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

05041932 150 miles W of Toronto Ontario Canada

08001932 Joliette Quebec Canada

11001932 Frederick Maryland

12081932 Beauraing Belgium

12211932 Beauraing Belgium

1933 chronological list:

00001933 near Mirny Yakutiya Russia

00001933 Discovery Well Western Australia

00001933 Kalinin Russia

03001933 Favorino Reggio di Calabra Italy

05001933 not given

Summer1933 Langtrask Sweden

Summer1933 Chrysville Pennsylvania

Summer1933 near Nipawin Saskatchewan Canada

Summer1933 near Cudworth Saskatchewan Canada

1934 chronological list:

00001934 near Campbell Lake South Dakota

00001934 Mayaguez Puerto Rico

00001934 Fiambala Catamarca Argentina

00001934 Singapore

01001934 Chattanooga Tennessee

01231934 Tromso Norway

02001934 Dollis Hill London England

02051934 Malselv Norway

10011934 Garganta La Olla Caceres Spain
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Compiled by

Albert Rosales

1935-1939 Humanoid Reports. Echoes of the future in the 30’s. A taste of things to come. Following is a list of known humanoid encounters for the above years.


Location. Genesco Illinois

Date: 1935

Time: daytime

In a farm area a young man had gone out to the water pump when he suddenly heard a strange noise. Looking up he saw a bizarre entity with a head like an eagle and shiny red eyes. The being looked directly at the witness for about 45 seconds then ran down the road and disappeared from sight. The being seemed to have been wearing a khaki military style jump suit.
HC addition # 1818

Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate October 1994

Type: E Encounter with isolated humanoid.

HSI: “7”

Reliability of source: “10”

Comments: The date is approximate. This is indeed a striking looking humanoid entity; closest match could be the werewolf like creatures reported worldwide.


Location. Macmeenstown County Donegal Ireland

Date: 1935

Time: daytime

The 13-year old witness was out gathering firewood in a wooded area when he suddenly spotted a two-foot tall woman dressed in red. She walked towards the witness but he ran away from the area in fright.
HC addition # 678

Source: Scott S Smith, Fate March 1993

Type: E Encounter with isolated humanoid.

HSI: “6”

Reliability of source: “9”

Comments: Fairy like entity report, still widely reported in modern times. Are these entities inner earth dwellers? Or are they inter-dimensional denizens from another plane.


Location. Chiarotorre, Italy

Date: 1935

Time: 1700

17-year old Theresa Maria Vanucci saw at a locality called “Giuncaia” a sphere of light hovering above the ground and within the sphere a beautiful female figure. No other information.
HC addendum

Source: Erich Zurcher, “Appearances of Humanoids”

Type: A Entity observed inside UFO.

High Strangeness Index: “6”

Reliability of source: “8”

Comments: possibly interpreted as a Marian vision.


Location. Not given

Date: 1935

Time: evening

A boy lay at home in bed suffering from a bad case of pneumonia. As he lay there looking out the window at the backyard, two beings appeared next to him. They had luminous, transparent bodies that reminded him of the Northern lights. The beings asked the boy to go with them, which he did, taking the visitors by the hand. The witness adds that they “talked without sound”, which probably refers to the use of telepathy. The boy was taken to a huge “dance pavilion” where couples were waltzing, dressed in black and white. There was no ceiling, but crystals hung above and made music beyond comparison that sounded to the boy like wind chimes. He remembers little of what happened afterwards except that he was taken to the pavilion on three occasions in all, he does not know how he was returned home. The third time he was taken, a female being told him that they had a special mission for him, but he apparently doesn’t remember now what it consisted of.
HC addendum

Source: Chris Aubeck, Return To Magonia

Type: G Abduction and direct intervention report.

High Strangeness Index: “8”

Reliability of Source: “8”

Comments: This other worldly trip could be of a hallucinatory nature but there are similar cases on record. The source apparently quotes “The Communion Letters” by Streiber.


Location. Havana Province Cuba, exact location not given

Date: 1935

Time: night

Two young children were walking along a wooded path and as they passed by a large tree a beam of light apparently from an unknown source within the tree shone on them. One of the children then threw a rock at the tree. At this point the tree made a strange “twinkling” or “crackling” sound as if made out of glass, moments later a glowing humanoid figure appeared on the tree. This frightened the children who quickly ran away from the area.
HC addition # 2081

Source: Direct from Bobby Hernandez

Type: E Encounter with solitary entity.

High Strangeness Index: “5”

Reliability of Source: “5”

Comments: Possibly a “Ciguapas” type entity known and widely reported in Caribbean countries.


Location. Near Charbonier, Spain

Date: 1935

Time: night

Manuel Reina & a friend were driving towards a nearby town and as they reached a curve on the roadway they came face to face with a figure wearing a tight fitting luminous outfit, resembling shiny plastic. The vehicle stopped and both witnesses felt paralyzed unable to move as the strange figure stared at them. Unable to move either forward or backwards the men just sat there until the strange figure disappeared from sight.
HC addendum

Source: CIO

Type: E Encounter with solitary humanoid or entity.

High Strangeness Index: “6”

Reliability of Source: “7”

Comments: Early report describing a humanoid encountered by occupants of a vehicle.


Location. Svanshals Ostergotland Sweden

Date: February 1935

Time: morning

Carl Axel Jonzon, 7 years old at the time, was on his way to school. In a field near his home he saw six to eight entities near an object, which was embedded in the snow. All of the entities were dressed alike and had helmets reaching to their shoulders. Later as the witness crossed the field in question he was suddenly enveloped in a dense fog or smoke. The young witness lost himself in the fog and only came out of it two & a half hours later. The witness’s uncle apparently also saw the object and the entities.
HC addition # 2518

Source: Sven Olof Svensson

Type: C or G? Humanoids seen in vicinity of landed UFO. Or possibly time lapse case.

High Strangeness Index: “7”

Reliability of Source: “9”

Comments: There is the distinct possibility that this case is abduction, of course hypnotic regression was unheard of back in the 30’s.


Location. Malines Antwerp Belgium

Date: Spring 1935

Time: night

During the night, the witness, Mr. Aerts saw a brilliant circular object, described as “like aluminum,” in the sky above the roofs of houses nearby. It’s shaped that of a pan, and its volume appeared to be enormous. Two small occupants were seen coming from the rear of the object; they wore square helmets with short antennas, and moved around the outside of the object in a mechanical or robot like fashion. They appeared to be examining the exterior surface of the “pan-like” object.
Humcat 1935-1

Source: Jean Gerard Dohmen

Type: B Humanoids or entities seen coming out and entering UFO.

High Strangeness Index: “6”

Reliability of Source: “7”

Comments: Pre WWII report describing “aliens” coming out of object and apparently inspecting its hull.


Location. Aznalcazar Sevilla Spain

Date: April 5 1935

Time: 1930

Mr. Mora, a farmer who was working on his farm “Haza-Ancha,” saw a large; round brilliant object descend at some 450 meters of distance. The object stayed just above the ground, and some small strange beings appeared who went around it. The witness thought that it was a “supernatural” vision with which God had wanted to reward him, and it was the central topic of his conversations until his death.
Humcat 1935-2

Source: Vicente Ballester Olmos

Type: B Humanoids seen in vicinity of landed UFO.

High Strangeness Index: “6”

Reliability of Source: “9”

Comments: Unfortunately a more specific description of the humanoids is not given.


Location. Redondo Beach California

Date: May 1935

Time: daytime

A fishing boat crew saw, 3 miles offshore a bizarre merman like creature, described as having shiny eyes a broad smooth forehead, dark hair on its head and a beard. It appeared to be between ten to twelve ft long. It flipped its tail and disappeared into the waters as the anglers attempted to approach it on a small boat.
HC addition # 1835

Source: Janet & Colin Bord, Unexplained Mysteries of The 20th Century

Type: E Encounter with amphibian humanoid

High Strangeness Index: “7”

Reliability of Source: “10”

Comments: Modern day mermaid or merman like creature?


Location. Maglavit Romania

Date: May 31 1935

Time: afternoon

A shepherd was tending his flock of sheep and was standing near some old trees when suddenly a figure appeared to him from out of the field. The shepherd described the being a looking like an “old man.” The old man told the witness “The future of humanity was in danger” and then disappeared into a cube shaped cloud and vanished. (The same witness reportedly encountered the same being again on June 5 1935. According to the witness the old man was angry because he had not conveyed the message of doom to the people of the village).
HC addition # 2054

Source: Boczor Iosif, Fate Vol. 48 # 3

Type: B? Entity or humanoid seen exiting or entering UFO and direct communication.

High Strangeness Index: “6”

Reliability of Source: “9”

Comments: This entity reminds me of the alien originally encountered by Meier in 1942. Bearded and elderly appearing.

1936 Humanoid cases.


Location. Dourdan Woods, France

Date: 1936

Time: unknown

A lone witness reported encountering in a wooded area a 3-meter tall humanoid female figure wearing a long black cape and dark outfit. There is no other information.
HC addendum

Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Type: E It is curious that in France reports of female humanoids, many times alone and connected with the Virgin Mary apparitions have been reported.


Location. Great Falls Maryland

Date: 1936

Time: 0200A

A night security guard at the local “Maryland mine” while doing his rounds encountered a bizarre being in one of the shafts. The being was described as a man-like creature with fiery eyes and a ten-foot long tail. The creature crawled out of the mine and disappeared into the forest.
HC addition # 688

Source: Mark Chorvinsky & Mark Opsasnick, Strange Magazine # 5

Type: E Encounter with isolated humanoid or monster like creature.

High Strangeness Index: “6”

Reliability of Source: “9”

Comments: Very bizarre looking creature among the many seen throughout the years worldwide.


Location. Nottingham, England

Date: 1936

Time: morning

Young Marjorie T Johnson was lying in bed enjoying the early morning sunshine which streamed in through the low, open window, suddenly she felt compelled to sit up in bed and turn her eyes to the empty fire grate. There, on a filmy cobweb on the bars, sat a strange little creature. It seemed quite unafraid and, from the broad grin on its face, appeared to enjoy the witness’s observation. As the witness stared, it blinked back at her with a blank expression, which showed very little intelligence. Curious she climbed out of bed. The elf like creature then immediately disappeared. Marjorie climbed back, and when she looked again the creature was perched in the same place. This went on for several minutes until she brushed away the cobweb. She never saw the creature again. She described it as about 4inches to 6inches in height; with very large ears and a glimmering green colored body.
HC addendum

Source: Janet Bord, Faeries Real Encounters with The Little People Type: E Encounter with isolated humanoid creature.

High Strangeness Index: “6”

Reliability of Source: “9”

Comments: Report of fairy like humanoid encounter.


Location. Pacific Ocean

Date: 1936 (approximate date)

Time: daytime

A Russian civilian transport steam vessel the “Maria” from Leningrad was crossing the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly one day the officer of the watch noticed a strange apparatus ahead on the water, remotely looking like a vessel that ascended out from the ocean. No signs of life could be seen on it and the strange vessel did not respond to the Maria’s radio signals. After a period of observation the Captain of the Maria ordered the launch of a small boat to find out what the object was. Five sailors approached the object in the rowboat and the rest of the crew watched the boat approach the object and the sailors board the strange object. In a short period of time the strange vessel began moving away at very high speed and soon disappeared into a cloud or fog. An attempt to follow it and intercept the vessel was futile and after several hours of searching and waiting the Captain of the Maria ordered its vessel to continue on its original route. As the ship returned to the area several days later the Captain order its crew to follow the same previous route. Coming close to the location of the previous unexpected meeting the officer of the watch caught a glance of a strange boat, unlike any normal boat he had ever seen. This boat was made of a transparent material. Inside the boat there were 3 sailors of the original 5 that original set out to investigate the anomalous object. When the Maria approached the boat one of the sailors screamed and jumped into the water. Despite an immediate search his body was never sound, apparently submerging into the abyss. The other two were taken onboard, they seemed happy to meet their comrades again. After that they told an amazing story. When they were taken onboard the strange craft, they were surrounded by strange entities, dressed in dark shiny suits, look frogmen. Their extremities were only similar to humans, having small webbed membranes between the fingers. The aliens exchanged glances between them (obviously communicating by telepathy) not verbally. Sometimes they exchanged gestures. The aliens then told the humans that there was no way back, and requested that they stay with them. Two of the sailors immediately agreed, they were then separated from the rest and were never seen again. The other three were imprisoned in an isolated room where they spent about 2 days according to their estimation. Soon and by unknown means, the three men found themselves onboard the strange boat, with a stock of strange food resembling tablets in transparent pockets, that the aliens had also offered them onboard the strange vessel. It was enough to eat 1 or 2 such tablets to feel no hunger. One of the men (the one that jumped in the water later) refused to eat the tablets and while the rest slept became tired with fruitless observations of the ocean and grabbed the alien provisions discarding them into the water. They remained without food for 1 day, but felt no hunger. Subsequently they noticed the Maria approaching their location. When the “survivors” were taken onboard and the Maria began moving away from the area the strange boat was suddenly surrounded by waves and sank into the ocean. The crew onboard had not been able to take the strange boat onboard since it had nothing to hook on to. After arriving back to Leningrad the Captain of the Maria sent a report to the Ministry. The Captain and the two remaining sailors were called to the Ministry and interrogated. One of the sailors was labeled a psychotic, the second refused to cooperate any further. The Captain was very persistent in his testimony, referring to the watch journal and stating that everything was accurately documented. But subsequently he was forced to back off and admit that nothing had occurred. Soon the Captain was transferred to another ship.
HC addendum

Source: Engineer Lev A Popov, quoting the Files of Felix U Zigel and Anton Anfalov

High Strangeness Index: 9

Reliability of Source: 8

Comments: A garbled second hand version of this amazing incident is found in the 1982 summaries. In that version the incident took place in the Black Sea. The above appears to be the correct and true account.

Location. Near Jefferson Wisconsin

Date: 1936

Time: night

A night security guard making his rounds came upon a strange creature that was apparently digging a hole at an old Indian burial mound. The creature turned around and looked at the witness that was now terrified and began to pray. The creature seemed to show some fear and uttered something like sounded like “Gadara.” The creature was described as huge, black in color & emitting a putrid smell, it had long finger like claws, a man like built, pointed canine like teeth, pointed ears and a muzzle like nose. The creature slowly disappeared into the nearby woods.
HC addition # 600

Source: Linda S Godfrey, Strange Magazine # 11

Type: E Encounter with isolated humanoid creature.

HSI: “8”

ROS: “9”

Comments: 20th century of werewolf like creature. I am not sure what “Gadara” means, but it’s possibly some type of magical incantation.


Location. Potterne, England

Date: January 1 1936

Time: night

A man was driving to meet his wife from a New Year’s party when he saw a young woman in a green suit with a dark collar, at the side of the road. He stopped and asked if he could give her a lift. She got into the back of the car and he drove on. Suddenly the air grew dreadfully cold and when he glanced back to the girl, no one was there.
HC addendum

Source: Ken Rogers, The Warminster Triangle

Type: E Encounter with isolated humanoid.

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