Albumin from mouse serum (A3559) Product Information Sheet

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from murine serum 


Product Number  A 3559 

Storage Temperature  2-8 



Product Description 

CAS Number: 9048-46-8 

Molecular Weight: 67 kDa




This product is free of globulin. It is derived from Swiss 

Webster strain mouse serum by cold alcohol 

fractionation.  There are no heating steps involved in 

the preparation of this product. 


The percent (by mass) amino acid composition of 

mouse serum albumin is:  Asp (9.2%), Thr (6.1%), Ser 

(3.9%), Glu (16.1%), Pro (4.5%), Gly (1.4%), Ala 

(6.1%), Cys (5.4%), Val (4.7%), Met (1.0%), Ile (1.9%), 

Leu (10.2%), Tyr (4.9%), Phe (5.6%), Lys (9.6%), His 

(3.6%), Arg (5.5%), and Trp (0.3%).




This Fraction V albumin can be used for making 

immune complexes with anti-albumin antibodies.  

Fatty acids will not interfere with the complex 



Precautions and Disclaimer 

For Laboratory Use Only.  Not for drug, household or 

other uses. 



1.  Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 427, 238 (1976). 

2.  Feldhoff, R.C., et al., Purification of transferrin and 

albumin from mouse ascites fluid.  Prep. 

Biochem., 15(4), 221-236 (1985). 


FEB/JRC 1/03


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