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Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University
English Language – Sumgait City
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Hesenova Terane
Sumgait is the second-largest city in Azerbaijan, located near the Caspian Sea, about 31 kilometres (19 miles) away from the capital, Baku. The city has a population of around 345,300, making it the second-largest city in Azerbaijan after the capital Baku.
The city has a territory of 83 square kilometres (32 sq mi). It was founded on November 22, 1949.Two settlements are within the city administration: Jorat and Haji Zeynalabdin; a settlement named after oil businessman and philanthropist Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev. It is home to Sumqayit State University.
Sumgait City
According to the local folklore the city is named after the Sumgait river. In retrospect, the legend tells the tale of a hero by the name of "Sum", who is chosen by the community to fight a monster that was blocking the Sumgait River.Sum eventually manages to kill the monster, but when the river is released he is swept by the waters and never seen again. After that, his beloved, Jeyran, inconsolable by Sum's disappearance, would go to the river and cry "Sum qayıt!" (which means "Sum, come back!" in Azerbaijani).So the river became known as Sumgait, upon the city was named after.
Medieval era
According to historians, Medean tribes lived in the area. During the construction boom, when the foundation of the executive power building was being excavated, remains of an ancient caravanserai along with personal items and kitchenware was found at the site.
The first reports of settlements at the present site of Sumgait were in 1580, when English traveller H. Barrow mentioned Sumgait in his writings and in 1858, when Alexander Dumas wrote about the area in his memoirs Trip to Caucasus, although nothing substantial was created on the site until the Soviet Union gained control over the area in the 1920s.
Soviet period
Following the politics of glasnost, initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev, civil unrest and ethnic strife grew in various regions of the Soviet Union, including Nagorno-Karabakh,an autonomous region of the Azerbaijani SSR.
Sumgait was also the location of the Sumgait pogrom against the local Armenian population on February 27 to 29, 1988, at the beginning of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
Republic era
After the First Nagorno-Karabakh War, the city became home to a number of Azerbaijani refugees internally displaced persons, mainly from Qubadli and Zengilan regions.In 1994, Heydar Aliyev initiated a large-scale Free Economic Area project on the territory of the city.

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