Basic Channel Time Request Differences: active and sps

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Basic Channel Time Request Differences: ACTIVE and SPS

Proposed Channel Time Request Command

Channel Time Request Command Use

CTR Interval in SPS and ACTIVE

  • SPS Interval:

    • One of the parameters specified in an SPS Set.
    • Specifies number of superframes between Awake beacons
    • Restricted to be a power of 2.
  • CTR Interval in SPS CTRB

    • Specifies number of superframes between Slots for an SPS DEV (Awake Slots).
    • Values restricted to be a power of 2 and greater than or equal to SPS Interval.
    • Restricted to be a power of 2.

CTR Control Definitions

SPS Set Definitions

Proposed Names, Definitions, and Timing Diagrams

New Names and Definitions for SPS mode

Summary of SPS Terms

  • Awake

    • Awake beacon
      • The beacon in which a DEV in SPS mode DEV is listening.
    • Awake superframe
    • Next Awake Beacon
      • The beacon number of the next beacon when the SPS DEV will be listening.
  • Sleep

The Timing of SPS

Synchronous Power Save Mode

SPS Sleep Opportunities

Active mode

Changes Needed to Implement The Compromise

Beacon Element to Replace CTA Fields

  • Create new beacon element called “Power Save Information Element”, PSIE. Each information element shall contain, an SPS Set number {1,2,…,N}, a a list of the ADs of DEVs currently in SPS mode, the current value of SPS Interval, and Next Awake Beacon for that SPS set. The PNC shall create a PSIE for each set k only if one or more DEVs currently in SPS mode have CTA’a that were requested with k as the SPS Set. Otherwise the PSIE for k shall not be present in the beacon.

  • Possibility: A PSIE with the SPS Set number of “0” shall be used to allow APS devices to indicate that they are sleeping. The indication is requested using the “Show Mode” field of the APS sleep command when switching into APS sleep mode. Use of set ”0” shall be optional, allowing DEV’s to sleep anonymously if desired.

  • (Diagram of structure see next page)

Command Changes

  • Combine the two commands to switch PS modes and the one command to insert an SPS slot, to one command that will perform all three functions. (details to follow)

Appendix 1 Power Management Architecture Compromise


  • CTA elements indicate channel time only and are absent if no channel time in allocated

  • Traffic pending indicator in the beacon.

  • Beacon indication of DEV’s in EPS mode using an EPS set. This is absent for DEVs not in EPS mode.

  • Ability of a DEV to sleep and Awake up as proposed by Raju.

  • A single beacon entry for EPS Next for each EPS Set that is in use.

Compromise Continued

  • For PNC capable DEV’s

    • Support 1 EPS Set minimum if Des mode bit not set
    • Support 4 EPS Set minimum if AC powered.
    • Add “EPS Sets supported” to PNC capabilities table.

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