Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory

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Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory

Lab Number:11406531

Pre-requisite: 1104063 & 110406530

Lab description: The lab consists of three parts; the first part focuses on the mechanical testing of materials and the application of engineering mechanics principles on biomaterials. The second part focuses on human performance analysis via the study and analysis of human motion, and the third part focuses in basic fluid mechanics fundamentals


Section 1: Exp.1 : Tensile Test (Stress Strain Analysis)

Section 1: Exp.2 : Creep Test

Section 1: Exp.3 :Fatigue Test

Section 2: Exp.4 :Measurement of Joint’s ROM using Goniometer

Section 2: Exp.5 :Introduction to human motion capture using Optitrack System

Section 2: Exp.6 :Optitrack Arena motion capture (Setup and Calibration)

Section 2: Exp.7 :Optitrack Arena motion capture (Movements Tracking)

Section 2: Exp.8 :Motion Data Analysis Using Matlab Mocap Toolbox

Section 2: Exp.9 :Foot Force Measurement by a Force Platform

Section 3: Exp.10 :Viscosity Measurements

Section 3: Exp.11 :Laminar and Turbulent Flow

Section 3: Exp.12 :Pressure drops study in pipes , valves and couplings

Universal Testing Machine

Compact bench - mounting machine finds tensile properties of many materials.

Creep Testing Machine

Bench-mounted machine which demonstrates the phenomenon of creep under different conditions and in different materials..

Fatigue Testing Machine

Compact – bench mounting unit demonstrates the failure of materials when subjected to an alternating stress.

Force platform

A force platform is designed to measure the forces and moments applied to its top surface as a subject stands, steps, or jumps on it. Force plates are regularly used in research and clinical studies looking at balance, gait, and sports performance.

Optitrack Motion Capture System

High Speed Cameras used for recording the human motion for biomechanics, researchers and clinicians. By understanding human motion, researchers, doctors and physiotherapists can improve treatment duringa rehabilitation process and obtain guidance in selecting suitable training equipment.

Saybolt Viscometer

A device used to measuring the viscosity of fluid at different temperatures.

Falling Ball Viscometer

A device used to determine the viscosity of two given liquids at atmospheric pressure and temperature

Osborne Reynolds

The Osborne Reynolds experiment is used to display laminar and turbulent flows.

Fluid friction device with Hydraulic bench

This unit allows the detailed study of fluid friction head losses which occur when afluid flows through pipes, fittings and couplings.,.jpg

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