Clinical psychology Chapter 1: Introduction

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Clinical psychology

Research: beginnings

First psychological laboratory – Wundt (1879)

William James – “Principles of Psychology” (1890)

Research: advent of the modern era

Classical conditioning – Pavlov

Research: post war and beyond


Diagnosis and classification

Psychological testing and measurement

Behavioral Genetics >>> research specialty in which both genetic and environmental influences on the development of behavior are evaluated.

Brain imaging >>> able to see structure and function

Personality disorders. Enduring and maladaptive patterns of experience and behavior that emerge by adolescence or young adulthood and persist through much of adulthood. Examples include the paranoid, antisocial, and dependent personality disorders.

Structured diagnostic interviews. A class of assessment tools, all of which consist of questions keyed to diagnostic criteria. The term structured means that interviewers ask all the interviewees the same questions in the same order and score the answers in standard ways.

Systematic desensitization. A behavioral technique for the treatment of anxiety disorders in which patients practice relaxation while visualizing anxiety-provoking situations of increasing intensity.

Chapter 3: Current issues

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