Contribution to the Bulgarian fauna of Heteroptera 89 Historia naturalis bulgarica

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Contribution to the Bulgarian fauna of Heteroptera   89

Historia naturalis bulgarica,

16: 89-94, 2004

Contribution to the Bulgarian fauna of Heteroptera

Nikolay SIMOV, Michail JOSIFOV

SIMOV N., JOSIFOV M. 2004. Contribution to the Bulgarian fauna of  Heteroptera. – Historia

naturalis bulgarica, 16: 89-94.


 Among the announced 16 Heteroptera species 7 are new for the Bulgarian fauna. The

presence of another three species on the territory of the country is confirmed. New localities for 6

species collected until now only from single ones are represented as well. The discovery of Phytocoris

minor and Atractotomus marcoi on Pinus nigra is the first data about the biology of these dendrobiont

species in Bulgaria.

Key words:

 Faunistics, Heteroptera, Bulgaria


The following Heteroptera species are subjects of this work: new ones for the Bulgarian

fauna (in the text they are marked with *) or species announced until now only from a single

locality in Bulgaria or the data on their presence need confirmation.

The position of the localities is given in UTM code (UTM Zones 34, 35). The feeding

plant or the habitat, where the insect was collected, is represented as well if there are enough

data available. The method of collection is mentioned only if it differs from mowing with an

entomological net or beating the tree branches with a net for dendrobiont species. The material

is deposited in the authors’ collections in the National Museum of Natural History and in the

Institute of  Zoology.

Species account


Ceratocombus  (s. str.) coleoptratus (Zetterstedt, 1819)

Material examined: Bulgaria NG 45, Strandzha Mts. 80 m alt., near Veleka River, Kachul

Site, wet meadow, pitfall traps, 01.10-16.11.2000, 3 ††, leg. N. Kodzhabashev & M. Langourov;

Bulgaria GL 09, Southern Pirin Mt., 450 m alt., SE slope of  Sveti Iliya Hill, near v. Kalimantsi,

communities of Quercus coccifera, pitfall traps, 01.06-22.06.2002, 1 ‡, leg. M. Langourov.

90   Nikolay Simov & Michail Josifov


 Until now this species has been announced for Bulgaria without any data on its

locality (STICHEL, 1960). This West Euro-Siberian one is found on the Balkan Peninsula in

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and Macedonia as well (KERZHNER, 1995).


* Micronecta (s. str.) carpatica Wróblewski, 1958

Material examined: Bulgaria LF 78, Eastern Rhodopes Mts. 450m alt., v. Ribino, a Karst

spring in Talashman Dere Protected Site, 18.06.2000, 17 †† & ‡‡, leg. N. Simov.


An European species. For the territory of  the Balkan Peninsula it is known from

Greece as well (POLHEMUS et al., 1995).

Micronecta (s. str.) poweri poweri (Douglas et Scott, 1869)

Material examined: Bulgaria FP 51, Western Balkan Mts. 500 m alt., Prevalska River near

v. Prevala, 18.07.2000, 11 ††, 15 ‡‡, leg. N. Simov.


 A West Euro-Siberian species announced for Bulgaria without locality (STICHEL,



Saldula c-album (Fieber, 1859)

Material examined: Bulgaria FN 81, Vitosha Mt. 1900 m alt., Reserve Torfen Rezervat,

Gorno Blato Site, 13.07.1984, 2 † & ‡, leg. M. Josifov.


A Boreo-Montane species announced for Bulgaria without locality (STICHEL,


Salda muelleri (Gmelin, 1790)

Material examined:  Bulgaria FN 91, Vitosha Mt. 1800 m alt., near the Fizkulturnik hut,

13.07.1984, 5 †† & ‡‡, leg. M. Josifov.


 A Boreo-Montane species announced for Bulgaria on the basis of an incorrectly

determined material from Rila Mt. (JOAKIMOV, 1922).


* Myrmedobia jakovlevi Péricart, 1969

Material examined: Bulgaria FM 71, Strouma River Valley, 170-240 m alt., 2 km SE of  v.

Kamenitsa, communities of  Quercus coccifera, pitfall traps, 27.09-02.11.2002, 1 ‡, leg. M.



 The species is new for the fauna of the Balkan Peninsula. Up to now it has been

known from Crimea and Georgia (PÉRICART, 1972, 1996a). Probably the species is Ponto-


Myrmedobia exilis (Fallén, 1807)

Material examined: Bulgaria FN 81, Vitosha Mt. 1800 m alt., Platoto, on Picea abies,

08.08.1999, 1 ‡, leg. N. Simov.

Contribution to the Bulgarian fauna of Heteroptera   91


An Euro-Siberian species. Until now it has been announced for the territory of  the

Balkan Peninsula from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia (PÉRICART, 1972, 1996a).


Phytocoris  (Exophytocoris)  minor  Kirschbaum, 1856

Material examined: Bulgaria GM 03, Pirin Mt. 1160 m alt., Chalin Valog Site, on Pinus

nigra, 10.08.2002, 6 ††, 5 ‡‡, leg. N. Simov; Bulgaria GM 03, Pirin Mt. 1040 m, Ravno Bore

Site, on Pinus nigra, 23.08.2002, 1 †, 2 ‡‡, leg. N. Simov.


 For the first time in Bulgaria this species was collected in Kresna Gorge on UV

light (JOSIFOV, 1986b). Its discovery on Pinus nigra is the first data about the biology of  this

North-Mediterranean species in the country.

Brachycoleus steini Reuter, 1877

Material examined: Bulgaria NG 75, Black Sea Coast, v. Sinemoretz, near the outflow of

Veleka River, 22.06.1991, 2 † & ‡, leg. M. Josifov.


 The announcements for Bulgaria of  this Ponto-Mediterranean species are from

Sliven (HORVÁTH, 1890) and from Slavyanka Mt. (DRENOWSKI, 1937), but the material

is lost and the determination is doubtful.

* Pinalitus viscicola (Puton, 1888)

Material examined: Bulgaria NG 58, Black Sea Coast, 7 km N of  Primorsko, Arkutino

Protected Site, on Viscum album on Acer sp., 12.09.2002, 29 ††, 21 ‡‡, leg. N. Simov.


A West-Palaearctic species known for the Balkan Peninsula from Macedonia,

Slovenia and Croatia (KERZHNER & JOSIFOV, 1999).

Cremnocephalus albolineatus Reuter, 1875

Material examined: Bulgaria FM 82, Kresna Gorge 450 m alt.,v. Stara Kresna, Hladkata

Banya thermal spring, on Pinus nigra, 27.05.2001, 1 †, 2 ‡‡, leg. N. Simov.


The species is announced for Bulgaria from the Rhodopes Mts. on Pinus sylvestris

(JOSIFOV, 1980). Its relation to the genus Pinus, as well as its discovery at so low altitude on

the Mediterranean species Pinus nigra, makes us to consider its origin as Mediterranean and

the concept of  its affiliation to the Boreo-Montane group (JOSIFOV, 1986a; BRÄNDLE &

RIEGER, 1999) as incorrect.

Atractotomus marcoi Carapezza, 1982

Material examined: Bulgaria GM 03, Pirin Mt. 1160 m alt., Chalin Valog Site, on Pinus

nigra, 10.08.2002, 1 †, 3 ‡‡, leg. N. Simov; Bulgaria KG 21, Western Rhodopes Mts. 1200m

alt., Reserve Kastrakli, on Pinus nigra, 12.08.2002, 1 †, leg. N. Simov; Bulgaria GM 03, Pirin

Mt. 1040 m alt., Ravno Bore Site, on Pinus nigra, 23.08.2002, 1 ‡, leg. N. Simov.


 For the first time the species is collected in Bulgaria in Kresna Gorge on UV light

(JOSIFOV, 1993). It is found on Pinus laricio in its locus typicus (CARAPEZZA, 1982). Its

discovery on Pinus nigra is the first data about the biology of  this Ponto-Mediterranean

dendrobiont species in Bulgaria.

92   Nikolay Simov & Michail Josifov



Tetraphleps bicuspis (Herrich-Schäffer, 1835)

Material examined: Bulgaria FN 82, Vitosha Mt. 1800 m alt., Dolno blato Site near

Planinarska pesen hut, on Larix decidua, 22.09.1999, 1 †, 2 ‡‡, leg. N. Simov.


 This Boreo-Montane species is known for the Balkan Peninsula also from Slovenia

and Croatia (PÉRICART, 1972, 1996b).

Cardiastethus nazarenus Reuter, 1884

Material examined: Bulgaria NG 76, Black Sea Coast, v. Lozenetz, on strobiles of  Cupresus

sempervirens, 06.09.2002, 3 ††, 2 ‡‡, leg. N. Simov; Bulgaria NG 58, Black Sea Coast, 7 km

N of  Primorsko, Arkutino Protected Site, on Viscum album on Acer sp., 12.09.2002, 2 ††, leg.

N. Simov.


 A Holomediterranean species collected in Bulgaria on Tamarix sp. in Sandanski-

Petrich Kettle (GÖLLNER-SCHEIDING & ARNOLD, 1988).



Stenolemus novaki Horváth, 1888

Material examined: Bulgaria LG 24, Central Rhodopes Mts. 550 m alt., Asenova Krepost

Site, 04.06.1989, 1 †, leg E. Heiss.


 Up to now the species was known for the Balkan Peninsula from only from its terra

typica in Dalmatia (PUTSHKOV & PUTSHKOV, 1996).

Rhynocoris punctiventris (Herrich-Schäffer, 1846)

Material examined: Bulgaria KH 18, Pre-Balkan Area, v. Reselets, 01.07-12.07.1996, 15


, 10 ‡‡, leg. M. Josifov.


 A Ponto-Mediterranean species. Its locality in Reselets is on the extreme north of

its distribution in the Balkan Peninsula (JOSIFOV, 1986a; PROTIĆ 1998), considerably far

from the other known localities in Bulgaria (JOSIFOV, 1964). Apparently the microclimatic

conditions in this karst region are favorable for this isolated population.


We thank the National Council “Scientific Investigations” – Grant - No B-MU-11-06/01,

for their financial support, which gave us the opportunity to collect some of the materials



Dr. A. Georgieva for her help in the English translation.


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Contribution to the Bulgarian fauna of Heteroptera   93

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Received on 01.04.2003

94   Nikolay Simov & Michail Josifov

Authors’ addresses:

Nikolay Simov

Dr. Michail Josifov

National Museum of Natural History

Institute of  Zoology

Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. 1

Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. 1

1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


Принос към хетeроптерната фауна на България (Insecta: Heteroptera)

Николай СИМОВ, Михаил ЙОСИФОВ

(Р е з ю м е)

От съобщените 16 вида хетероптери, 7 са нови за българската фауна. Други три вида са

потвърдени за страната. За шест вида, известни досега само от едно находище, са посочени

нови такива. Дендробионтните хетероптери Phytocoris minor и Atractotomus marcoi са установени

по Pinus nigra, което представлява първи опит за изследване на биологията на тези видове в


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