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Minutes of the Special Meeting of Board of Studies held on 15.12.2014
A special meeting of Board of Studies of the Department of Economics was held on 15.12.2014 at 10:30 A.M. in the Seminar Library of the Department.
The following were present:

  1. Prof. Ashok Mittal

  2. Prof. Nisar A. Khan (In the chair)

  3. Prof. S. Noman Ahmad

  4. Prof. M. Izhar Ahmad

  5. Dr. Shehroz A. Rizvi

  6. Dr. Md. Abdus Salam

  7. Dr. S.M. Jawed Akhtar

  8. Dr. Md. Tarique

  9. Dr. Mohd. Azam Khan

  10. Dr. Dastgir Alam

  11. Dr.(Ms.) Zeba Sheereen

  12. Dr. (Ms.) Shaukat Haseen

  13. Dr. (Ms.) Azra Musavi

The following agenda was taken up for discussion.

  1. Admissions to M. Phil. / Ph.D. Programme in Economics

Board considered following candidates for admission to M.Phil. /Ph.D. programme in Economics for the session 2014-15 and recommended their admissions to the Committee for Advance Study and Research in Social Sciences.

(i) Sana Fatima
B.A. 2012 AMU 60.06%

M.A. 2014 AMU 63.81%

Ph.D. Topic: Rural Development Programmes in India: An Economic Analysis of Post Reform Period

Paper-I: Research Methodology

Paper-II: Rural Economics

Name of Supervisor: Dr. Md. Abdus Salam
(ii) Mohd. Iqbal Rather
B.A. 2011 University of Kashmir 65.11%

M.A. 2014 IGNOU 73.93%

M. Phil. Topic: Higher Education in Jammu and Kashmir: Problems and Challenges

Paper-I: Research Methodology

Paper-II: Economics of Education

Name of Supervisor: Prof. (Mrs.) Nighat Ahmad

  1. Allocation of Teaching Work, 2014-2015

The Board considered and approved the allocation of teaching work for B.A.II & IV Semesters and M.A. II & IV Semesters for the session 2014-15 as given in Appendix -A. The Board authorised the Chairman to make minor changes as and when required.

The meeting came to an end after transacting the said business.

(Prof. Nisar A. Khan)

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