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Robert T. Montgomery robert.t.montgomery@gmail.com

414 5th Ave NE 253-218-6179

Algona, WA 98001 bob.tmont.com
Self-directed, detail-oriented programmer with demonstrated desire and ability to learn new skills and technologies.
2000 - 2010: Research Data Analyst at NexCura, an Internet software company specializing in treatment decision information tools for chronic diseases.


-Evaluated, coordinated, and implemented application changes, working with clinical staff and developers to ensure a smooth and timely process

-Coordinated bi-monthly application updates

-Maintained data integrity across several large relational databases (SQL Server 2005)

-Aggregated data for reporting and projections from multi-million row tables using T-SQL and MS Access

-Maintained and updated Transact SQL code for a 1.5 million user online tool

-Wrote technical specifications for new products and enhancements to existing products

-Helped design and spec changes, additions, and updates to intra-office database interface

-Helped troubleshoot and fix bugs in SQL back-end of intra-office tools

-Summarized articles from medical journals and extracted relevant data

-Built email messages and managed ongoing messaging campaigns

-Put together campaign projections for specific geographical areas and customer targets

-Built online screeners and surveys

-Trained new Research Data Analysts and coordinated their workload
T-SQL proficient (2 years)

C++ proficient (3 years)

C# beginner (1 year)

ASP.NET beginner (1 year)

JavaScript beginner (5 years)

ActionScript beginner (1 month)

6502 assembly proficient (6 years)

80x86 assembly beginner (.5 years)

HTML proficient (10 years)

CSS beginner (1 year)

MS Access proficient (10 years)

Subversion/TortoiseSVN beginner (1 year)

Published video games (links go to each game's page at mobygames.com):

Squish 'Em (2007, programming)

Elevators Amiss (2007, design, programming, and graphics)

AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2006 (2006, later re-released as Toyshop Trouble, design and programming of hidden "Easter Egg" game)

BLiP FOOtBaLL (2006, graphics and music programming)

Four-Play (2006, music)

AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2005 (2005, later re-released as Reindeer Rescue, design, programming, and music)

2005 Minigame Multicart (2005, design, programming, and graphics)

Go Fish! (2005, design, programming, and graphics)
Published articles (links go to citation at pubmed.gov):

An examination of the influence of patient race and ethnicity on expressed interest in learning about cancer clinical trials, 134 J Cancer Res Clin Oncol. 115 (2008) (co-authored with Maurice Markman and Judy Petersen)
Cancer versus heart failure patient self-declared potential interest in clinical trials, 9 Curr Oncol Rep. 1 (2007) (co-authored with Maurice Markman, Larie Smoyer, and James Timothy Marron)
Influence of tumor type, disease status, and patient age on self-reported interest regarding participation in cancer clinical trials, 107 Cancer. 849 (2006) (co-authored with Maurice Markman and Judy Petersen)
An examination of characteristics of lung and colon cancer patients participating in a web-based decision support program. Internet-based decision support programs, 69 Oncology. 311 (2005) (co-authored with Maurice Markman and Judy Petersen)
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, minor in Computer Science, minor in Physics, 2000

Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington

Playing soccer, the piano, and the guitar. Also enjoy designing and writing video games for classic consoles, and have composed and arranged music for several published Atari 2600 games.

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