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November 14, 2017 @ 6pm

Call to Order: Jamie at 6:04pm

Board Members Present: Mick, Lindsay, Kevin, Jamie, Emily, Stephani, Scott

Association Members Present: Heather Gearhart

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Kevin motions to approve the October minutes, Jamie seconds, and unanimous approval.


Grievance committee ruling. Mick motions and Kevin seconds to uphold the grievance committee ruling with a change in the verbiage to stipulate that neither family be locker room monitors or penalty box attendants for the remainder of the 2017-28 season only. The third and fourth bulleted point will be removed. Unanimous decision. Jamie will notify families of our decision by the weekend.

  1. Tournament scheduling: Heather’s concern about how tournament registrations were coordinated this season. Her idea is to have managers give a form at the beginning of the year with their requests for tournaments. Kevin would like the managers to still have credit cards and be allowed to register for their own tournaments. Heather suggests that managers possibly initiate contact with tournament directors, then payment is submitted later. Stephani will look into the possibility of having team managers have access to a paypal account to pay for tournaments that way next year.

  2. Reminder of parent etiquette: Ryan

    1. There needs to be a reminder email to parents that there’s a 24 hr rule when talking to coaches. Method is to ask the team manager for a meeting with the coach 24hrs after the incidence and team manager arranges a meeting with coach. Jamie will send out an email to the association with this reminder.

    2. Policy and procedures page will be made more visible on the web page by Scott.

    3. Email about proper registration for parents who are wanting to be on the ice will also be sent by Jamie.

  3. Ice scheduling: Kevin Tye

    1. Ice give backs etc: Kevin will confirm ice for Thanksgiving week and will get back to us.

    2. Subaru sponsorship: Emily will pick check up on Friday

    3. Hiroki: cost will be about $560 for it to be worth his time (2 hrs instruction + 2 hrs ice) Lindsay motioned and Stephani second to spend $500 to subsidize goalie training by Hiroki. Kevin is going to ask him for dates and we’ll send out an email to goalies advertising the times and cost will be $50.

  1. President’s Report (Jamie Miele)

    1. Status on securing girl’s locker room: supposed to be put in today

    2. Locker room monitoring: Emily motions and Scott seconds to move cell phone verbiage to the top, all approved.

    3. Proposed schedule for remainder of season:wants BOD to vote on this schedule next meeting

    4. Proposed summer schedule-wants BOD to vote on this schedule next meeting

    5. USA Hockey Club Excellence Program: form of coordination that could be useful for future use

  2. Vice President’s Report (Dave Bereson)

    1. Update on FOSPR proposal: Kevin and Dave are going to work on a proposal due Nov. 17 to include an outdoor multipurpose rink, an indoor dump for the Zamboni, and improvements to the locker rooms and a weight/training room.

    2. Mite committee monthly meeting: might be difficult to get into mite jamborees due to Phoenix teams having multiple teams. Mick has agreed to listen in on the next meeting and help Davy with 8U program.

  3. Secretary’s Report (Emily Mokelke)

    1. Coyote Raffle-reminded managers money is due next week

    2. Little America: Have we received any checks? Emily will follow up with them.

    3. Do we want to add another hotel option for 10U league tournament? Mick will try to find another at 10-15% level.

      • Update on schedule and fees (Joth’s email)

  4. Treasurer (Stephani Allen)

    1. Expense Reimbursement Procedures –Stephani will work on written procedure

    2. Treasurer report: we have $42,000 checking $46,000savings, still owed about $10,000 from Coyotes and about $5000 from AZYHL from last year’s end 10U end of year tournament. Taxes were filed. Received money from 12 and 10u for the gloves we purchased. Grizz Cup Hotel buyout money has been received from 12UW, and 10W, but still need other teams to pay. Emily will remind them.

  5. Registrar (Lindsay Mellen) will be moving Dec. 18 to Tuscon. Her son wants to play league games and final tournament with Northstars. Jamie motioned, Mick second and all approved to allow him to continue to play games with FYHA. Adam from Sportsngin will build the registration for winter club and Lindsay will stay on for the remainder of the season, calling in for Dec.-March meetings.

    1. Cell phone policy for locker rooms needs to be developed, enforcement etc.-will adopt USA hockey modified policy that Jamie put forth.

  6. Coaching Committee Report (Ryan Gearhart)

    1. Update on CEP and coaching module completion by coaches: online modules need to be completed by club coaches ASAP, Lindsay has given coaching coordinator the list of coaches. Jamie wants Ryan to cross reference his list with Herb to make sure all coaches are properly certified.

  7. Fundraising Committee update (Mick and Emily)

    1. Subaru Discount Cards: arrived, ready for disbursement. Email will be drafted by Emily to tell families about how these cards work.

    2. Subaru patches: ordered 100 for $500, should arrive late next week, then patches will be put on, probably over the Winter Break.

  8. Scott Robinson

    1. Update on more theft in locker rooms: is proposing cameras in the hallway. All agreed that cameras would be cost prohibitive and wouldn’t allow us to have conclusive evidence as to who was/is the thief. Rink staff has agreed to allow our locker room monitors to have the keys to lock the doors while players are on the ice.

    2. Jamie will send out an email to the association to get donations of supplies etc. for the FYHA winter float.


  1. Equipment

    1. Update on training room: Dave is going to have a company come in and give us a quote to enclose the cage again. Jessie will be here at 10am Sat. and Scott will help him move them into the extra room the city has allowed up to use.

    2. Update on trophy case and banners-Dave will solicit some help to move the banners.

  1. Progress on National Skating Month (Jamie)-tabled.

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