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Chapter 141

Christ appeared to Lady Bridget while she was praying for Pope Gregory XI. He said to her: ”Listen carefully, my daughter, to what I tell you. Understand that this Pope Gregory is like a paralytic who cannot use his hands for working or his feet for walking. The disease of paralysis is produced by corrupt blood and humor and by cold. In the same way, an immoderate love of his own blood and the coldness of his tepid mind toward me keep this pope encumbered, as it were. Understand, however, that, by the help of the Virgin Mary, my Mother, he is already beginning to move his hands and feet, that is, to act after my will and for my honor by coming to Rome. Be thus assured that he will come to Rome and initiate the way to future good there but will not finish it.”

Lady Bridget then answered: ”The Lord, my God, the queen of Naples and many others tell me that it is impossible for him to come to Rome, because the king of France and the cardinals and others are putting as many obstacles as they can in his way. I have heard that many people have arisen there saying that they have God's Spirit and receive divine revelations and visions that they use as a pretext to dissuade him from coming. Therefore I am very much afraid that his coming will be prevented.”
God answered: ”You have heard it read about how Jeremiah lived in Israel in those days and had God's Spirit for prophecy, and how there were many at the time who had the spirit of dreams and lies. The wicked king put his trust in them, which is why both the king himself and his people fell into captivity. If the king had put his trust in Jeremiah alone, my anger would have been withdrawn from him. So it is now as well. Sages arise or dreamers or friends not of the spirit but of the flesh, and they use their persuasion on Pope Gregory and dissuade him from the opposite course of action. Nevertheless, I, the Lord, shall still prevail over them and bring the pope to Rome against their encouragement. However, whether you will see him come or not, that is not permitted for you to know.”

A revelation for the same Pope Gregory given to the bride in Naples and delivered to him by a hermit who had renounced the episcopacy.

      1. Chapter 142

Holy Father, that person whom Your Holiness knows well was praying in vigil when she fell into a spiritual rapture and fell into contemplation. She saw in spirit the likeness of a throne on which was seated the likeness of a man of inestimable beauty, a lord of unfathomable might. A great multitude of saints and a countless host of angels stood around the throne. A bishop dressed in pontifical regalia stood at some distance before the throne.

The lord who was seated on the throne spoke to me and said: ”All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me by my Father. Although I seem to be speaking to you with one mouth, I do not speak alone, for the Father and the Holy Spirit speak with me. We three persons are one in the substance of the divinity.”
Then he addressed the bishop and said: ”Listen, Pope Gregory, to the eleven points I say to you, and attend carefully to what I tell you! Why do you hate me so? For what reason is your audacity and presumption so great against me? Your worldly court is plundering my heavenly court. In your pride you are robbing me of my sheep. You unjustly extort and filch the ecclesiastical property that belongs to me as well as the possessions of the subjects of my church, and you give them to your temporal friends. You snatch and unjustly receive goods from my poor and distribute them dishonorably to your rich. Accordingly, your audacity and presumption are exceedingly great, for you enter into my court so rashly and show no consideration for what is mine.
What have I done to you, Gregory? I patiently allowed you to rise to the pontificate. I explained my will to you beforehand by means of letters transmitted to you by divine revelation from Rome. I admonished you through them for the sake of your soul's salvation, and I warned you in them about your great losses. How have you repaid me for all these benefits? What are you doing about the fact that great pride rules in your court, and insatiable greed and detestable luxury and even the evil ruin of horrible simony?
Furthermore, you are stealing and plundering countless souls away from me. You cast into the fire of Gehenna nearly all those who come to your court, simply because you do not take diligent care of the things pertaining to my court, though you are the prelate and shepherd of my sheep. It is therefore your fault, because you do not prudently consider what must be done or corrected for their spiritual salvation.
Though I could justly condemn you for all the aforesaid, yet I am again admonishing you out of mercy for the salvation of your soul to come to your see in Rome as soon as you can. I leave the time up to you. Know that the more you delay, the greater will be the decrease in your spiritual and moral development. The sooner you come to Rome, the sooner you will experience an increase of virtue and of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the more you will be inflamed with the divine fire of my love. Come, then, and do not delay! Come not with your customary pride and worldly pomp, but with all humility and ardent love!
As soon as you have thus come, uproot, pluck out and destroy all the vices of your court! Separate yourself from the counsel of carnal-minded and worldly friends and follow humbly the spiritual counsel of my friends. Approach, then, and be not afraid. Get up like a man and clothe yourself confidently in strength!
Start to reform the church that I purchased with my own blood in order that it may be reformed and led back spiritually to its pristine state of holiness, for nowadays more veneration is shown to a brothel than to my Holy Church.
If you do not obey this my will, then you can be quite sure that you are going to be condemned by me before all my heavenly court with the same kind of sentence and spiritual justice with which one condemns and punishes a worldly prelate that is to be stripped of his rank. He is publicly divested of his sacred, pontifical garb, defeated, and accursed. He is filled with ignominy and shame. This is what I will do to you. I shall send you away from the glory of heaven. Everything that now gives you peace and honor will then be turned into a curse and your eternal shame. Every demon in hell will snatch a piece of your soul, immortal and indestructible as it is, and you will be filled with an everlasting curse instead of a blessing. For as long as I still tolerate your disobedience, you will still prosper.
However, Gregory, my son, I admonish you again to convert to me with humility. Heed my counsel. I am your Father and Creator. If you obey me in what I told you, I will welcome you mercifully like a loving father. Bravely approach the way of justice and you shall prosper. Do not despise the one who loves you. If you obey, I will show you mercy and bless and dress you and adorn you with the precious pontifical regalia of a true pope. I shall clothe you with myself in such a way that you will be in me and I in you, and you shall be glorified in eternity.”

After this had been seen and heard, the vision faded.

The fourth revelation sent by Blessed Bridget to the pope in the month of July in the year of our Lord 1373. She wrote this to a certain hermit who had once been bishop and who was then with the pope in Avignon.

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