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Chapter 53

“Listen,” said God's Mother, ”you who are praying to God with your whole heart that your sons may be pleasing to him. Such a prayer truly does please God. There is not a mother who loves my Son above all else and who makes that same prayer to God for her children whom I am not at once prepared to help attain the object of her petition. Nor is there a widow who steadfastly asks for God's help to remain in the state of widowhood until her death for the glory of God whom I am not at once prepared to carry out her will along with her. I myself was like a widow in that I had a son on earth who did not have a father in the flesh. Likewise, there is no virgin yearning to preserve her virginity for God until death whom I am not prepared to defend and comfort, for I myself truly am a virgin.

You should not be wondering: Why am I saying this? It is written, you know, that David desired Saul's daughter when she was a virgin. Then he had the wife of Uriah while her husband was still alive. David's concupiscence was sinful, but the spiritual gratification of my Son, David's Lord, is free from all sin.
Accordingly, as these three states of life - virginity, widowhood, and matrimony - provided physical pleasure to David, so too it pleases my Son to keep them for his most chaste gratification in a spiritual sense. Thus, it is no wonder that I help to bring the spiritual gratification of these states of life to my Son to gratify him, for they do gratify him.”

The Mother's words to the bride about the happy spiritual birth of someone brought up in the worst kinds of sins and how it was obtained by the prayers and tears of God's servants.

      1. Chapter 54

“See the son of tears who has recently been born of the world in a spiritual sense! He had been first physically born of his mother in the world. Just as when the woman who drew him forth from his mother's womb first drew out his head, then his hands, then his whole body until he fell onto the ground, I have done the same for him due to the tears and the prayers of my friends. I drew him forth from the world so that he is now spiritually like a newborn baby boy. Accordingly, he must be brought up both spiritually and bodily.

The man to whom I sent you must bring him up and protect him with his prayers and good deeds and counsels. The woman you were told about will pray for him and protect him spiritually and also attend to any bodily needs he may have, for he had fallen so deeply into mortal sins that all the devils in hell had been saying this about him: 'When he comes, let us open our mouths to crush him with our teeth and gobble him up. Let us reach out our hands to break and mangle him. Let our feet be ready to trample him down and kick him.'
This is why it was said to you that he had been born spiritually, because he has been freed from the power of the devils, as you could gather from the words you heard about how he loves God in his heart and body above all things.”

The Mother's words to the daughter about how, due to the prayers of God's servants, she wants to love a certain boy and equip him with spiritual weapons.

      1. Chapter 55

“Remember what is written about Moses: The king's daughter found him on the water and loved him as her own son. It is also written in the Scholastic History that the same Moses conquered his land by means of the birds that ate up the poisonous snakes. I am a king's daughter from the family of David, and I want to love this boy whom I found on a sea-swell of tears shed for the salvation of his soul. His soul was enclosed in the ark of his body that will be brought up by those I told you about until he reaches the age in which I want to equip him and send him to gain the land of the king of heaven. How this is to come about is unknown to you but known to me. I will prepare him in such a way that it will be said of him: 'He lived like a man and died like a champion. He came to his judgment like a good soldier.' ”

God's Son speaks: ”When a starving animal is driven away from its prey, it waits at a distance until it finds an opportunity to return to the prey. But, if it finds none, it goes back to its cave. I have dealt with the leader of this country in a similar way. I admonished him through my kindnesses, I admonished him with words and blows. Yet, the more meek and mild I have shown myself to him, the more thankless and negligent he has become. I shall therefore summon him now beneath the crown and to the footstool, since he refuses to stay crowned. Upon him and his yea-sayers I shall set a cruel asp born from a viper and from a sly fox in order to molest the nation and to pluck the feathers of the simpleminded. He will ascend the heights of nations and cast off the boastful and trample them down. However, I shall lead this boy, whom my friends will foster, along another road until he arrives at a place of greater glory.”
God's Son spoke again: ”It will, moreover, be said of this boy that, because he lived like a man and fought like an outstanding soldier, he shall be crowned as a friend of God. O, daughter, what are women thinking when they glory in their sons' progress in pride?

That is not glory but shame, for they are imitating the king of pride. Real glory is when he is a soldier of glory who glories in giving honor to God with all his might and strives for higher things and is ready to endure whatever the Lord wants him to endure. Such a man is a soldier of God and will be crowned as such together with the soldiers of heaven.”

The Mother's words to the daughter about a man not being saddened because of a correction.

      1. Chapter 56

The Mother speaks: ”Why is that man upset? A father sometimes deals his son light blows with a switch. He has no reason to be sad.”

The Mother's words to the daughter about how Rome must first be cleansed of the tares with a sharp iron sickle, then with fire, then with a pair of oxen.

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