History of Hawaii Earliest Hawaiians

Yüklə 455 b.
ölçüsü455 b.

History of Hawaii

Earliest Hawaiians

  • 300-700 B.C.

    • Polynesians who traveled to Hawaii by canoe
      • Brought pigs, dogs, chickens, sweet potatoes, taro, coconut, sugarcane

Earliest Hawaiians (cont’d)

  • No written language

    • History, religion, and culture were all passed down through songs and chants

Social Structure

  • King

    • Each island had its own king
  • Chief Minister (spiritual advisor to the King)

  • Ali’i Chiefs of villages, put in place by the King

  • Kahuna

    • Craftsman of canoes, medicine, spells, etc.
  • Makaainana

    • Commoners (the poor, the workers)
    • Largest group of people

“Kapu” System (Laws)

  • System of religious beliefs that held Hawaiian society together

  • Taboos, or things that should not be done

    • Examples
      • Men and women could not eat together
      • Women could not eat bananas, coconuts
      • Fishing could only be done in certain seasons
        • Men could only eat certain kinds of fish
      • Shadow of a commoner could not fall on a Chief
  • Breaking these laws was punishable by death!

    • Human sacrifice, losing your eyes, limbs, etc.

“European Discovery”

  • January 1778

    • Captain James Cook “discovers” the islands while searching for route from Alaska to Asia
    • First person to write about the Hawaiian’s riding waves on wooden boards (surfing!)

How did Capt. Cook die in Hawaii?

Kamehameha The Great

  • King Kamehameha I (1758-1819)

    • Learned combat from the British (Capt. Cook)
    • Conquered Big Island, Maui, Molokai, Lanai
    • To conquer to Oahu, he built a huge fleet of canoes to carry his warriors
      • Landed at Waikiki, drove the Oahu’ans back to Nu’uanu Pali

Formation of Hawaiian Kingdom

  • After victory on Oahu, Kauai quickly agreed to peace

  • The 8 Hawaiian islands became one kingdom, with allegiance to Great Britain

  • American farmers begin moving to Hawaii in 1820s

  • 5 more “Kamehamea’s”

Kamehameha IV (1834-1863)

  • During his reign, many foreigners (Americans) began trying to get Hawaii annexed to the United States

    • These were sugarcane plantation owners
    • Wanted more trade with the USA ($$$$$$)

Kamehameha V (1830-1872)

    • The Civil War cut off sugar to the Northern states from the South
      • Created huge demand for sugar in the USA (northern states)
    • People (Americans and Hawaiians) created a Hawaiian Legislature, limiting power of the King
    • Lots of racial trouble
      • Fights in the Legislature between native Hawaiians and white Americans
      • Whites refused to speak “Hawaiian” in the legislature. Hawaiians refused to speak English
    • Last King of Hawaii who wasn’t elected

Queen Lili’uokalani (1838-1917)

  • Struggled with fights between white businessmen and native Hawaiian politicians

  • Queen wanted to give more power back to the monarchy

  • 1887 - White businessmen formed a militia (1500 men) and a new government (Committee of Safety)

    • The Queen could have had them arrested for treason!

Overthrow of Hawaii - 1898

  • 1893 –

    • Lili’uokalani wanted peace, so she didn’t arrest them
    • However, the Committee of Safety’s militia took over the government buildings
    • The night before this, US marines landed on Oahu to “keep the peace”
    • The Queen was forced to accept the annexation of Hawaii to the United States
  • Native Hawaiians tried to revolt in 1895, which failed.

    • The Queen was arrested and sentenced to imprisonment in a bedroom in I’olani Palace

Yüklə 455 b.

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