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Top 7 Free Hotel WordPress Themes
Nowadays, when finding hotel accommodation, people are likely to search for it on the Internet. Therefore, building a website has become a crucial factor for every hotel, resort, or any kind of hospitality business. Owning a website makes it easier for everyone to approach and find out information about your hotel, and then they can conveniently book your service. If you are looking for a free hotel WordPress theme for your site, let’s take a look at our collections.
We have selected here ten out of the best free hotel WordPress themes for your choices. These great hotel themes include necessary features and good design for your website hotel. Now, no more words, let’s explore to find out which theme is best suitable for you.

Hotel Paradise

Starting with a clean and fresh hotel WordPress theme for free: Hotel Paradise. With the design based on the standard rules of a business theme like a clean and professional style and supportive features for hotel services, this theme can be used for any kind of hotel, resort, or hotel-related business. Hotel Paradise has a flexible and modern style with fresh and straightforward elements in the design. Especially, the notable points of this free theme are the full-width featured slider in the header with a fast transition and the smooth parallax effect in the center.
esigned responsively, Hotel Paradise still looks great on any device with the parallax effect. Having 2 slides, service section, and room section, this theme allows you to build a basic hotel service on your site. Besides, you can also add the contact section and social linking to help users easily connect with you.

Highlight Features

  • Responsive design

  • 2 slides, 3 service and 3 room sections

  • 3 Single color scheme

  • Contact Form 7 integration

  • One-click demo import

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