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Using simulation in teaching English for specific purposes

2.1 Types of simulation
The process of collecting data began with a pre-test given to the subjects to measure their speaking skills. After that, the subjects go through the treatment ten times before the post-test were assigned. Then, calculation made to see the differences of the subject’s speaking skills between the pre-test and post-test in this study. An observation also was conducted by the researcher during the treatment process to analyze the benefits of using simulation and role-play in enhancing the speaking skills. Finally, the subjects answered questionnaires based on the treatment that they had gone through to gain insight their perception towards the treatment. For data collection, the combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches had been applied. Based on the quantitative approach, the instruments are performance test and questionnaire where the data have been recorded to be analyzed and gathered in order to answer the research questions. Meanwhile, the qualitative approach was represented by the observation based on the natural setting of the classroom situation.
Consider the donut shop example. In a deterministic model we would for instance assume that a new customer arrives every 5 minutes and an employee takes 2 minutes to serve a customer6. In a stochastic model we would on the other hand assume that the arrival times and the serving time follows some random variables: for instance, normal distributions with some mean and variance parameters. In this course we will only consider stochastic simulation, but for illustration we consider now an example of a deterministic simulation.
A social media influencer decides to open a new page and her target is to reach 10k followers in 10 weeks. Given her past experience, she assumes that each week she will get 1.5k new followers that had never followed the page and of her current followers she believes 10% will stop following the page each week. However, 20% of those that the left the page in the past will join again each week. Will she reach her target?

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