Životinjsko carstvo

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hotel for house pets

"Životinjsko carstvo"

We are glad that you like our hotel and that you are interested in further cooperation.

This application- down below is for the purposes of easier, faster and simplier preparation of informations about you and your pet.

This application is necessary for our records if your pet is going to be with us, but you can also fill the same one out if you are coming or we can bring you one if we are coming for your pet.

This application contains basic question marks for better introducing your pet if we miss some info during verbal contact.

  • while filling out the application take good care about precise informations

  • for needed infos under "B" you can enclose copies or scan them and sent them by e-mail


  • if you have any additional questions or you don't understand something, feel free to ask or write it down

  • don't worry if during printing your copy is not like the one you downloaded (M.Word is different-font, letters, page layout-we use narrow etc.), we just need your datas, thanks


HOTEL FOR HOUSE PETS "Životinjsko carstvo" DOO Belgrade




made between hotel for house pets "Životinjsko carstvo" represented by Ms. Ivana Jelenić-Ilić and

______________________ from __________, and presents common relations which are mutual interest.

This form contains following items, and in further text sides in interest are hotel for house pets and owner of dog /cat or _____________.

  1. Hotel for house pets is accepting an obligation of looking after, in meaning of providing adequate staying in, appropriate diet (food), exercise (walk, running, playing) in outdoor, and also medical supervision and care for agreed on period for dog/cat or _____________.

  1. owner of dog/cat or __________ is providing following datas :

  1. name ________________________

  2. age ______________________

  3. if your dog/cat or ________ has "pedigree" enclose copy YES / NO

  4. current vaccine against rabies YES / NO

date ____________________________

enclose copy YES / NO

  1. vaccines against distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis, parvovirusa, parainfluenza,..(bordetella, lyme or any other)__________________________________________________

date ___________________________ YES / NO

enclose copy YES / NO

  1. control- protection against endoparazites YES / NO

date ___________________________

with what __________________________

  1. control- protection against ektoparazites (ticks, fleas,..) YES / NO

date ____________________________

with what__________________________

  1. in case of longer staying over ____ months owner will bear expenses of repeated protection starting from date ___________, against __________, with what _________________.


  1. vet supervision is entrusted to vet station/ clinic ______________________,

owner _______________________,

contact phone __________________.

  1. in case if you dont have your vet, owner will accept vet supervision from hotel for house pets "Životinjsko carstvo". YES / NO

  2. short medical history of dog/cat or ______ (illnesses, allergies, treatments)



encloses health certificate from your vet YES / NO

  1. in case of necessary treatment for the health condition which is not caused by our care (staying with us) in hotel, owner will bear expenses of treatment (accordingly to bill) in full.


  1. known habits of dog/cat or ______ are:

likes ____________________________________________________________


tolerates _________________________________________________________


  1. former diet/ food schedule (short description and the way of feeding):________________________________________________________


  1. any other characteristics _____________________________________________.

  1. Hotel for house pets accepts all written datas as an accurated datas.

  1. Owner accepts to pay compensation to hotel for house pets in amount of

_____________, for dog /cat or ______, in period from _______ to ______ (date).

  1. In case of withdraw from agreeded period (shorter staying) hotel for house pets will return you the rest of the payment, and also in case of prolonged period owner will pay the rest of debt after.

  1. In case of unpredictable circumstances- avert from taking over his/ hers dog/cat or _____ in time limit of 3 (three) days after the agreed deadline period, contact person (for taking over dog/cat or ___) and taking over the owner obligations is __________________

phone number: ________________________

address: ________________________.

If owner doesn't emerge, or respond to take his/hers dog/cat or ____ and if there is no contact person HOTEL FOR HOUSE PETS WILL NOT HAVE ANY MATERIAL OR MORAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR TAKEN IN dog/cat or ____ AND ALSO FOR THE FURTHER CURRENT OF LIFE OF THAT PET!!!

  1. In case of unpredictable lost of life, the owner wish to have an autopsy results (findings). YES / NO

  1. This agreement is concluded between above named agreeded sides without protest and is made in 2 (two) identical copies, one of them belongs to owner and the other one hotels archive.

  1. In case of dispute territorial court of law is obliged!!!

hotel for house pets owner:_______________________

___________________ S.S. number of ID card:________________

in Belgrade: address _______________________

date ____________ phone number: ______________________

e-mail: ____________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________
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