June 2011 (need Monthly progress reports)

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June 2011 (need Monthly progress reports)

  • June 2011 (need Monthly progress reports)

  • July 2011

    • Humanetics US
      • Review dummies
      • Perform baseline certification tests
      • Perform PDB type sled testing , ORSP, NHTSA,??
        • Pressure map seat back
        • Add accelerometers and angle rate sensors to spine
        • New a volunteer to use their sled
        • Analysis data and develop follow on sled test plan
  • August 2011

    • Humanetics Europe
      • Perform addition sled tests, David H EEVC tests for sled tests
      • PDB would like another group to volunteer to perform tests
      • Can Chrysler run side by side Biorids they have Humanetics will see if they can loam a dummy for Sled tests?

OSRP-Agnes and Jack will check

  • OSRP-Agnes and Jack will check

  • VRTC-Bruce, may have time the end of July

  • EEVC –David H will be point of contact for Europe Sled testing

  • Chrysler-Brian may be able to test two dummies in seats (Humanetics needs to check to see if we can provide a dummy)

  • BAST?

  • OSU seat?

Arm testing

  • Arm testing

    • Can not find what is creating the random neck force issue
    • Has tried, many set up changes but not able to reproduce the random neck load
    • Half arm with camera
    • Large probe testing with half arms installed
  • Certification testing

    • Overlays to compare with Huron tests
  • Instrumentation currently on dummies

    • Connector issues, pig tails???
    • VW Lemo F connectors (Need to send wiring for both dummies to Huron)
    • D Lemo 1B types (May need different insert in crimp tool)
  • Shipping

    • Dummies (Need to get ok from owners or PDB)
    • Seats (PDB will ship)

Perform certification tests first

  • Perform certification tests first

  • Complete review of the dummies

  • Make pigtails, Connector work

  • Fixtures

    • Adaptor to move dummy forward
    • Create a seat back similar to PDB seat with load cells, Biosid load cells from Germany are available to use, will send with dummies
  • Create Sled Testing Matrix

NHTSA, ORSP, PBD Sled testing meeting week later during the week of June 20

  • NHTSA, ORSP, PBD Sled testing meeting week later during the week of June 20


  • Seats

    • mounting,
    • Belts
    • Can we pressure map seat back?
    • NHTSA has a car seat to use, can they also run the PDB seat?
    • PDB Seating procedure for the dummy is required
  • BioRIDs

    • Huron will test and review dummies before sled testing
    • Use clothing & shoes provided from PDB
  • Additional Instrumentation Requested

    • Accelerometers at standard location
    • Every where possible, accelerometers and gyros
    • Spine set up tilt sensors, Head, T1, T4, T8, etc…., use RDI mount, mounted on accel cube

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