Martin Foundation Grant Application

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Please complete this cover sheet and place it at the beginning of your grant proposal. Completed proposals must be submitted to the Martin Foundation office by September 14, 2018. While e-mailed and faxed proposals are preferred, mailed or hand-delivered proposals will also be accepted. Mailed proposals must be postmarked by September 14, 2018. Please DO NOT send information that is bound.

  1. Information about the applicant organization

Organization Name:

Does the organization have 501(c)(3) status:








  1. Contact Person for information on this proposal




  1. Is this request for:

 General operating expenses

 Specific need/project

  1. One-sentence description of the proposed project:

  1. Total cost of project/need:

  1. Amount requested in this proposal:

  1. Other sources or potential sources of funding for this specific request:


Amount Requested

Amount Committed

  1. Timetable for project:




Event or program must primarily occur in 2019.

Please also include the following information on a separate sheet.

  1. Proposal Narrative - Clear description of the project or program for which support is sought, including information as to how it will be funded in the future (one typewritten page). It is not our mission to fund capital projects.

  2. Organization Description - A description of how the project fits into the organization’s objective, history, and other programs, and the geographical area and demographic groups it serves (one typewritten page). Because we recognize the invaluable contribution of our employees and the communities that support us, the focus of our charitable giving stays primarily in the areas where our businesses operate, currently in central Louisiana and Polk County, Texas.

  3. Tax Exemption Information - Evidence of 501(c)(3) public charity status (IRS tax determination letter) and the latest IRS 990 form, if applicable.

  4. Financial Information - A current detailed financial statement including annual budget and operating expenses.

If grant request is equal to or above $1,000 for the year, please provide a balance sheet and income statement for the current year up to the latest regularly reported month or quarter as applicable, and end of year balance sheets and financial statements for the past 2 years if applicable. If available, please provide reports prepared or reviewed by your accountant. Grant requests that do not include financial information will not be considered.

  1. Board/Staff Information - A list of the organization’s staff and Board and years employed or served.

6. Previous funding information and/or previous proposal date(s).
7. Plans for cooperation with other organizations, if any.
8. Follow-up Information - Provide information to the Martin Foundation committee about how the Martin Foundation has enabled your organization to benefit the community (e.g., how the funding is used, how many people benefitted, what was accomplished). This may be sent by e-mail.
9. Proper use of our name and logo: RoyOMartin. Please note it is all one word and does not have an apostrophe.
Each of these pieces of information is very important to our review committee. Failure to provide all required information will prevent consideration of the application.
Mailing address: Martin Foundation

PO Box 1110, Alexandria, LA 71309-1110
Physical address: Martin Foundation

2189 Memorial Drive, Alexandria, LA 71301
E-mail address: *preferred method


Fax number: 318-441-2037
Martin Foundation Guidelines for Funding
Activities and expenses must occur during 2019. Activities or expenses that occur before January 1, 2019 or after December 2019, must be approved for the year in which they occur.

What types of projects cannot be funded:

  • Funding or scholarships to private colleges or universities.

  • Scholarships to individuals outside of our organization, with the exception of the established forestry and engineering scholarships at Louisiana Tech and Louisiana State University. Apply at the university.

  • Exhibits or activities that primarily focus on historical topics.

  • Festivals

  • Activities intended primarily for fund-raising purposes.

  • Accumulated deficits or debt retirement.

  • Contingency funds.

  • Capital improvements including restoration of buildings.

  • Restoration of historic buildings and sites.

  • Fines, penalties, interest on loans or costs of litigation.

  • Lobbying expenses.

  • Licensing fees of any kind.

Martin Foundation Grant Application Page

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