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Safety Data Sheet

Barley Malt

1. Identification of the Preparation and of the Company
Product Description: Malted Barley
Responsible Company: Bairds Malt Ltd
Product Use: Brewing, distilling and vinegar raw material
Information Tel. Number: Tel: + 44 (0) 01241 870431

Fax: + 44 (0) 01241 874 251

Composition_/_Information_on_Ingredients'>2. Composition / Information on Ingredients
Composition: Dried germinated cereal (barley)

Chemical Characterisation of Active Components: Stable carbohydrate and protein source physically similar to but more friable than whole cereal grains.

Malt is a processed cereal product and contains no hazardous substance, nor artificial or genetically modified material.
Composition - typical Carbohydrates 75-80%

Protein 9-13%

Fat 3%

Water 3-7%

Allergen information Malt contains gluten which can cause an adverse reaction for people with gluten intolerance.

Synonyms: Not Applicable.

Hazardous Ingredients: None - Food Ingredient.

Classification of Preparation: Not Applicable – Food Ingredient.

Exposure Limit: Not Applicable.

3. Hazards Identification:
Malted barley is a food product and non-toxic. In normal use the whole grain has no particular health hazard.

Malt is a dried product containing silicon and can create a fine powder.

Skin: Malt flour / dust have a drying effect on the skin and can be an irritant if in prolonged or repeated contact

Eyes: Will be irritant to eyes

Ingestion: No adverse effects

Inhalation: Inhalation of barley or malt dust may cause adverse reaction in susceptible persons.

Recommended that personal exposure is maintained below the EH40/2005 rating as dust 10mg m3 8h (TWA)
4. First Aid Measures:
Skin Contact: Wash with soap and warm water.

Eye Contact: Rinse eyes with plenty of water. Seek medical advice if necessary.

Ingestion: Rinse mouth with water (Foodstuff – non-toxic)

Inhalation: Remove from exposure and clear respiratory tract

5. Fire Fighting Measures:
Protection against Fire and Explosion: Malt dust can form explosive/flammable mixtures with air in the presence of a suitable source of ignition
Special Hazard This product is combustible and malt dust can form potentially explosive clouds. Sources of ignition must be avoided and special provision must be in place to protect handling equipment (ATEX regs)

Minimum ignition temperature 500oC

Minimum explosible concentration 125g/m3
Suitable Fire Extinguishing Media: Water spray, Foam, Carbon Dioxide.

6. Accidental Release Measures:
Spillages should be cleared up immediately and swept into suitable containers for disposal. Disposal can be to composting or to landfill in accordance with site Waste Matrix and local regulations.

7. Storage and Handling:
Storage: Stored in silos or packaging (sacks) in a cool and dry environment away from direct heat.

Handling: Avoid the accumulation of dust. Avoid inhaling dust and avoid contact with eyes and skin.

Environmental Precautions Do not discharge into drains or rivers.

Clean-up Procedures In case of spillage reduce airborne dust and prevent scattering by moistening with water. Pick up spill and place in suitable container for disposal.
8. Exposure Controls/Person Protection:
Recommended Personal Protection Equipment:
Respiratory Protection: FFP2 Facemask (which has been face fit tested) in enclosed areas.

Hand Protection: Suitable protective gloves

Eyes Protection: Eye protection in enclosed areas.

Skin Protection: Suitable protective clothing (PPE)

  • Work coveralls, including long trousers and long sleeve tops

9. Physical and Chemical Properties:
Appearance: Whole grain kernels

Odour: Characteristically malty.

State solid, granular

Colour pale brown to black depending on type

Odour Characteristic malty

Density 55kg per hectolitre

Angle of repose 26o from horizontal

Combustion temperature approx. 230oC
10. Stability and Reactivity:
Stability: Stable under normal conditions of use.

Conditions to avoid: Heat

Materials to avoid: None

Hazardous decomposition products: None

Hazardous combustion Combustion emits toxic fumes (CO2)

11. Toxicological Information:
Hazardous Ingredients: Foodstuff – non-toxic. No hazardous ingredients
Allergen information Malt contains gluten and may be unsuitable for coeliacs.
12. Ecological Information:
The product is biodegradable. Its high content of sugars causes high biological oxygen demand, and the release of large quantities into waterways or sewers should be avoided.

13. Disposal Considerations:
No special disposal method required except that in accordance with current local authority regulations.
Disposal Operations
Can be disposed of to landfill
NB: The user’s attention is drawn to the possible existence of regional or national regulations regarding disposal.
14. Transport Information:
UN No: Not Applicable – Not classified as hazardous

Sea: Not Applicable – Not classified as hazardous

Road/Rail: Not Applicable – Not classified as hazardous

Air: Not Applicable – Not classified as hazardous

15. Regulatory Information
Labelling: Malted product (contains Barley)

Allergen: Contains Barley Gluten

Hazard Symbols: None. Not considered dangerous for supply.
16. Other Information:
Training Instructions: None
Emergency Contact Number:

Tel: + 44 (0) 01241 870431Fax: + 44 (0) 01241 874 251

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